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Take your fingertips and rub gently in a circular motion all over your head in small circular motions, beginning at your temples, do the same thing across the bony part slightly below your eye sockets and keep going all around your eye socket. Go up into your hairline, still with small circular motions and into your scalp. I bet you will find your scalp is tight as a drum. Still using small circular motions all over your scalp, locate the ridge at the back of your skull. This will have you in the position of having your hands holding your head. Use your thumbs to do the same circles at the bottom of that ridge and even down to the sides of your neck for a few minutes. This whole thing should take about 10 minutes. After you have done that, take small strands of hair and pull them gently. This will lessen some of the stress on your head. If your scalp is tight over your skull, you are having way too much stress in addition to everything else. This is one of those things that will not hurt if it does not help, but it usually helps me. I hope it helps you. It was taught to me by one of the best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure having classes from.