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What do you like to get on Valentine's Day? - Page 2

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I voted would be nice just having a sweetheart for Valentines....
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for me, anything romantic!
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As i mentioned in another post, i will be working all day and wont be home untill 10:30 - 11. We are either going to Paris or Venice next month to make up for it.

Although this weekend we should have the wedding rings picked out...
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I just like something that says "I remembered". That's all...
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Ech. Nothing is preferable.

I may buy myself candy the week after when it's all cheap.

I prefer gifts of affection delivered because the giving party wanted to give them, not because Hallmark said they had to.
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Our first Valentine's day as a married couple we didn't do anything cuz we were snowed in, lol. The University actually shut down for two days, which hadn't happened in about 20 years. So this year, I have some plans.

I don't know what he'll get me, but I love chocolate (mmm). I've already figured we'll order Olive Garden to go (I dont' want to spend the whole night cooking and we both work 8-5), and I'll make some homemade Bruschetta, and chocolate fondue (YUMM!). I don't know what to get him, but I'm sure I can come up with something.

I really just want to spend the evening with him, and enjoying the fact that we're not snowed in this year.
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I really want to go to dinner this year!
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I voted for other

I think if I mention I have cold hands and somone gets me gloves it means they listened.
Hey if I complain that I need to loose weight and I get chocolates that mean he likes me the way I am!
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This might sound silly, well it would to DH, but I've always wanted a giant teddy bear or puppy dog. DH is anti-clutter, but I still hope he'd get that for me sometime just because I want it. I know right now he'd say we don't have the room. But that's not the point!
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I voted for all of the above--because I like to keep all options open, but DH and I emphatically agreed this year to avoid the chocolate (we're trying to get healthier).

The best Valentines gift of all time that DH gave me (years ago) was a puppy. Of course, I named her Valentine. She's no longer with us, but the memory is.
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I chose all of the above but hubby and I don't really celebrate it.
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I'd like an engagement ring, but I know that won't happen

I'll settle for a flower & some chocolates
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i voted for other.
Valentine's Day is just to take my money. Blah.
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I like all of them, except I can't wear most jewlery!!! I am allergic to most metals!!!

I do prefer a nice romantic meal though, and just being with my DH.
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Hubby and I have been married over 30 years so we just do cards. He likes funny ones, I like mushy ones. At this point in my life I don't NEED anything, am not a big fan of chocolate/candy, and so hate wasting money.
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I picked out 12 of my all time favorite chocolates. They are sitting in my refrigerator right now waiting for February 14th to roll around to be eaten.
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