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Had my cat spayed

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just wondering how long it takes for them to bounce back. She was spayed yesterday morning and i picked up back up this morning. But i had shots given at the same time as her spay is this bad? I hope not she is acting real tired and sleeping alot. She looks really skinny to. Do the vets not feed them after the surgery. She has stitches that desolve is that bad i thought you had to take them back to be pulled out. I worry because i have heard of people having there cats spayed and then them dying on them. Just hope i did the right thing and she starts acting better soon. Thanks for any advice you may give.
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Hi Candi Girl! I have answers for you and others do to, but first I should move this thread to the Health Forum, where it will get the attention and answers you seek.
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Its good, that you had her spayed. She'll, probably be dopey, for a day, from the anesthetic. That'll keep her from jumping around and popping her stitches, though. Just keep her in a warm, quiet place, with access to food and water.

Most cats bounce back, just fine. In 18 years, I've lost just one cat, to spay surgery and she had a reaction, to the anesthetic. The negligible risk of the surgery is far outweighed by the long-term risk, to an unaltered pet.

Don't be stressed. She'll pick up on your feelings and that's not good, for her. Remember, its the best thing for the kitty.
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I'm so glad you had your cat spayed!! Please, don't fret.

First of all, the shots alone usually make your cat sleepy and out of it for a day or so.

On top of that, she's out of it from the surgery and the anaesthetic.

Cindy's (kat18e) advice is perfect, although she probably won't feel like eating real soon. Even if the Vet gave her food, she probably wouldn't have eaten it so soon after surgery. Keep an eye on her - if she doesn't start eating and drinking within 24 hours, then call the Vet.

And don't worry about the disolving stitches - again, just keep an eye on them.

Hubby and I work with feral (wild) cats, and we always have them receive all their shots, de-worming medication and get spayed or neutered at the same time. It is a lot of stress for a cat - getting shots, getting poison (that's what de-worming medication is), and being subject to surgery. But they're amazing creatures, and we haven't had a problem yet! They are out of it for a day or two - and the ferals get released back into the outdoors! Though we usually leave the males at the Vet's for a day longer than we would if they were coming home, and the females often stay for several days after the surgery before we release them back into the wild.

But we use dissolving stitches because we can't be sure we'll be able to trap the cats again to have the stitches removed. Knock wood - we've never had a problem.

So your inside kitty should be just fine! She might want to be left alone - just respect her wishes. If she wants love and scritches, give her lots!

She's going through the same thing as if you were given heavy medication, had surgery, and then were brought home. You'd need a day or two to recuperate, too.

...but if you see anything of concern, feel free to post. Or call the Vet. Or do both.

Many of us are crazy about cats here ( ), and we totally understand your worry! We go through it each time someone gets a cat spayed or neutered. We're here to hold your hand through it, too.

You're just being a good kitty-mum.
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