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Need Some Reassurance

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Dear Worried Kitty Mom:

I'm sure your little purrball will be OK regardless of the situation. Hopefully Friend B will eventually see that you and Friend A only want what's best for your kitties. The kitties so know each other from previous trips to Kitty Camp, and at least you already know that they aren't prone to all out warfare.

Kitties are very adaptable to any situation, but I'm sure your baby will be very happy when you come home to him.


Dear Catty
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I've rarely seen cats really have an issue, especially when there are places to escape and jump to and go off and pout. If they don't really care for each other they will pretty much stay apart in my experience. More experienced cat people - what do you think?

My own cats have a total love hate relationship. Sometimes they're yowling at each other and fighting over a prime spot, and other times they're asleep together almost hugging. But they never use claws or teeth on each other. They don't even use claws on the dog and he's pretty tempting LOL. Hopefully tonight you'll hear that they did well together.

I would definately have separate feeding areas and boxes, which sounds like your plan.

I know how hard it is to figure out a good place for your pets when you travel! This sounds like a pretty good situation, much better for your kitty than a totally strange place or a kennel.
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Vikki, I don't think you're a crazy cat lady for not being bothered by a litterbox in the bedroom. When we first got the kittens, we had two in the bedroom (very small apartment and that truly was the only place for them). As long as you scoop them daily the smell shouldn't be a problem. Right now I have one in my walk-in closet with all of my work clothes, and so far no one has told me that I smell like kitty litter.

I'm glad you got the Dear Catty thing. I wasn't sure I was thinking straight enough to make it obvious what I was trying to do there.

I'm sure Gui will come away from this unscathed. He's just trying to figure out his place in the different environment, and I'm sure he will adjust soon.
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I live in a one bedroom apartment.

The kitty litter is in the ensuite/laundry area which means all doors must be permanently open. No one has commented on any catty smells or even kitty poo smells.

Seriously, I think the kitties are convinced that their respective owners are insane for the constant moving and simply want play time. :tounge2: Though your cat hissing are most likely due to the reasons you listed yourself.

Don't worry. Everyone gets their kitties back in the end and you can all live in your own apartments with litter wherever they have to be.

Be it in the bedroom or spa. If a kitty has to go, a kitty has to go.
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