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Whats your nationality?

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Just curious as to what everyone's background is? What country were you born in, where are your parents from?

I'll start:

I'm 100% Italian, both of my parents were born in Italy.

My husband is 100% German, both of his parents are German.

So our kids are a good 50-50 mixed breed!!!!!!!:tounge2:
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I am a 50/50 mix.

I am french-canadian. Born in Montreal, spent 4 years in Germany and then back to Ontario.

My father was french. Born in Quebec and my mother was English (born in Quebec also)

When my parents seperated, I would speak english while I was with my mom (although she was bilingual)and french at my dads (he could not speak english)

Hubby is English (from Ontario) and does not know any french.

I'm crossing my fingers that my boys will catch on and become 100% bilingual.
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I am a true blue kiwi girl.
Born and raised in NZ, lived in the US since 1999.

Both my parents were born in NZ also.
My mums father was born in Cornwall. Her mum was born in NZ, and my dads parents were born in NZ also.
But my background consists of a maori princess married to an irish-american whaler. (on my dads side)

Mums side: English and spanish.
Dad's side: maori (the most part is maori), english, irish, scottish, german, and thats all i can think of now.
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I am Canadian, born and raised!

On my mother's side: Finnish (she is first generation Canadian)

On my father's side: Mother was from Ireland, Father from Scotland.

My partner's ethnic background is Czech.

From that combo, I speak fluent English, and a little French, Finnish, Gaelic, and Czech!

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I'm a lot of things, mostly french and canadian, I have some dutch (as I'm related to King Bruce), some irish, and a teeny bit of american indian in me. I was born in America, my mother was, and I believe my grandmother as well.

Most of my relatives after my grandmother are french canadians, from their french, and then whatever. I was born mormon and they love to trace their family tree, so I learned a bunch when I was younger, but don't remember too much of it now.

My fiance is pretty much mostly Irish, he was born in America, his mom was, and his grandmother, but beyond that, they all lived in Ireland.

My daughters natural father was the same way, they have a lot of Irish in them, almost 100% except for 2 generations I think.
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My Mom always told me that she was "Irish and Dutch & don't amount to very much!". She's always coming up with funny saying like that...even though none of it's true!
On my Dad's side, they are 100% German (you can tell it too...stubborn like no other! LOL!). On my Mom's side, they are German and American Indian. Apparently my Great Great Grandfather married an Indian Squaw. You can definitely see that trait in my Mom...she's got a darker complection (sp?) and high cheek bones. I don't think I see any Indian traits in myself except for a medium skin tone, dark hair and higher cheek bones. What do you think? I've attached a picture...I'm just curious what you think? BTW, my hair is much darker than in this picture...it's actually a very dark brown.
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I am a montage I guess...I am 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Polish/ American. I am also a native Floridian, which doesn't really count at all....

My mother is 1/2 polish- (maiden name Gorski). My dad is 1/2 Cherokee, his mom is full blood cherokee—her name is cool: Daisey Wheat Spears

My husband is 1/2 Creek Indian/American....He was also born and raised in Floridia -

Not sure what this makes my son...I'll have to think about it.
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If it's a country in europe, I have ancestors there! And supposedly a drop or two of native american (BTW, Shell, most Native Americans consider the word "squaw" a pejorative, because it's a word the europeans came up with out of a less-than-nice word in one of the native languages. I'd be careful who I used that around.) My H is Mexican, though, so my Mio is Mexican-American. He looks like the most whitebread child! But then, his pa was light as a kid, the neighborhood ladies called him "palomito blanco"- "Little white dove". Now, he's the color of a caramel latte, yum!
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I was born here in America, so I guess I'm an American Mom's maternal grandfather came from Poland, and her maternal grandmother was from Germany. Her father's family are mutts, since we haven't been able to trace where they came from originally.

Dad is mostly Irish, by way of Canada and Vermont. His father's family (O'Keefe) moved from County Kelly in Ireland to between Vermont and Canada in the late 1800's/early 1900's. His mother's family is mostly Irish (O'Donnell), by way of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Some of his ancestors are from Scotland (MacDonald) and some are from England (Fox).
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Shell - you have lovely complexion! I love it!
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OMG! I'm so sorry for using that word! I had no idea about how that word came to be. It was just the term that my Grandpa used when he told all of my family. I do hope that I didn't offend anyone! I really don't know very much about that side of my nationality, so I apologize for what I've said.
Lola, thank you for letting me know that!
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Don't worry, Shell, I figured you didn't know! Nice hair, wish I could get mine to behave. I had to cut it short after tiring of constant tangles, cause it doesn't stay brushed for more than 2-3 hours.
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LOL! Shell, I'm betting no one in here will be insulted - I found out the "Squaw" story the same way you did! I called my grandmother a squaw when I was chatting at a family Easter event and my Aunt Hazel whacked my on the rear and told me the definition in my ear...I turned PLAID! LOL!

