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68 degrees and partly cloudy

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Talk about a nearly unheard of day. The heater was off, the windows were open, even had the exhaust fans in the bathrooms on. All the gang was outside enjoying the weather and the "birdfeeder fly-bys"

P.S. Please forgive the goofy look on Freeway's face. He'd just finished a particularly tasty piece of winter grass.
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Such pretty kitties! We had the same weather today, it was awesome!
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Awww!! How cute.....however, today was nasty and rainy here, we had 70* degree weather yesterday
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How Cute. It was 58 here today with some Clouds. Low was 31. I am glad it didnt Rain for once.
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They look like they love it out there! I wish I had something like that for my kitties. I used to try and take Chynna to the park across the street. But she wouldn't get out of the cat carrier and would lay in there looking at peoples' legs as they walked by
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aww! very cute
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Hope you survived the weekly Tuesday storm, Mike.

Hi, Freeway.
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That is a beautiful photo!! They look so happy outside
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Mike, do you kitties have their own door? They certainly look like they are enjoying the wierd weather.
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aww aren't they cute!
must be nice..its -31 here...
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