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Phrases that cats don't understand.... - Page 2

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"I don't want to sniff your butt."
"Leave your brother alone!"
"Mama needs to get up now."
"Get out of there!"
"Don't eat that!" (usually Rocky)
"Watch the claws!"
"Be quiet!" (usually said at or after midnight)
"Don't sit on Mama's head/arm/feet."

Oliver doesn't understand "Quit eating Mama's hair." He only does it when my hair is damp, so he must like the smell of my shampoo or conditioner.
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The most ignored phrase has to be "Move away from the orchids" (even though said in a very menacing tone -my poor plants are being destroyed) though a close contender is "GET OFF!" which as it happens is being ignored right now as my hubby is trying to prepare fish for our dinner
Moving them physically away from the orchids/table/worktop just seems to turn it into the 'how quick can they get back to the orchids/table/worktop' game

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Did you just take my spot??? (I was just gone a minute!!)
You don’t even like this! (Whatever I am eating)
It’s just thunder (THIS is too much to be understood when it IS thundering)
Don’t sniff his butt now! (When friendly play with brother is just about to turn sour)
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
Or maybe the chose to ignore. This morning like ever other morning Isaac was sitting in the middle of the door way from the bathroom to my bedroom. So as usual I said, "Excuse me, please move, your in the way." Like every other morning he sat there looking at me. So then I said my usual, "Or just sit in the way, what ever works best for you."
Sounds like the kind of thing I say to my two!

Kitty doesn`t understand, 'Be quiet!' or 'Move please Kitty'. That`s always when I`m cooking and have a pan of something hot that I`m trying to get to the sink before I drop

I swear Maisie understands nothing Quite often if she`s sat at the window with her back to the door, I`ll go in and call her and she looks everywhere but in my direction
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These are great!

I see the "you've had enough food" phrase is big.

Specifically, with Lena and Larry, it's "Stop staring at me. You just ate!"

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I learned this weekend that Jordan doesn't understand,

"You need to eat something or you'll have to go to the vet."

Well maybe now he will understand it the next time I say it.
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