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Has anyone ever done this before?

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Has anyone ever done this before? A friend and I went out grocery shopping and when I was getting my jacket from the closet, I didn't notice that Angel had slipped into the closet. Well, long story short, she was stuck in that tiny closet for about 3 hours! My poor baby was most likely crying the whole time she was in there because when we got to the apartment building, we could hear her down the hall! Goodness knows what my neighbors thought if they had heard her but I feel so terrible for missing her because I know that she likes to sneak into that closet! Gr! How could I have forgotten that!? Now she's all skittish but she's calming down ever so slightly. She still won't let me hold her though.

This brings me back to the day that my old cat, Penny, somehow got into the attic of my old house through a side door in one of the bedroom closets. She was in there all day! That was years ago when I was a kid though but it still haunts me because that same day when I was riding home from school, I saw a black and white cat that looked like mine dead in the road. Fortunately it wasn't her but it scared me for hours because I wasn't sure.
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Yup. We lived in an RV and we trapped Lazlo in there once for a few hours. As a matter of fact, we shut him in there accidentally a lot - just we were usually home to hear him start crying to get out. It took about two weeks to do it, but the door handle was a simple push handle that was easy to reach from the toilet seat - which is where he'd sit in there. I showed him how to open the door, and used treats, and spent time on it every day. He learned how to open the door!

Thankfully, now that we're in a house with all this room, we usually toss the coats over the backs of the rocking chairs and don't have to worry about closets or closed bathroom doors any more.

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Yes many times They've usually walked in it as i've turned around and closed the door. The longest was Rosie which was for 2 hours. Luckily it was the weekend otherwise if it had been when i was at work she would have been in there for 10 1/2 hours

My eyes are everywhere now with them
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Yup! I shut my RB kitty Abbie in my bedroom when I went to work one day. She peed on my down comforter, and pooped in my gym bag. It was not pretty!
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
Yup! I shut my RB kitty Abbie in my bedroom when I went to work one day. She peed on my down comforter, and pooped in my gym bag. It was not pretty!
Ew... I'm glad it didn't come to that with Angel.
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My poor cat Noira as been trapped probably everywhere in this apartment. She will sleep in open drawers, being all black and being that the majority of my wardrobe is all black, she gets closed in drawers all the time. She never seems to mind at all. Only bad thing that happened is when my boyfriend dried her for 10 minutes on the normal cycle in the dryer. He was in tears and freaking out and Noira was panting and really really hot, thankfully there were a lot of clothes in there to cushion things. My poor baby will never go in the dryer again.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post

Only bad thing that happened is when my boyfriend dried her for 10 minutes on the normal cycle in the dryer. He was in tears and freaking out and Noira was panting and really really hot, thankfully there were a lot of clothes in there to cushion things. My poor baby will never go in the dryer again.

That happened to a friend of mine once: she was doing her laundry, and didn't realize that the cat jumped into the dryer. The sad thing about it was that the dryer was in the basement, and she didn't realize what happened till later on when she went back downstairs to get the laundry out of the dryer. Needless to say, the outcome was not good..

Because of that incident, I ALWAYS double check the dryer whenever I do the laundry, and I had to pound it into my s/o's head to NEVER start the dryer w/o double checking first, b/c he has a bad habit of leaving the dryer door open, then walking away and coming back later to start the dryer..

I don't recall ever shutting one of my cats up somewhere accidently, but it's probably b/c I'm all paranoid that I WILL end up doing it some day. A former roommate of mine shut Gabriel in her bedroom once, and he was locked up in there all day long. Needless to say, he freaked out, and kinda made a mess out of her bedroom: the curtains were torn down, and he had left scratches on the door from trying to dig his way out - not to mention the fact that he used her bed for a litterbox. My roommate wasn't very happy over the incident..

My s/o accidently shut Maverick & Gabriel up in the bathroom or a closet on more than one occasion w/o thinking. But he's getting better about living in a multi-cat household: he usually checks things out now before he shuts something up..

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I think we have all done that...I know you feel bad but Angel is over it It's this guilt we put on ourselves
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Just recently I locked Lexi in the garage for about 6-7 hours. Not only was it below freezing outside, it was cold in the garage, and I didn't hear her. She is so silent when she sneaks out that I just don't hear or see her. I felt so bad.
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My cat, Callie, loves closets. When it was just the 2 of us in my old apt, I had a little spot for her in the closet, left the door open for her, and she'd spend loads of time in there. Enter my boyfriend (who's now my DH). He decided to vacuum the apt for me one day while I was at work. He knew nothing of the closet set up and left the door to the closet closed for the entire afternoon. When I got home, Callie wasn't waiting for me as usual, so I asked him where she was. I went to my bedroom, and sure enough the door was shut tight! She wasn't fazed at all...she was snoring away!!

DH now knows to leave all closet doors ajar!! It's a rule in our house!
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My cats have been stuck in some weird places, usually at the hands of my kids! My Ds shut the door one day when my mom was baby-sitting, and my mom opened it several hours later to find Blue stuck in between the door and the storm door.

