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your biggest pet peeves.

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i have quite a few, so i'm going to rant and rave a bit, please join in.

-when people go through my things

-people who try to make their opinion sound like a fact

-people who change their story every time you talk to them, but get mad if you point it out

-people who walk really really slowly (excluding the elderly and handicapped)

-rude/cruel people (why can't you just be polite & nice)

-really attractive people who always say they're ugly but obviously know they are not

-people who stand behind me when i'm on the computer

-people who talk loudly during a program or especially in a movie theater, hello, whisper!

-the way magazines put those huge-a$$ mailing labels on the FRONT of the magazine, blocking the picture, and if you try to peel it off, it rips the magazine cover

-people who won't take "no" for an answer

-people with selective memories

-people who expect to be treated better than they treat you

-people who watch you sleep *shudder*

-people with a holier than thou attitude

-waiting an hour at the doctor's office

-waiting a year to get in to see a specialist

-the fact that everything in this town closes at 5 or 6 p.m.! hello, i'm still awake, and i might need milk!

-when there is nothing on and you have 50 channels

okay, that's it for now!

p.s. i've been known to do a few of the above mentioned, so in some, i am talking about how i am annoyed by my own self
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Originally posted by blue

-people who try to make their opinion sound like a fact

-people who change their story every time you talk to them, but get mad if you point it out

oh you've met my husband, then? LOL

my biggest pet peeve might sound weird, but i HATE when people touch my computer screen and leave a big, smudgey fingerprints. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
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Originally posted by Auburn412
oh you've met my husband, then? LOL
yah, and my best friend, Cameron & my dad

yours isn't weird, i hate that, too. on windows & mirrors as well - but cmon! you have to have more than that!
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People who can't spell! I know not everyone can spell very well, alot of people just aren't good at it. I work at a country club, we have a white board with the daily specials. I can't tell you how many times I've taken the e off of Delie, and Potatoe, or changed brocolli, and even once saw a Zookini. Teriyaki is a fun one!

They're/there/their "there dog is brown"

I seen a something You SAW!

People who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle.

People with very little knowledge of chinchillas, telling me now to take care of them, because they read it in a book.

People, like my neighbor, who yell at their dogs for barking. It doesn't help!

When you overhear the lady at the petstore tell someone it's perfectly fine to buy a rat, put it in a 10 gallon tank, alone, with pine shavings and feed it hamster food!

That one guy who insists on sitting in the bar until you kick him out at closing time. Even though he's the only one there and you could've left two hours ago if it wasn't for him. Not to mention he grumbes about everything and never leaves a tip. But hey, he's a country club member, better than everyone else, right?

People, that's all, people just bug me, I think

LOL, I think I have some pent up anger! LOL

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Originally posted by DawnA
People who can't spell!
i can't believe i forgot that one! that is a huge pet peeve of mine as well!
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People who apostrophize plurals. I don't know how many times, that I have seen: "Antique's", "Shoe's", etc.

Popping, snapping, cracking gum, particularly in a work situation. I once worked in a medical facility, with a woman who did this, constantly. So unprofessional. The supervisor was just as bad.
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i have a lot of the same pet peeves as you blue.

another pet peeve i have is when you go and get the groceries and someone is standing in front of the item you want talking to someone else and you cant get what you want. grrrr

i am very observant and when people talk, i can spot a different story right away and i always point it out (sorry thats a habit of mine) and people act like they never said a different story

when people say that i have been to a place where I have never been - for example, hubby and i argued that we had been to a hot dog place that i have never been to (because i dont like hot dogs!)

getting the wrong order at a restaurant or something is missing from my meal that i ordered.
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1-Agressive driver
2-People who talk on the phone while driving
3-noisy neighbors
4-Instant messageing with my cousin who chats with 4 people at atime then answers my responces with only a smiley
5-House work that i never do but need to, because im on the cat site
all day
6-Half brained veterinarian
7-bossy territorial people (a problem a work)
8-negative gossip
9-myself:i never knew i could be such a whiner and complainer!
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okay -- i do have a few more...

