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Cello at emergency vet :( Vibes?...poisening experiences? - Page 2

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Aw poor baby Sending loads of for you both
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well cello is back home. His breathing is back to normal, I have steroids and antibiotics to give him and he needs to be checked out next week by the regular vet for asthma....assuming nothing else goes wrong.

I'm still really worried, I thought he'd be famished when he got home and he has NEVER missed a meal, and he won't even eat his favourite food. Maybe he's just upset from being at the vets........I'll give him some time before I freak out further........
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I'm glad to hear he is back home with you. I hope all goes well at the vets.

They could have fed him while there or he is just a bit stressed from his ordeal.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I'm glad to hear he is back home with you. I hope all goes well at the vets.

They could have fed him while there or he is just a bit stressed from his ordeal.
i wouldn't worry unless he still doesn't want to eat tomorrow. he's been thru an ordeal!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i wouldn't worry unless he still doesn't want to eat tomorrow. he's been thru an ordeal!
I know.........just a very worried momma........but thanks

Thanks everyone.....
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I'm glad he seems better. If it turns out to be asthma, it is very treatable (I've had it for my entire life).

Try warming his food up to increase the smell. Also, try adding some extra water to it.
Steroids, usually prednisone for asthmatics, increase the heart rate, open the lungs, cause water retension, increase appetite, and even though they can make you a bit hyper, the asthma causes a decrease in oxygen to the body, so you get more fatigue. It's hard to eat when you are struggling to breathe.
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I'm glad Cello is home, don't worry too much if he's not hungry right now. If it's tomorrow afternoon, then I'd worry.
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My mother had a situation like that happen to her, only it was with the liquid potporri! It got tipped and the cat tried to lick it off of her, and she ended up in the ER puking and having a real hard time breathing! She got better after a while and is just fine now!! Good luck and good
I know how it feels! I accidently left the Magic Rocks stuff out about 6 weeks ago and my cats drank it and got really sick! I thought they had a URI and so did the vet until I realized all the water was gone in the magic rocks!
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What a relief that Cello is breathing better.

I imagine that your sweetie is really tired after such a difficult day.

Many healing vibes coming Cello's way.

Please keep us updated.
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I am glad he is better. Depro Shots work great for Asthma. Coco gets them when her Asthma gets real bad. The Vet told me she can only have the Shot every 5 Months because they have side effects. if your cat has Asthma I can help you. Coco has had it for years and she is almost 16 now.
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glad he is home and on the road to recovery!
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glad to hear cello's home now, poor thing.

keep us posted but I bet he's eating like normal by tomorrow evening at the latest.
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Checking in for an earlying morning Cello update.
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see 'cat with asthma' thread in this forum.

Had an OK night, I was up all night, I couldn't sleep.

He still hasn't eaten which worries me and he's been home 12 hours now. He's really lethargic but is breathing is OK. He'll have the odd wheeze attack which lasts about 10 or less seconds..........

I don't know what else to do, I have a 12 hour day today but I'm coming home to check on him at 4, and if he hasn't eaten by the end of my shift back to emergency I guess.
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Some people use baby food to stimulate the appetite.
It must be plain meat with no onions or garlic.

If you have any doubts about how Cello is doing,
don't hesitate to call or re-visit your vet.
Is there anyway you would have time to get Cello to your regular vet?

Wishing you both well today.
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I just called my vet. I have transportation issues, but anyways one of the girls from work is taking me for 9:45 this morning because I'm so worried about him.
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I will keep an eye out for your post vet visit update.
You are taking wonderful care of your precious Cello.
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Thanks for the update on Cello - I'm so glad he's made it home Fingers crossed he continued to improve
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Cello is back at the vets having a blood panel done. This vet doesn't actually think it's asthma or atleast not chronic asthma since he's never had an attack before. She thinks the toxins from the soap just really injured his lungs and we are working with steroids and antibiotics since there is obvious fluid in his lungs. Blood panel should say if there is a bad infection.

going to have to start force feeding him which scares the crap out of me after what I went through with kismet and her HL, and she was HALF the size he is (he is 16 lbs, that's a lot of force feeding)......since his liver isn't affected yet hopefully he'll just start eating once his lungs feel better but right now he is just concentrating on breathing and it probably hurts a lot (breathing rate at about 60 breaths/minute)

WIll update more this afternoon once I get the blood panel back.

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Continued prayers for Cello!
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Oh no ......... its a good thing you followed your intuition and got him back to the Dr. Sending many prayers for your little guy.
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More prayers and healing vibes for Cello and for you.
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you guys need a

hang in there
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I'm glad you got him back to your vet too....I hope they get it all figured out and Cello is on the recovery road very quickly!
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I'm going to try to keep this short and not overly melodramatic but I am once again living the nightmare. All I have is steroids and antibiotis, a cat that needs IV fluids once a day and who's liver enzymes are shooting down because he has gone 2 days without food. Also a 16 lb siamese who hides in the corner with laboured breathing and only has any energy when I try to force feed him which turns into a huge stressful mess for both of us.

I honestly can't believe this is happening again, he isn't as bad as kismet as far as he isn't at HL yet, but if he doesn't start eating he will, and since he can't breath properly he can't eat properly yet he was sent home with just some steroids I have to put in his ears and some antibiotics I have to try to get down his throat, and another $600 bill, thank god I'm a student living on my own still paying off vet bills from aug-november.

I really don't know what I'm going to do this time, I'm going to try to ride out the feeling before I completely freak out.
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you have had a rough few days. Good health for Cello
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I understand why Cello's illness and the bills are really stressing you out.

If you can, focus on helping Cello regain strength and taking care of yourself.

Once things are stable, then you can figure out how to handle the bills.
I know....easy to say but the reality is...
that is what you must do for now.

Sending vibes that you can get meds and food into Cello with a quick turn around for the better.
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I am at my wits end now. I honestly can't stop crying.

I force fed him before I had to go to work and I came back to it all puked up and him balled up in a corner.

Just tried to forcefeed him again and the minute I put anything in his mouth he started coughing and hacking up green slimy mucous, possibly from the infection???

his coat is dull, his eyes are dull and I can't get any food in him, and I know that means his liver is going to start failing.

Also he is drooling non-stop, presumably because he can't swallow?!?!?!?!

I don't know what to do.
I doubt anyone has any ideas, but I'm open to pretty much anything.
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For the not eating thing, you could try sprinkling parmesan cheese or catnip on the food. I know someone suggested baby food, I think that's worth a shot! (The stage one chicken one that Gerber makes is just chicken, no added flavors like garlic or anything). Fancy Feast maybe?

lots of hugs

I don't know about keeping the food down. Poor Cello
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