About a month ago, my 5yo DD was playing stuffed animals in her room, and then we left to run errands. 3 hours later, we came home and I dished out the cats' dinner, but Griffin was nowhere to be found. I finally located him in DD's room, zipped into the tiny little carrier one of her stuffed dogs came in! He was fine and I can kind of giggle about it now, but I was so upset with DD at the time.
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I agree I think we've all done it at some point in time. Ours get shut in the garage all the time, and you'd think they would learn, but no they will still open the door when we are out there and get locked in.
Kahlua has locked HERSELF in the cabinets before! She can open them and she will climb in and play around and not be able to figure out how to get out!
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Lucy got stuck in the bedroom closet for about 8 hours. After that, we have cat counts before we leave for work. Problem with Lucy is that she won't meow if she's been closed up. Much usually will find her stuck and let us know.
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Shark has gotten into so many nooks and crannies in my house, it's unbelievable! The worst one she has done though is climbing in to the drawer underneath my bed where I keep my bed linen. I shut it without thinking of checking to see if she was there...

Later that night I hear scratching and loud mewing, I get up to investigate, checking through my wardrobe and behind my mirror cabinet..still no kitty..

I open up the drawer under my bed, low and behold..a very angry Shark! She was that miffed with me that I couldn't pick her up for a cuddle, so she went out for the rest of the night.

I was finally forgiven later the next day though Cats sure know how to hold grudges...
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Now I understand your title, katachtig, "A cat's worst enemy is a closed door."!
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There was a spell a few years back when I just couldn't figure out who kept shutting Spyder in the bathroom Then I watch as he jumped up and tried to grab a robe that was hanging on the inside of the door and wound up closing himself in there!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I think we have all done that...I know you feel bad but Angel is over it It's this guilt we put on ourselves
They get over it and I think we have all done it at some point...curiosity pulls them into the closet behind us and silly humans don't hear well enough to know they've closed them in

I have also forgotten Stan in the bathroom (we have to put him in there so he doesn't dart out the door when we're taking out the garbage)...luckily my bossy girl Bella always lets me know after about a half hour..." left him in there".
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One of my first cats, Midnight, got into mischeif a lot. She was an outdoor cat only so there was a lot of trouble she could find in not only our yard but our neighbors. Midnight would go on explorations where she could be gone as long as a week. One time, she had been gone for over one week so my family became concerned. We shouted for her and we could hear her calling. We tried to find her but we couldn't. Finally we decided to go to all the neighbors asking them if we could look in their yard for her.

We could only find one neighbor home, but they were very nice to allow us to look. We could still hear Midnight but we couldn't find her. The next morning, the neighbor called us saying that they think they had found our missing cat... in their attic. It turns out that a family of racoons had eaten a hole in my neighbors roof a week before. Midnight must have gotten through the hole before my neighbor fixed it.

Midnight was ok, she was real hungry and thirsty but that was all. She still had her adventurious spirit and she continued to get into trouble until she died in June of 2004.
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Yep, both Stumpy and Smudge have been closed in closets for a period of time. We did it to Smudge the other day. We realised she hadn't been following us around which is odd for her. We went searching for her, and opened the closet, and had to actually poke her. She came out stretching and yawning

Your Angel probably wasn't crying the whole time. She probably enjoyed the warm place to sleep, and when she heard you come home, realised she was stuck, then started meowing to get out.

When cats are stuck like that, they'll generally just sleep.
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I had a black cat named Gohan and he was a quiet one, very curious and sneaky. I went outside to check something in this storage cabinet and Gohan was by my feet ever second. I just didn't think of him climbing in there but I went ahead and shut the door without double checking. Anyway a couple of hours later, I went outside to feed him, and he didn't come up on the porch like he always did, so I was worried that something happened to him, but then heard a little teeny meow coming from the cabinet. When I opened it I saw him inside a box, and he immediately jumped out. I felt so bad
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I've managed to trap Forest in the closet for a whole day while I was at work. He wasn't too upset by it. I noticed he didn't greet me at the door when I got home like he usually does, so I started calling for him. After a few minutes of frantically searching for him, I heard him pawing at the closet door and meowing.

Forest also likes to play with doors, so he manages to shut himself or the other cats into rooms all the time. It's usually the laundry room (because, for whatever reason, that door is especially fun to play with ), and that's not too bad because there's a litterbox and water in there.
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I know how you feel as my calico cat Taffy likes to dash into the garage and sometimes we close the door and forgot she went in there. I'll be putting some garbage into the bags and the poor thing comes running into the house. Its really sad when its winter here in Ontario and she's cold. I have to warm her up with a towel and give her a treat of food as I feel so sorry for her.

I spoil my babies so much.
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Yes, guilty! Last week the kitties all took turns running into and out of the garage for some reason. Before going to bed, I opened the garage door and called out to see if there were any kitties in there, and no one answered. The next morning, when I let the dogs out back, I heard a terrible yowling in the garage, and Clyde had been in there all night. Poor guy didn't hear me call - I should have thought of that.
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oh geez yes.

I just locked Piper in the coat closet today matter-of-fact.
Good thing my sis was here because I was at work and she would've been stuck in there all day otherwise.

guess she was fine though, she just crawled onto the blankets in there and went to sleep. go figure.
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