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Weird Dreams....

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Since around October/November I've been having these really odd dreams, pretty well every night. I don't sleep well anymore.

They are usually so weird and emotionally upsetting that I force myself to wake up out of them.

When I do wake up, I sit on the edge of my bed trying to figure the dream out. But by a few hours later, most of the time I forget what the dream was.
But there are a few that have stuck in my mind.

One was that I think I was being stalked by a killer. I remember he had a gun and had me locked upstairs. Then he was gone. So I took my cats, one by one to the neighbors car, and put them in. As well as my dogs. My sister was already in the car. Then my mum drive us all to a guy's house.. and we stayed in the apartment over his garage. Except when you went into the apartment, it turned into a four level split.
Anyhow. All of a sudden I had more cats than what I have. Some of them from the rescue I had just quit volunteering at. I remember feeling upset.. like really upset.
And thats all I can really remember about that dream.

The next one I remember... Someone was vandalizing out house. Tearing up the siding and spray painting the siding and stuff. We couldn't figure out who was doing it. Then one night I was walking my dog, Apollo, and saw a guy in between my house and the fence separating the property from the neighbors. I threatened him with my dog, and he ran. Then I chased him with Apollo. But Apollo was running too fast and the leash pulled out of my hands. Then I lost them both. I was looking for them through the rail roads at he end of my road.. and continued looking through a jungle . I eventually gave up and went home. Then I found Apollo laying on the front lawn of a neighbor a few houses down from me. He was just laying there. I ran p to him and he was bleeding. He was stabbed multiple times in the chest area. I was covered in his blood. I called my vet who came down and opened his chest up. I remember this being really weird because his chest was hollow.. like there were no organs.. I could see the ribs and the flesh and everything.. but no lungs, no heart.. no nothing.
Then he said he couldn't help him and told me to put him to sleep. So I did. And I cried. And cried. I then forced myself to wake up.. and my chest hurt and felt like I had been crying heavily. First thing I did when I woke up was go find Apollo. It felt SO REAL. The emotions and everything. No dream has ever been like these ones that I've had the past few months.

The next one is one I just had the other night. I can't remember most of the details.. just a few things.

All I pretty well remember is my mums boyfriend being a murder that picked up girls and killed them after he dates them for awhile. I told my mum but she didn't believe me and she continued to go out with her. Then one night he turned into someone else? He looked different but was the same guy. I don't remember how it happened but she was dating someone else after a bit. And the old boyfriend kept driving past the house, looking all malicious and stuff. It was really weird. But thats all I can remember of it.

I am thinking out starting a dream diary.. so that every time I wake up, I right the dream down so I can remember it and keep track.

But anyway... does anyone know why I could suddenly be having these weird dreams... and what the underlying meaning and stuff is? I have no idea. And I am getting tired of it.
I don't even want to go to bed most of the time because I don't want to dream. But I am so tired because the dreams seem to take it out of me. And it feels like I don't even sleep at all.
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There are 2 sets of theories on dreams. The most obvious is that your mind is solving the problems of your day. The alternative is the "old wives' versions", they are very symbolic and sometimes have nothing to do whatsoever with what's really going on in your life, and they typically happen towards dawn. My best results have been with Zolar's Dream Dictionary -very accurate for me.
For instance, I had a dream that I was pulling green onions out of the ground. The Dream Dict. said that I was going to given the answers to secrets that I was wondering about, layer by layer; so far it is coming true.
Another one is that dreaming of excrement means that one will get $$$ (my grandmother said the same thing) and it has been true so far!! Lousy subject to dream about, but getting the dough is sure worth it!!!
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i have always been told that, dreams of being chased etc, where coming from being unpressure or dead line something like that.
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Have your hormones changed at all? When I was pregnant, I had horrible, vivid dreams all the time of men chasing me with knives and things like that. Apparently that is pretty common...
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Id write the dreams down in your journle and then get a book that helps decode them!! I once had a dream my mother died, it said I was pregnant... I was...

Everytime I have a dream that one of my kids die (BAD DREAMS, REALLY BAD DREAMS) one of my cats end up dying...

I started taking sleeping pills... CANT DREAM THROUGH THEM!!

I think if you figure out what you're trying to tell yourself you'll sleep better.. but thats a silly olds wives tale too, and Im way supersticious!!
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Not that I know of. Everything is the same as it's been.

