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what should i feed the stray on the street??

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hi everyone,

I am not asking for my own cats since they are well taken care of with plenty of food as well as fountained water. i would like to ask for those ones living on the street near my place. these days the weather in here is getting really cold and i wonder if there is anything i can do for those poor homeless cats. although they are living on the street they look healthy. when i fed them some dried food, they like it and have ate quite a lot. i have even put some warm pad on the street hope that they will go near it and get some warmth from a stranger.

since i have already got 2 cats and can't take care any more one. i would like to know how can i help those cats on the streets. i have plenty of spared dry food in my flat( my cats don't like them i tried to donate it out and have no replies with my e-mails ), should i feed them with dried food? or should i add some water in the dry food because i am scared that they may be dehydrated with those dry food. what else can i do for them? i am really sorry to see those cats being cold and hungry. however i would like to help them properly so that my acts will not harm them. please tell me what is the best to do with them. thanks a lot everyone.

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Please visit our Feral forums.... you will learn alot...

Feed them what you can.... dry I would say is safer but it likely will bring some other critters
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You're gonna hear to TNR! Trap, Nueter and Release, that way you dont help create large amounts of strays! I always feed my strays, whatever I have on hand I will give them! They're always appreciative of whatever they get! However anymore they havn't been coming around... I would just feed them what you have on hand! Its at least going to fill their bellies!!
Thanks for helping a kitty in need!
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I wouldn't feed unless you are going to TNR it, otherwise you will attract more strays and they will start to mate and more kittens will be the result.

Then I would just feed it the dry food that you can afford.

(Oh, and the reason you probably didn't hear back from shelters about donating your extra dry food is because they have to feed their shelter cats the same dry food and can't switch it up, otherwise diarreah is a large issue).
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I think a cat on the street is going to be thankfull for ANY food you give it and will not mind if its moist, wet or the last nights table scraps. Cats have it rough outdoors when the weather is bad and shelter is hard to find.

Some cats DO react to a change in diet and vomit or have the runs. That could be bad as they are losing liquid and might not have a good source to get a clean drink from.

If you do leave food out, please leave fresh water out as well so they can get a drink with their dinner.

If there are not other creatures around to eat the food or take the shelter, and you have the room/resources, a small "dog house" type structure would provide then with some shelter if the weather turns cold. Be sure to put in enough bedding such as old blankets etc. to keep them from freezing.

As some have mentioned, trapping, neutering, and releasing or putting the cats in a no kill shelter would be the best thing for them. Many shelters will take animals with or without a donation simply to provide them a chance at a forever home.

Whatever you do, thank you for doing it.
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It's so wonderful you want to help!

In what country are you located? I have to guess the UK or europe somewhere because of your use of the word "flat' instead of "apartment," but if you let us know, I may be able to post links to rescue orgs that can help you trap the kitties to get them spayed and neutered.

Having worked extensively with ferals/strays, I would have to say that it really is best not to feed them unless you are going to Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) them. As Sakura pointed out, drawing them all to one place will increase the chances of them mating (which is high anyway) and producing even more homeless kitties.

Un-neutered males spray, and according to our most experienced member:

Originally Posted by hissy View Post
cats use their urine to signal other cats about all types of things. if you feed and provide a safe yard for these cats, they will mark the bushes, trees and your home with a safe scent that travels over a mile. this scent reels in other cats scrambling to survive. this is why, unless you spay and neuter all cats on your property you should not feed them. having a food source prompts their territorial aggression which in turn signals the mating to begin. it also creates fights when the more aggressive males fight for dominance not only over the food but over the females in the area as well.
The fighting, of course, results in injured kitties.

Just FYI.

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