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Nope! I used to but have slacked alot lately!!
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Yes... every day. I can't leave the house thinking that someone may come in and see my unmade bed. Even though the only person who would come it would be a thief.
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Well I try to sometimes pull the sheets up and make it look nice but well ya I never really make the bed until its sheet changing time Did I mention how hard it is to change the sheets and make a bed with all these kitties here
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I do if it's unoccupied when I leave in the morning. If hubby gets up after me, he'll fluff and straighten out his duvet, but usually leaves mine as is.
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My bed gets made when I change the sheets. Usually, it turns into an all day long extravaganza. Put on a sheet, pull a cat out from under it. Put on the next sheet, pull the cat out from under it. Put on a blanket, pull a cat out from under it. See the pattern here?
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The bed is made every day - there's nothing quite like crawling into lovely crisp sheets at the end of the day's not made by home-hubby makes the bed and puts the decorative pillows back on it while I'm at work.
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Almost never. The only time it truly gets made is when I put clean sheets on the bed. Otherwise, I don't really care. No one is going to see my apartment while I'm at work, and if perhaps someone does come in (landlord or someone) I dont really care what they think. That, and the bed is usually still occupied when I leave for work.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Surprise surprise Hazel
Yes that's me!!

Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Of course Hazel does, but Im surprised martha doesnt
Martha suprised me as well, she's letting the other side down!
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If i can be bothered, or if Tristan is coming over. His room is a mess (typical male lol) but i like mine to be nicely presented (that and i don't want to tripe over things).

If i'm sick then everything stays screwed up and all over the place. Sometimes i'm so sick of fixing up the doona! lol
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Just my side...but its messed up since B gets up later than I do. I don't really care though
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My bed is made when the sheets are changed. The rest of the time, the covers are just straightened and then pulled up.
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Colin and I work different shifts, so in the mornings when i'm getting up for work he's normally still in the bed- so most of the time i am unable to make it up. On days when he's up the same time as me i normally make the bed or at least pull the comforter up to keep the pet hair from getting on our sheets/pillows.
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