- people who make up stories and think you are stupid and don't know the difference.

- drivers who don't merge until the very last second and then everyone has to slow down to let them in. (why do they think that lane is going slower in the first place? because of drivers like them!)

- people who cut in and out of traffic and end up right next to you at the red light. (was it really worth it?)

- having to tell somebody something 5 times and they still can't remember it.

- bosses who are control freaks or make promises they have no intent to keep.

i think that's pretty much it.
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Bicyclists, who won't stay in the bike lanes and slow down traffic.
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Originally posted by Auburn412
- having to tell somebody something 5 times and they still can't remember it.
have you met my hubby or something??????

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Hypocrisy. My number one pet peeve. I hate it in ALL forms. But here's an example: don't be a vegetarian and wear leather - unless the reason you're a vegetarian is because you don't like meat. But this pet peeve covers a lot - gossiping, lying, complaining, etc.

But gosh - I'd say ALL of those are on my list, too! (Except people on the phone while driving. It only bothers me if they can't do both at the same time.)

I have some more to add, though:

People who think YIELD means STOP

People who drive up the on ramp at 30 miles an hour. HELLO - You're entering a HIGHWAY!

People who are gabbing or staring off into space - while standing at the top (or bottom) of an escalator or just inside the revolving door, or just off the elevator door. THERE ARE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU. Sometimes instead of saying "excuse me," I feel like just shoving them out of the way. But another pet peeve is people who are impolite, which would make me a hypocrite, so....

But I really hate people standing behind me when I'm at the computer. Ugh.

Bad spelling bothers me a lot, too. I almost always edit my posts if I notice a typo.
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another thing i hate is when people invade your personal space or stand too close to you when you or they are talking - this happens to a lot of deaf people, people assume that because you are deaf you have to stand right in your face but it makes it worse because you cannot read their lips!

And another pet peeve of deaf people is when people talk to you realllllly slowly, so slow like 'can.....you.....read.....my.....lips?
as long as you dont talk to fast, we have no problem reading lips. Overemphasising is a pain also!

sometimes i think hubby forgets that i am deaf also and he asks me whats going on and i have to tell him i cant hear it either!!! he sometimes asks me the ending of a movie when it hasnt happened yet and i havent seen it - what am i - psychic???
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Originally posted by Kiwideus

have you met my hubby or something??????

must be all men. but don't tell my hubby that or he will think it is okay!
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I despise:

* People who constantly complain they hate their job, hubby, economic situation, but do nothing to change it.

* The new 'breed' of cottagers who have basically wrecked the natural environment of cottage country with their 1.3 Million dollar homes, noisy sport vehicles and general lack of concern for the ecosystem.

* People who litter. Every day in the summer I go out my front door and find some type of garbage on my front lawn! Pick it up people, or if I find out who you are and I'll dump it on your head!! I'm not bitter, honest!

* Sexist males who think they are God's gift to this world. Ick!

* People who push their religion on me and say I will end up in hell since I am not married! Sure you go with that! But it's ok for them to marry 5 times and cause chaos in their children's lives, but it's not ok for me live in peace with Rob for the last 7 years?? Hmmm...I'm sure God will think I'm the most evil being on this planet!!

* People who are ignorant enough to believe that I am selfish and unnatural for not wanting to have children.

* People who continually use stereotypes to define people of a certain race, religion, gender etc. Hello, everyone is an individual, treat them as such!

Phew!! What a great way to start off a morning. That was so uplifting!!

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More "good" pet peeves!!!!!

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the now ever-present cell phone yakkers..

