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Aww... will it never end for this poor girl? Any more word on her potential furrever home?
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Aww, the poor baby. I hope you can find something that eases it for her, we struggled with Tiger, so I had to let her go. We tried Cartrophen injections and Rimadyl as well as MEtacam (had to be something that could either be done by the vet, or go in her food, daily tableting wasn't an option with her). When she stopped taking MEtacam, and there was nothing more we could give her, I let her go, I have a joint prob, and living in pain isn't fun.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Aww... will it never end for this poor girl? Any more word on her potential furrever home?
I am expecting to hear from her new meowmy around the 15th of this month. Gosh, I won't miss this cat one bit!

She's a lovely cat, but OMG she's sooooo high maintenance!
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Poor kitty. Sending vibes for her.

Does the vet think Cosequin would help at all? That's something that can be sprinkled in some tasty food.
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A few new pics of "our girl"

She got up out of the sunbeam to waddle over & eat, and now she's back in the sun.

Her limping/arthritis seems to be somewhat better now that it is warmer, I keep the corn stove running more to keep this room warmer for her. For now, we're kinda trying stuff to help the arthritis.

Best news, oh how long have I had her?!, well, furr-ever of trying, I finally got the greasiness out of her coat! She's now just fuzzy & cute, soft to the touch as opposed to greasy.
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She really is a beauty, Nat. Good that her arthritis seems to be behaving a bit better, poor sweetheart.
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She certainly looks nice and soft! Such a beautiful brat!
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One quick little video of her using her paws (and my shrill Ms. Bea Voice, she responds best to that voice).

Her pawing me like that is mildly annoying at times like now, when I'm trying to eat my lunch & she's certain she's dying down there on the floor while I'm eating gourmet! (She never misses a bite tossed to her)
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What a beautiful girl she is.
She looks so soft and fluffy, I just want to bury my face in her fur.
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Aww, I am glad she is doing OK.
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Awww what a cute video of her wanting a bite of your lunch

I haven't commented on Bea's thread before but have been following her story closely. I'm really impressed about everything you have done for this beautiful kitty. You're a very good person
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So, I took a few new pics of Bea tonight. She's never let me hold her like this. :

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What great pictures, Nat!! She looks so happy in your arms!!
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Lovely, lovely pics, Nat!
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Wonderful pics.
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Awwwww look at her!!!, she looks so content in your arms Nat
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What great pictures.
Bea her Mommy!
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She looks so good! She must know she'll be going home soon
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Awwww!! She is so happy and beautiful Nat!!
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Natalie - loved the video. And the new pics. So glad Miss Bea is doing better!!
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Those two pictures of you and Bea were simply filled with love.

Bea looks content and you look happy.
It's a win, win....
you didn't give up on this girl.
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What a beautiful girl. SHe reminds me a lot of my Peep (her coloring looks really exotic, though!). I love the little chin poke in the first pic!
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Great pictures Nat!

I just adore her little white chin
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I cannot tell you guys how excited I am she'll be gone. Not just that she won't be here (where she isn't overly happy), but that she'll be home, furr-ever. This one, I think I'll cry....because she deserves this more than anything.
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She has a major fan club being very excited for her, too. When does she go, Nat?
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I like to wait in suspense! I *believe* the lady won't be home until the 28/29th. So I'm hopeful next week she goes home. I told her to call me when she's back home & we'll work out a time.
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That vid is so cute! What a sweetheart.
Glad she has herself a furrever home now
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I know the feeling, I have a cat here who I can't wait to find a home for!! Good luck with her new home, she certainly deserves it
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