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Corn-based litter & grain allergies?

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I didn't even think about this, but I am switching Matilda to a grain-free diet. (She's in the process right now of switching from her old dry food to her new dry food). I'm not really expecting her to have a grain allergy, but you never know (and it will be months before I can rule it out).

Anyway, my question is: do cats with grain allergies have problems with corn-based cat litter, like World's Best Cat Litter? I use WBCL and really like it. It's possible for a cat to have a food allergy to grains but be ok with WBCL since they aren't really ingesting it right, the problem would come from a contact allergy with the litter? I've used the litter for over a month without any problems with either cat.

The reason I am wondering this is because I came across something written in this article. The vet writes that she is concerned about wheat-based and corn-based litters because they are hyperallergens.
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That's a good question...
I have just stopped using WBCL because it might be an allergen to my cat...whom I've also put on a limited ingredient diet. I switched to feline pine scoop (but might end up going plain unscented clay). I plan on waiting the switch out for at least 2 months on both the food and the litter to see if there's a problem then switching back to WBCL to see if there's a reaction (then the food).

I don't know, but if you think your cat might be allergic to corn, then going off WBCL and grain-based food all together might be a good idea.

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My cat has been recently diagnosed with feline asthma, so I'm looking to move away from clay based liter (with its inevitable silica dust). My vet told me not to use pine, because its got its own respiratory allergen problems.

I've been looking at many of the websites that come up when you google "respiratory cat litter", and this one appears to be generally believable, and contains more information than most of the others. I'm betting that the respiratory problems from pine and cedar have confused people, who think that corn and wheat often cause respiratory problems, too.

I even searched some academic journal databases for this, but my library appears not to have the appropriate journals, and there really aren't very many articles coming up anyway. I think there just may not be enough study on the issue, period.

If anyone has actually read the veterinary literature on this, I, like the OP, would love to know what's going on with all of this contradictory information.
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Jamie has a number of food allergies (not corn), but I didn't worry about wheat or corn-based litters, though I probably should have. I tried SwheatScoop first, and then WBCL, and all the poor little guy could do was sneeze, so we're back to clay litter.

He hated the pine litter I tried a couple of years ago.
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I used WBCL last year and my cat developed a
"rodent Lip" ; fat lip. Apparently, was
excessively licking her fur because of the corn.
Anyway, I changed litter back and her lip
got better on its own. NO More corn litter for us.
I liked it but it didn't work for us.
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I had to stop using Fresh Results (a corn cob based litter that I loved, because it was lightweight, not dusty, scoopable, and controlled odor well) because it made one of my cats' paw pads peel. It only affected the one cat who can't tolerate corn in his diet (corn makes him get very itchy and lose hair) - the other cats weren't bothered by it at all, and it wasn't dusty at all, but I guess his corn sensitivity also extended to paw contact.
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Our cat was using pine litter and I changed to corn. Within 10 days he had several raw looking spots between his toes and threw up so immediately changed back...he has become very constipated so I think he must have ingested some of the corn. Taking him to vet tomorrow!! After reading all the comments I can't understand why they even make this litter!!
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