NYC is a pedestrian and public transportation city, probably to a degree greater than any other US city. So, you often find yourself in the company of a lot of other people, on the bus, walking down the street etc. In the past, if I heard a one-part conversation taking place behind me, my usual assumption was that it was possibly a mentally ill person, which would induce a certain amt of wariness. I've had to revise that (unless one deems
cell phoning while walking to be a disorder.) There is nothing more un-stimulating than listening to someone else's boring gossip, which you can't avoid if you are sharing a bus seat with them.
Then there was the time a few weeks ago when I was sitting in the quite small waiting area of my therapist's office, pulling together my deep psychic thoughts, when a young woman came in, there to see the other person in the suite. I was really taken aback when she whipped out her phone and started making calls (including one to an upscale leather goods store asking whether they sold pocket leather tissue holders lol.)
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katl8te, the gum thing drives me crazy, too! I had to toss a woman out of my work area yeaterday, I was trying to pierce her daughter's tongue, and the woman was popping her gum so loud, it sounded like gunshots. I told her she could either stop it or get out, and she left her daughter alone rather than spit out the gum. I wanted to slap her!
I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate people that gnaw their fingernails. I cannot be in the same room. It makes me nauseous, and furious. Even talking about it infuriates me. Weird, I know.
I hate it when people yak on their cell phones and drive. I think that should be illegal.
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the cellphone and driving thing - that reminds me, around town i have seen a van with a sticker that says 'hang up the cellphone and drive' and the last time we saw him driving, he was on a cellphone! Hypocrite!
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Pet peeves....oh don't get me started!

Ditto what most of you said.

In addition to Laurie's "yield doesn't mean stop" I'd like to add that yield doesn't mean go like heck to cut in front of the person you're supposed to yield to!

People who call an office and think that the secretary really knows how long a meeting is going to last or that she can track someone down to the ends of the earth because they have a question, or who have no idea who they are calling and have to go looking for the paper with their name on it, or who talk to me on the speakerphone but can't hear me because they are rustling through their papers, or people who have their secretaries call for someone here(you're too good to dial the darn phone???), and many more that I can't think of right now. Can you tell I'm a receptionist right now??? LOL

When hubby doesn't listen to me. And he has the most selective hearing I have ever seen, and then argues with me that I never told him that.

Too many driving ones to mention, but people on cell phones who can't drive and talk at the same time is a big one for me too, especially when it's icy and snowy out and they are STILL on those phones!
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I use a hands-free headset, even at home.

When I was a cashier, it drove me crazy when someone couldn't get off the phone, long enough to complete their transaction.

Another peeve: when the light turns yellow, DON'T drive hell-for-leather to beat the red. Just stop!
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i hate when people create meaningless spam posts on message boards to get their post counts up.

OH WAIT! I do that!

just kidding...
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Oh how I could go on and on...

1.) Very obviously slender women who say they are fat. Argh!

2.) When someone moves to my country, and doesn't take the initiative to learn to communicate. If you are going to live here, you need to learn at least some key phrases in English. Heck, I only visit foreign countries and I attempt to learn at least general phrases.

3.) Religion, I don't push mine or lack there of on you, please don't push yours on me. I can't take it, I feel a little demon on my shoulder whenever someone tries to convince me to go with their god to say things that are totally inappropriate.

(Sorry to those that are peeved by bad spelling, I am terrible at it.)

4.) People who bash me because I am American. I am part of my country but I am not the whole country. We have many different people over here, and many different views and attitudes and opinions, much like the rest of the world I would imagine.

5.) Public displays of affection. I can deal with hand holding and putting your arm around someone, or even taps on the lips or cheek, but if you are panting for breath because of arduous kisses, or you can't keep your hands from groping your s/o, either go home or get a room. I don't want to see it.

6.) When people who are older than I am assume I can't possibly understand something simply because of my age or lack of life experience. Ha! Have you walked a mile in these shoes? I think not!

7.) When in family gatherings, my Aunt (Uncle, grandmother, mother)says to me: Why haven't you called me recently? Argh! I mean the phone lines go both ways, and I have yet to see broken fingers. You want to talk to me, pick up the phone!

8.) Tele-sellers. Dear god, Thank goodness PA has the do not call list now. I am too polite to them sometimes. I once let a tele-marketer finish her pitch before I politely told her that I wasn't interested. Her response: You didn't have to let me go through that whole thing to tell me that. You're rude!!!!

