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Ok, now I know several of you guys are crafty and enjoy working with your hands like I do, but I think this time I may have gotten in over my head! My mom and dad are moving to a smaller house, and two weeks ago, I brought home my childhood made it from a kit from Sears & Roebuck in the early 80's. Its never been finished, so I have had the bright idea of finishing it, ie...electrical wiring (I bought a book, doesn't look that hard), floor coverings, wall coverings and total furninshings, basically making it a miniature show house instead of just a dollhouse. Have any of you tried/done this before? will post some pics of it as soon as I figure out how to resize on this laptop without my photo editing tools!!!!

Never mind the pic adding, here's a link to the photobucket album where some of them are, plus a few of yumyum, lol! If it asks for a guest password, it is kittenkrazy.