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Poem Dedicated to Rene's cats Chloe and Phoebe

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This is a poem I wrote last night about Chloe and Phoebe. It came from my and is dedicated to those two precious little girls who are at the Rainbow Bridge.

Two little fur babies born into this world,
Four legs, a tail, no hair, not a curl.
One’s name was Chloe,
The other one Phoebes,
From up state New York
They came to be.

These two little kitties,
So full of life,
Went to Clint and Rene’s,
To live without strife.

Chloe was tiny
And headstrong to boot.
On Rene’s shoulder she’d ride,
People chuckled “What a hoot!â€

Big sister Phoebs
Could be found curled in her bed
Near the door in the kitchen
Never raising her head

They ate and they played
And slept hours on end
Knowing full well
They were among friends

Friends who were saviors
With big hearts of gold
That spent all of their time
Making sure they weren’t cold

For these two little girls
Unique as they were
Had medical problems
Vets just couldn’t cure

It wasn’t till later
These kitties took ill
No liquid or shot
Not even a pill
Could help these poor babies
Get through all their pain
Rene knew it was time
To no longer restrain.

It hasn’t been long
Since they passed over the ridge
Down through the meadows
Up to the Bridge

Where all fur babies go
When they leave God’s green earth
To pass over the Rainbow Bridge
With their humans from earth

Both Chloe and Phoebe
Are now in a place
Happy and thriving till
Due to God’s grace
They will meet once again
The saviors that be
Who helped them through life
That was Clint and Rene
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How completely sweet and beautiful! You made me cry!! That was so heartfelt and genuine. Nice Hissy.
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That was so beautiful Donna! Very moving.
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I can just feel the love you carried for those two precious fur babies. You memorialized them wonderfully in this poem. Do you have a picture of these two angels?
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Donna, your poem really moved me ! It's very beautiful.
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that was incredibly moving Donna.
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That poem is beautiful. You really put into words how special Phoebe and Chloe were and still are to Clint and Rene.
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It took me a while to realize that was you!!! Glad you're on the site. Isn't it great? Wish I was going with you guys this weekend. But, I'll be at the NJ show next month with MooShoo. Good luck!
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Thank you very much for your beautiful poem in memory of Chloe and Phoebe! I look forward to meeting them one day.

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