9.) I work on a helpdesk, actually on a second level which means I call people back whom first level could not fix. With that said, I hate when I get assigned a call, and I ask a supervisor to see what on earth they want me to do with it, and they tell me to do something that was already done. I tell them it was already done. They tell me to do it AGAIN. Why must I repeat steps???? It never works. AHHHHHHHHH.

10.) People who calorie count out loud to everyone. I can't take it, let me enjoy my 650-calorie and 26 gram of fat doughnut in peace for goodness sake. Back off!

Really I could go on, and they aren't the top ten, just the first ten to pop into my mind . And now reading back on them, I sound awfully bitter. hehe.
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I thought of another big one for me.

11.) When women with large breasts wear the wrong size bra, and stick out the top of it, causing the four breast look. I can't take it. Buy one that fits, and while you are at it, tighten the straps so that they are on your chest instead of your belly. I realize gravity has an effect, god knows it effects me, but I do battle by adjusting those straps.
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When women with large breasts wear the wrong size bra, and stick out the top of it, causing the four breast look
Hey, some of us are still trying to at least get the 2 breast look! :LOL:
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People who are ignorant enough to believe that I am selfish and unnatural for not wanting to have children.
Ooh I can totally relate to that one!

I'm only 19, but I've already decided that I just don't want to have children. Never. I DO like kids, but only other people's. I couldn't stand having a child who I couldn't give back at the end of the day. I'm not un-maternal, I just know that being a mother is not for me. 5 girls who I grew up with who are either my age or a year or two younger all have kids. They are still pretty much teenagers but will lose out on their twenties and thirties because they'll be too busy playing Mum to have a proper life. I would hate that.

Anyway my pet peeves....

1) Complete random strangers who give you looks challenging you for a fight even though you don't even know them. Happens all the time in my hell hole town.

2) Rude stop staff who act as though they're some sort of God/Godess.

3) Rude people.

4) Rascit people, homophobes, etc. I hate discrimation.

5) Public Transport.

6) The fact that I have Digital Satalite TV yet I can STILL never find anything worth watching.

7) Gangs of teenagers who hang around trying to be imtimidating.

8) People who run you over with their baby strollers, even though they clearly see you or can easily get round you without causing pain.

I think that's all...for now.

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Oooh, boy, what fun!!

1. Bad spellers (sorry, Luv Those Paws).

2. People who mispronounce library as li-berry.

3. Rude teenagers.

4. Rude older people.

5. Just rude people in general (am I the only person whose parents taught her to say please and thank you?)

6. I believe that someone else posted something similar, but people who come to America BY CHOICE and bash Americans. I'm working with one right now.

7. Bad drivers talking on their cell phones.

8. Heck, cell phones in general (I know that there is some good to them, and that some people actually need them, but do you need to talk to some random friend while grocery shopping? OK, so you're popular. Get over yourself).

9. Strange whining noises that only I seem to hear (really tough in the lab, since we have so much equipment you can NEVER hunt down what's making the noise).

I'm sure I'll think of more...
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Women wearing spaghetti-strapped tops or dresses, with regular bras.
Ditto, thin skirts, without a slip.
Pants, with the waistband at crotch level and the crotch at knee level - buy a belt! Last week, I saw a kid, at a buffet, trying to juggle his plate and the serving utensils, while trying to hold his pants up with one hand.
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i hate seeing people with their pants halfway to their ankles! a study was done in NZ that it causes hip and knee problems because they have to walk with their hips jutting out, and causes some problems. go figure.

rude people suck!

i guess this is like a vent thread!
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Speaking of fashion pet peeves, how about those ladies who are overweight but dress like they are Kate Moss or Pamela Anderson-Lee-Rock? EEEWWWW!! I'm qualified to have this pet peeve because I am overweight as well, but I know what I can and most definitely what I CANNOT wear.
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