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Using raid when u have animals

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This might be in the wrong forum, if so please feel free to move it.

Well I am renting this house, and I have a major ant problem in my bathroom and by the window in my bedroom. I have been reluctant to spray any kind of Raid or laying any traps because of the cats and dogs. I've been scared that they could ingest it somehow and turn up sick.

Today I notcied my ant problem had turned serious, and i had no other option then to spray my ant raid in my bathroom and in the one part of my room (the weird thing is i do not eat there or ever have food there so i dont know why they are coming) Anyways I sparyed in my bathroom and closed the door behind me. I aslo sprayed the one wall were they seem to be accumalating and coming in from the outside, so I closed my bedroom door as well.

How long should i leave the doors closed before opening them and letting the dogs and cats come in? I usually let them sleep with me at night but now im worried my babies will somehow get sick from the RAID. Im planning on cleaning off the areas once it had soaked in enough, but will the be ok?

Also my roomate had bought be some ant bait, like the roach bait, that you just put wherever your having problems and the ants go in, get poisned, leave, and then die somewhere else. I was thinking of putting them in my bathroom and just leaving the bathroom door closed so the animals cant go in there. Does anyone else have these bug problems? I know its NOT cause im dirty, but it is something to do with the house. Im thinking my body sugar scrub that i keep in the shower is attracting them cause that seems to be the place where there are the most ants. But I just dont know what to do, i want to get rid of the bug problem but i dont want the animals to get hurt by it.

What do u guys do?
How long can you leave the RAID sitting before letting them in?
Are there any other methods of getting rid of bugs/ants that isnt harmful to the cats or dogs?

Im such a worry wart, im sorry, im just scared they might lick it or something, and i love my babies and would like to know they are safe and sound and at the same time kill all the ants i can, help!
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My dad works for Orkin Pest Control (has for 15 years) and said that unless you can locate where they are coming from outside it really won't help to treat the inside. My dad is very knowledgable about what products are safe around animals, I would assume any branch manager would be equally as knowledgeable. I believe they offer a free inspection, maybe you should contact your local Orkin and ask.

Good luck

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I make a very effective bug spray witn 2 tbsp castille soap and 4oz of water. It's non toxic and best of all it works. The ants usually like the water in the bathrooms that's why you're finding them there. I have that problem from time to time. After you clean up the poor ants, I sprinkle diatomacious earth food grade. Make sure it's food grade because the other kind is toxic to everyone. DE is good to kill all types of bugs and parasites and the FOOD GRADE type is non toxic, but be carefull to not inhale or get it in your eyes. I also use DE on my dog and it gets rid of fleas and ticks. I would stay away from raid, just the fumes give me a headache.
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Originally Posted by Shashagirl View Post
I make a very effective bug spray witn 2 tbsp castille soap and 4oz of water
Thanks for that info
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