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Nikita does NOT have my last name since I don't have a last name, I have a patronym so putting that on her would be just weird since her dad doesn't have the same first name as mine.

but I use the same patronym tradition for her as I have so she's Nikita Duffiesdaughter , she's got a prefix as well since she's purebred though, anyway if she were a male cat she'd be Nikita Duffieson
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They have my last name.
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My cats have my last name. But they do have middle names.
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Originally Posted by Isabel View Post
And I don't mean like your last name...Jones, Smith, Johnson, or whatever your real last name is. What I mean is do your cats have last names you make up?

Foe example, my cats all have the last name of "Poo Pie". You know, Manny Poo Pie, Izzy Poo Pie...and so on.

Please tell me I'm not the only one....
Persi does not have a last name but Alley does, of course. And I probably do not have to tell anybody what Alley's last name is.
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As Kittys name is Kitty Poo Poo, I guess you could address him as Mr Poo
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My three latest cats have last names as bestowed on them by my fiancee... I refuse to put the full names on vet forms and such!

Dusty Rhodes: named after a pro wrestler.

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan: named after a wrestling announcer (seeing a pattern here?).

Kuro Kuro: kuro is Japanese for "black"(he's a black cat)--the double name is based on a Japanese comic/cartoon joke where pets have two names, then they call it like Kuro2(squared).

My fiancee is a dork.
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Yes. The names mostly are some variation on their first name, or something they do.

My departed Hazel was Hazel Suppertime for obvious reasons. She loved dinner.

Estelle's last name is Jelly Belly
Scooter's last name is Baby
Jeffery Timmons
Etta Bites
Charlie Too Cute

Simone hasn't earned her last name yet. I don't know what it will be. Stinker comes to mind.
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Yup. Her full name is June Shadowcat.

We couldn't decided between June (my nephew's birth month) or Shadowkat (she's a black cat and we are X-Men lovers).
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Ree-Ree is Mr. Bojangles.

Fiona is Ms. Fiona...or princess no last name but she has a "title" LOL

Rocko hasn't told me what his last name is yet
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Well, Church does because his name is short for Winston Churchill. On vet forms, though, he's just Church.
Sneakers does not have a middle or last name (except ours) -- she's just Sneakers. My dogs have middle names and our last names. Our Maine Coon kitten doesn't even have a FIRST name yet!
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My abyssinian cat named Dion, was named after Dion Dimucci who was the lead singer for Dion and the Belmonts(old rock and roll band, they sang "Run around Sue") Anyway Dion my cat is a food Mooch, so he got the last name of Dion Dimucci with a twist on it. Dion Damooch
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My cat has a registered name, and her common call name that is her "real" name, and has the name she is called on a daily basis, kitty kitty! LOL.
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All of my animals share my last name. Twix has two - at first I shared her with a friend before it got too expensive for her to buy food/litter every other month - and thus has her first one (Junior) along with mine.
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Sort of, Kisa's full name is: Miss Kisa May AlegrÃ:censor:a
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Nope too, my cats have my last name
My favourite was my RB Spider, she changed her name with me when I got married and became Spider Murphy, always loved that because of the Elvis song Jailhouse rock (Spider Murphy played on the saxaphone...)
Always made me laugh when I get jab reminders from the vet adressed to Spider & Gooner Murphy (looking forward to getting them for Pipsi & Dude Murphy!)
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Not to hijack the thread, but Mark Twain in one of his books remarked on the last names of animals. He noted that a dog named Joe that belonged the Smiths would be called Joe Smith, but a slave named Joe that belonged to the same family would be called "Smiths' Joe."

I notice that the vet's office put "Punkin Blanche" on our cat carrier.
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They go by my last name or simply "cat."
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Well, Frankie seems to have recently aquired a new last name! DH likes to call her Franks and Beans and as a result I've started calling her Ms. Beans. So, She's now Frankie "franks" Beans.
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Nope, their names are hyphenated versions of my last name and my SO's last name.

It's the reason I didn't pick any flower names for them (because one of our last names is similar in spelling to a flower).
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Cynthia Louise Catnip.

Swanie doesn't have a last name, but we often call him Swanie D.
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With my new cats, Harry and Misty, I've taken to adding a last name sometimes. I've been reading the Warriors series of books, in which the cats have names like "Firepaw" and "Ravenpaw", etc. So Harry has become "Harry Crosspaw" because he likes to cross his front paws when he lies down, and Misty has become "Misty Threepaw", well, because she's got three legs.
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my kitties have middles names + my last name.
chloe is chloe sniffers doe because she is SO nosy and sniffs around on everything. shes the nosiest cat i have ever seen. other ppl comment on this as well lol
patchy is princess patches the piglet doe since she is a diva and a total guessing a lot like aretha franklin is. (that was really mean of me, wasnt it?) jk jk my patchy isnt hateful like aretha LOL
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i am so glad im not the only one!!! Mine have last names, but not my last name, its way too embarrasing for me to have this last name so i would never give it to anyone else, not even my cats.. Monsters full name is Monster Michael Rein, he has my bfs first name as his middle name, & my bfs last name. Mittens' full name is Mittens Mooch Rein. Mooch bc she is just that. if you have food she is right there, & will eat just about anything.
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Jinxsie doesn't have a last name, but Charlie does because he's named after Charlie Conway from The Mighty Ducks movies.
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Samson Mustane.

Cos Danny (my boyfriend) wanted Mustane so bad he wouldnt let it go. lol. (After Dave Mustane from megadeth, cos he is the only cool red head, lol, and samson has some red in him) So i let him have it as his last name.
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Of course!

My sister noticed that Zissou was super flexible and limp (like a ragdoll kinda, just not the breed) and reminds you of a slinky. When you pick her up, she drapes herself over you, and she's metal-gray like the Slinky we had as kids.

So, on her insurance and vet records, her name is "Zissou Slinkster".
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Both my cat's last names are Van Pelt, after Linus and Lucy in Peanuts
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Rusty and Dusty have the same last name..... Ola

So Rusty Ola and Dusty Ola...

When they are in trouble, my DH just yells CAT! And they stop what they are doing... lol

When DH gives them their wetfood, he calls it their "special" he just calls.. "Babies!" and they come running from wherever they are napping at the time. They can be sound asleep and when he calls that way, they will be instantly awake!
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