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One of my babies, Pretty Kitty, died about a year and a half ago. She was very special to me. I've had many cats in my life though. But for some reason, I dream about Pretty Kitty all the time. Still. This kind of thing has never happened before. What could be the reason for her being in my dreams so often, even after all this time? Do you think she could be trying to tell me something? Or does that sound crazy?
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Rest in Peace Pretty Kitty
She is probably coming to you in your dreams because she wants you to know shes happy & that shes okay. Do the dreams you have about her have happy feelings or negative feelings? It could be as simple as you could just be dreaming about her because she meant so much to you...
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Yes every single dream has always been a good one. She's her old self. Healthy & happy & no tumors. And lovable.
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Just the other night I had a dream about Woody, one of my kitties who passed away a few years ago. In the dream I was lying in bed and Woody was curled up next to my face... just like he always slept when he was alive. I miss him terribly but never dream of him so it surprised me. But I took it as a sign that he was letting me know that he is ok.
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Your cat is coming to you in your dreams to let you know shes happy, healthy, & full of life Thats so sweet!
How wonderful to see her healthy again, even if it is in a dream
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Thats wonderfull that your kitty is coming to you in your dreams! I have one over the bridge that visits me on occasion!! I think he just wants me to know that he's okay, and that I should not worry & mourn so much!
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Pretty Kitty is visiting to tell you that she's happy - I think it's great you have the chance to visit with her through your dreams
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