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Kim..I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one who didn't know!
Lola, thanks for the nice comment about my hair! It looks nothing like that now....I'll be posting shortly about a beauty question...you'll have to check that one out.
Thanks once again!
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My mothers parents were German and Irish/Welsh. My fathers side was French Canadian, Pennsylvania Dutch, and maybe American Indian. It was hinted at and no one knows for sure.
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my family background is mixed. the strongest influence in my dad's side is irish. somebody in the family traced the family back to the 1600's when we were tenants in ireland. on my mom's side we're german. my grandfather was first generation american born.
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My ancestors came from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland and I am also part Czech. My husband's background is similiar, his ancestors were from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Germany.

A SHORT STORY: My maternal great-grandparents were both Czech, (I don't know the spelling of that country). They were from the same town but never met until they were on the boat coming to America. They finally arrived in Minnesota, but my great-grandfather didn't like it here because of the harsh climate. He left (alone) to move to Texas. He arrived in Texas during a severe blizzard and decided he didn't like it there either. He came back to Minnesota and married my great-grandmother.

I never met my great-grandfather, but I do remember meeting my great-grandmother when I was about 4 years old and she was about 90 years old and living in a nursing home.

Shell: One of my co-workers is half German and half Sioux Indian, she has an interesting last name too, it's BrownEyes. I think I see some faint Indian characteristics in you.
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On my dad's side I am just a huge mix of things...German, Irish, etc....and on my mom's side, they came from England...I guess I am somehow related in the very very distant past to English royalty...though I am not sure how....my grandma tried to explain it to me one time but I was only 10 then.

My husband's ancestory is Bohemian.
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Well, like Christy said, I'm an American - born and raised.

As far as heritage goes, I'm almost 100% German with the exception of 1 Pole on each side of my family. It was really interesting to see how the sides reacted to finding out things about the heritage. Mom's mother found out there was a Jewish woman who married into the family and she thought it was really neat to share that heritage. Dad's mother found out there was a Polish Jew who married into the family and she stopped the research, and never actually gave any of the family the family tree she had found.

Oh, and to show you how German I am, here are the surnames that I remember in my family: Volk, Rodekohr, Schmidt, Darr, Aile and I can't remember the rest.
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Mom's side: French, Dutch, German, Scottish, Irish and English.
Daddy's side: Welsh, English ans Native American

My older son, Richard, got all of that plus Finnish from his father.

Mark's father was Lithuanian.

I'm sure that we're, probably, related to Pearl. After all, SHE'S a mutt, too!
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I have alot of different nationalities in my background. I was born and raised in Canada.

Mother: Her Dad is 1/2 Maitee and 1/2 Scottish. Her Mom is 1/2 Swedish and 1/2 German.

Father: His Dad is 100% Norwegian and his Mom is Albertan.
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german on my mom's side english on my dad's side
hubby is half swedish,half english
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I am of Welsh desent on my father's side of the family. Both of my grandparents came to the US in their 20s. On my mother's side, I am German, although her family came over earlier.

Debby, one of my great-aunts did a huge amount of tracing the family's history, and we are related to the royal family, as well. Wales is one place I want very much to visit. I still have family there, and my son actually got to meet some of them when he toured Great Britain in the 6th grade. My grandparents used to go home every year when I was a kid. I have photos of myself on board the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary when we would go to see them off. My grandfather also kept pretty accurate family records in the family Bible. I have had that Bible since my father passed away. It's really neat to read it, as it's in his handwriting, which I remember.

I have found both of my grandparents' immigration records on the Ellis Island research site. I also did some research on a different website and found 2 sets of my great-grandparents in the 1881 British census.
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this is such an interesting blend of nationalities!
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I'm Swedish, French, German and Irish. If you take the stereotypes literally, I'd be a blonde with a sexy accent who likes saurkraut and can drink any man under the table. LOL Of course, the only thing true about the above statement is that I'm blonde. (Fun fact: not all Swedes are blonde; my family says those from the Northern part of the country normally have very dark hair.)

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Dad's side: Cherokee, Choctaw, Scottish
Mom's side: German, Irish

There are four kids in my family (well...we're all old now) and three of us are very pale with strawberry blond hair, but my younger sister inherited all of the Native American blood...she has very dark dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and the most lovely dark brown skin. You would never know she was related to the rest of us because we look so different.
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I'm Finnish and so is my whole family, from my side that is. My husband is half Belgian, half British, his mother is from Belgium and dad from England.
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That is an easy one for me !
I am 100% Belgian !! In fact , I should say 100% Flemish , because I am born in Flanders !:daisy: :daisy: :daisy:
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Originally posted by Jenk
I'm Swedish, French, German and Irish. If you take the stereotypes literally, I'd be a blonde with a sexy accent who likes saurkraut and can drink any man under the table. LOL Of course, the only thing true about the above statement is that I'm blonde. (Fun fact: not all Swedes are blonde; my family says those from the Northern part of the country normally have very dark hair.)


It is so true that people think Scandinavians are all fair and blonde! Ha! I have met more red heads and dark haired Finns than blonde. As an example, my grandmother had all dark hair. So it does depend on what region you come from in the specific country.

Stereotypes. Bleh!

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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Shell - you have lovely complexion! I love it!
Thanks Kellye!
My complexion has it's moments! Isn't makeup a wonderful thing? I couldn't live with out it...especially when I've got zits popping up everywhere!
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