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Laundry aid

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Yesterday, I decided to get a jump, on the weekend and do a couple of loads of laundry. I already had a load in the dryer, from the night before, so I pulled it out and dumped it into a basket. Rowdy immediately jumped into the dryer and had to be pulled out, with the clothes. I took that basket, to the bedroom, to sort and fold, along with an empty basket, for another load.

The next load went into the washer and I left it open, while went to see if Bill had anything, for that load. When I got back, Rowdy was in the washer. Good thing that she was on top of the clothes!

Back to the bedroom, to sort and fold. Here's Rowdy, grabbing shorts, socks and panties, throwing them around the bed and, generally being a nuisance.

I used to complain about having to do the laundry, by myself. Now that I DO have a "helper", I think that the old way was easier!
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He was just trying to help! To cute!
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thats really cute!!!!
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Rowdy's just doing her job - helping Mom!!

I have a laundry helper or two myself. Trent helps sort the clothes and helps carry the basket to the washer. Although, it's hard to help carry the basket when you're inside the basket, but he thinks he's helping. Ophelia keeps the clean clothes warm after they leave the dryer by sleeping on them. This also makes sure that everyone knows that we are her people, since she sheds on the clothes too.
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My cats have a big interest with the washer especially. We used to have them stacked on top of eachother in our last apartment. But now they are full sized, and next to eachother at our new place.
They're so excited they come running up and jump on the edge and almost fall in as the water is running on a new load I'm putting in hehe.

I have to be careful to shut the door to the dryer as soon as I'm done cause the cats like to go in there now.

This was Asim at our old apartment, after a nice nap. =p

When Asim and Isha were kittens, they had a facination with the toliet, they always wanted to watch it, specially as soon as they heard someone flushing the toliet they would come running through the house into the bathroom to watch it flush, lol. Isha actually got pee'd on by a room mate doing this once, she heard the "water" noise and came running in, got up on the edge of the toliet like usual. I was not happy.

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