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poisoned kitten--remember us?

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Hi there, I posted a couple weeks ago about my kitten who became suddenly and terribly ill--we thought for sure he was going to die. He was having seizures, foaming at the mouth, dilated pupils, didn't eat for two days.
Well, I'm sorry I didn't come back and tell all you nice folks who gave me info about the outcome, but I work at home and got slammed.
Frisky was sick for two whole days with the above symptoms, and then was weak and shaky and disoriented for a good week after that, but now he is just fine! Well, he's a little clumsy still, but that might be general kittenishness. We took all the kittens and the mom to the vet (thanks to my wonderful neighbor), he found good homes for all but Frisky, and spayed Johnson (the mom). I decided to keep Frisky because I got so attached to him while he was struggling. The vet was stumped; the closest he could guess was a spider bite.
I just thought you'd all be happy to know he made it after all and is as sweet as sugar! My son calls him his brother :-)
Thanks again!

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It's great to hear your kitty is back to normal. I never really thought that cats could get spider bites and such til now.
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Oh I am so happy to hear it turned out okay. He is going to be a very special kitty..I can just see it now
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He and his mom are really lucky to have found you! Thanks for taking care of the whole family!
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