And I have no deadlines or anything like that. Well I did have to find a job by a certain time.. and I did that.. but that was a while ago.
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
Not that I know of. Everything is the same as it's been.

And I have no deadlines or anything like that. Well I did have to find a job by a certain time.. and I did that.. but that was a while ago.
Taking any supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies?
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The only thing I am taking of any kind of medication or drugs is a prescription painkiller I think.. celebrex. For my shoulder injury. And I only take those on days when I need them, because I don't want to become dependant on them. Or them not work for me anymore.

I tried sleeping aides last year around this time. But They didn't work for me.. so I stopped trying them.
Asup until recently I also had problems getting to sleep. Now that isn't a problem really.
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I just remembered another one I had day before yesterday.

In the beginning of this dream, I wasn't me.. I was someone else. Or me that looked really different. There were 3 of us. And 3 guys broke into the apartment we were in. I remember hiding from them and excaping and getting away.. only to magically pop back into the apartment again. (I am only now seeing that in most of them I am being 'chased' by someone) then the drem changed and I was normal me.
I was in a house I do not know, and saw my now pregnant sister(due Feb 2nd) but she wans't pregnant.. adn I asked her what happened and she said she had the baby. I got upset that she didn't call me when she went into labor, adn that I had to find out on my own. Her friedn was with her. And she wouldn't let me see the baby at first. She was hiding her. Then when she let me see her.. I wasn't allowed to touch her. But her friend was playng with her hand.. but when I went to touch her foot, they both yelled at me. I remember feelign jealous and upset that she would do that to me.
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some of those sound pretty terrible! I can't imagine trying to sleep through that either...

Sleeping pills dont work for everyone thats for sure, and mine never put me to sleep, they just keep me from having nightmares! I like to dream, but sometimes is a bit overwhelming!
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Honestly, I would talk to your doctor. If you are taking any prescription drug they can cause strange dreams like you are describing. Some that you are describing aren't just vivid dreams, they sound like nightmares.

Keeping a dream diary is a good idea, but you need to write it down as soon as you get up...even if you aren't completely coherent. Even just phrases, colors, or smells. It doesn't have to be a complete story...just something to go by later.

But, again, I urge you to see your doctor and explain you are having disturbing dreams. It could be that medication isn't working well with you.
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There's a couple of common themes, houses - either your's or someone else's, and some after you.

Houses are supposed to symbolize the mind/self or soul.

I could try working through those a bit and see what comes out - maybe after my headache lets up a bit.
Though off the top of my head guess would be the usual stress at home, worries about yourself in some way, family relationships, and the ever present worry we all have for our pets.

I don't think celebrex would be likely to cause weird dreams, but if you're not sleeping well for any other reason (including pain) it can affect dreams.
And I agree, if you want to keep a dream diary do so. A good tip would be to go back later with a different colored pen or pencil and underline anything that could be symbolic or really stood out to you in the dream. It will give you clues on what to look up later.
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They started before I was taking the meds. So I'm not really worried about that.

I don't have a doctor.. I just go to walk in clinics mainly. But i'll try to get into one to see what they think.
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
I don't have a doctor.. I just go to walk in clinics mainly. But i'll try to get into one to see what they think.
I know that problem. It is impossible to find a doctor around here and considering that you live only 20 minutes from me, its probably the same there.
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Ok going out on a limb and giving my impressions of what you wrote. Feel free to completely ignore anything I say here

It sounds like:
Something is happening that makes you feel out of control. Its always a man, which could suggest you feel physically incapable of a challange. You are always running, avoiding, and usually something bad happens as a result. Clearly, each of these is very stressful, and the stress continues on waking.

1 thing I notice is in 1, you are worried because you have too many cats. In another, your dog is hurt and all your knowledge is useless because its completely foriegn. In another, its your mother in danger, and you cant convince her.

The final thing that really made me take note was the sisters baby, and you not being allowed near it. This turns the tables and makes *you* the danger. Why did they see you as a threat?

Just closing my eyes and considering this imagery, my first instinct suggests you may be becoming ill, or have some other physical issue related to stress. You are overworking, overreaching, overdoing. You are in danger, but from yourself. If you dont slow down and let yourself recover, you would become dangerous to your babies due to inability to care for them.

Of course, I could be way off, feel free to have a good laugh and move on thats just what my gut says about what you wrote.
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