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What scoopable litter do you use?

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Im looking for a no-track scooping litter. The kind with the bigger granuels, thats not to dusty. I used to use ScoopAway no-track but its no longer available. Thank you
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The brand I am using is very easy to clean ! It just makes clumbs , and this is very easy to scoop out !! It's a Belgian brand of course ; but this must be available in the USA too!!
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Hi Binky!

I moved this to the health/nutrition forum because it's more a subject for that forum than the lounge!

I can't remember the name of the litter I use... I have a litter maid so it's some premium clumping litter. I think it's called ever fresh I'm very happy with it.
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Scoopaway - it's really much better then any of the others and I have tried most of them - trust me. The only one I have not tried is the one made from wheat - migth want to give that a shot!
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I've tried lots of litter, and with my cats they all track, even feline pine and things like litter pearls!

Scoopaway had good odor control and doesn't seem to track TOO much, I've seen worse. Right now we are using Scoopaway + Cystals which is the best litter I've ever used, but I'm on my last supply of it, after this is gone, that's it.

I've tried sweet scoop it also tracks and doesn't hold in poo smells for any cat I've tried it on.

The 2nd best litter is Papuur, seems average tracking I guess, low on dust, made of paper and it's biodegradable, doesn't stick so hard to the side/bottom of the litter pan either.

Hope you find a good one!
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i use exquisicat (i think it is the petsmart store brand.) so far it is the best stuff i've tried for odor control. our cats don't track much, but i'm not sure if it's because of the litter or the cats.
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we use Arm & Hammer litter, not too dusty and don't have TOO much problem with tracking.
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Myste: That's probably my 3rd fav litter when it comes to odor control. But tracking EEEKKK It went every where for us.

But my cats seem to be better then average at tracking litter ever where. I've taken care of many cats, fosters and clients and my cats seem to have a field day and try their hardest to get litter everywhere.
Instead of calmly walking out of the box, most the time they make a giant, fast leap, causing litter to go flying everywhere! They storm off and some stuff clings and falls onto the carpet nearly 5 feet away from their COVERED litter box. lol

Their lucky I love them so much.
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Well I can never remember the name of my new favorite, but the box is like all kinds of pine branches & there is a cat on the front (cause no other litter has a cat on the front:tounge2: )Any way, it's a scoopable, supposedly flushable, but it did plug my toilet once & I haven't flushed it since, but the center of it is wood & then it is surrounded by clay. Since my kitty has CRF she goes a lot more than she used to & odor control has become a big issue with me. With this suff if I miss a day of scooping it's no big deal because it is so absorbant. Oh & Anglz I do believe my Smokey might give your cats a run for your money on the tracking thing. She too jumps out of the box. At night if I wake up when she's in there I can hear it scatter every where as she exists the litter box. I have tried all kinds of differnt litters & she always, always manages to get it all over the place.
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Rang, lol I know that sound! Most the time I have it blocked out and so used to it now, but when I do hear it, I just let out a sigh.
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Scoopaway users..

Have you found that it has recently become 'trackable'?
It hardens better than any litter Ive tried and works well at odor control, but I've found since their last redesign that it tracks all over the place. (Including into my bed, so I know I'm not imagining it lol.)

Im now using a brand called Premium Choice, which has been my second favorite.
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We use "Worlds Best" It's a bit more expensive then most but it's worth it. It contains no sica and no perfums. It's corn based and can be flushed down the toilet. I have a Bengal with asthma and it works best for him..

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Mike, how does Worlds Best do for odor control and tracking? I use Swheat Scoop now, but it tracks a lot with my cats and our male's box gets smelly quick.

*edit* okay, what in the world.... I never posted this.... Momm >.<
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It works great for odor control, but it will tract on the floors. It's a small price to pay for my cat's health. It contains no clay at all and the cat's could eat it if they wanted too.


If you guys want pictures of the bag, Ill get the camara
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my cats have long tufts of fur between their toes (like the maine coons do)and it is just a litter trap. They track all to way to the bed Too! Im disappointed that scoopaway changed there formula.

Mike, where do you find Worlds Best!
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You can get it online here http://www.petguys.com/ and look at there website here http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/

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Thanks Mike. Maybe it's about the same as Swheat Scoop, only around my area, W.B. costs more. They are both healthier for cats, as long as they don't have a wheat or corn allergy! Maybe I'll try a bag for comparison.
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It's good stuff.. When I empty the litter box I just dump the whole thing down the toilet. It's pretty cool that I don't have to go to the garbage with this and it's 100 percent bio degradable. My cat's love it and if you have a cat with asthma it's almost necessary

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thanks mike. Im sold. Im going to try it. I can get it in about a 20 minuet drive my my house. I like the all natural aspect, i have allways been a bit worrried about my cats eating litter when it sticks to there fur. I watched the little demo at the site. Did that guy eat the litter!
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Yeah he did.. The problem with clay litters is that it says in the cat for a long time and can cause serious problems with there health. This litter is more money but it's our cats and there worth a LOT to us..

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We were told not to put cat feces in our septic system, becuase it doesn't break down as fast. Someone listening to the talk suggested that maybe it's the preservatives in the cat food that makes it stay around longer. Good point!
It has been almost a year since I was on their website, so I went there today and listened to the video. He mentioned the various disposal choices, one of which was the compost pile. You shouldn't put it in a compost pile that will be used on food crops, only ornamentals, in case any of you are avid gardeners. I don't recall all the reasons, but I've come across it many times in garden books and magazines.
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I think its because it makes the soil to acidic. Cats have a high protein poop, as opposed to cow manure .
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But people consume a lot of protien too, in general Our soil here in the PNW is acidic any way. They just said it doesn't break down very fast.
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Now thats bringing composting to a whole new level!:laughing:
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I have 68 cats. I use Scoop Away. Find it the best in odor control, clumping and less tracking. I use the Multi Cat formula and the one with Crystals. The Multi Cat formula is less trackable.
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68 cats!? 2 cats are a handful at times, I can't imagine as many as you have. Are you one that has all the strays come to you? You must have a big heart!!
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I use the Arm and Hammer, too, but here's something you might want to try. I have one of those woven rattan type door mats that I placed in front of the litter box. When the cats get out, most of any litter left on their paws falls between the spaces. All I have to do is lift up the door mat and vacuum under it now and then.
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Dear RBG:

I have so many because of the rescue work I do. These are cats with health, behavioral or physical problems, that weren't adoptable. I find them throughout the city in my feral colonies, etc. They are my full-time job!
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You are a special person for doing that. It takes a lot of work and dedication that I couldn't do at this point in my life.
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I wake up every morning and go to sleep every night thanking the Lord for giving me what I need to do what I do. Without his help it wouldn't be possible.

Thanks for the support. A lot of times people think people like me are "crazy." I tell them yea, crazy about the animals. ha!
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