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Please help if you have experience with PANCREATITIS

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Pillo (4 years old) was diagnosed with pancreatitis a week ago, i have posted several threads before. her first symptoms were vomiting. After about 4 days hospitalised she is now back with me at home.
she is barely eating and is still threw up once back what she ate. i know that her pancreas has to rest and not eat but she is very thin. the vet suggests that she returns to hospital and be on nutrients via veins but there is a risk because she is so thin and she will not eat outside of home. i may also choose to give the via vein nutrients at home but it is difficult such as blockages. my vet does not have much experience with pancreatitis because it is rare and there is no medication given to help with the infection
Please give some advice if you have experience with pancreatitis!
should i keep her at home which may be dangerous or back to the vet which is just as dangerous and stressful

Thankyou for all advice and please send your prayers
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I’m so sorry your kitty is so sick. Pancreatitis is a terrible disease and getting a cat with pancreatitis to eat can be a real challenge. The best foods for your kitty at this time would be Hills A/D or Hills W/D. Can you get these foods from your vet? If at all possible, try not to feed tuna, and also stay away from foods with a normal fat content, foods that are all right for healthy cats in general. Tuna (and all other fish) is very difficult to digest, fish also has an inflammatory effect because it’s higher in histamine than some other protein sources, chicken for instance, and so it is never recommended for cats with IBD or pancreatitis. When you are trying to get a very sick kitty to eat, it is important to start with a low-fat, easy to digest food, and for that Hills A/D for example is perfect.

You will find a great deal of important information in the articles below. (I collected them when one of my cats was very sick.)

If your kitty is in pain, she might benefit from pain medication. If you discuss pain medication with your vet make sure you don’t get Metacam. There are two serious problems with it. It’s a potentially very dangerous medication, so much so that some vets will not use it at all, and it can also cause cats to stop eating. One oral dose can be enough to do that. For a cat as sick as yours this can cause a very serious setback.

Here are the articles, starting with the most important one. Hopefully they will be helpful to you.






Many, many heartfelt prayers for your kitty.

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I have no experience with this. Just want to send many healthy vibes for your baby Do you think she would eat human baby food? Probably not the most nutrient rich, but perhaps that would be easily digested? I am not an expert, though.

Please let us know how it all goes.
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My cat went through several episodes of what a feline specialist said she thought was chronic pancreatitis. He didn't have blood sent to Texas for what was at that time the most definitive blood test for pancreatitis in cats though. Getting him to eat again was always the hardest part. He stayed at the vets on an IV for the first two episodes. Each episode was shorter and he was less sick. He still gets sick a few times a year but only for a day or two and he gets over it on his own. My vet and the feline specialist used low residue Eukanuba but I think the idea is the same, a very bland easily digested food. The first time he was sick after a few days the vet even capped off the IV and let me take him home to see if he would eat there, he didn't and went back to the Vet's to stay again. When he did start eating again each time it was like out of the blue and he was eating like he was starved. I had to ration it to him a little at a time for a while so he wouldn't make himself sick. I have heard of putting a feeding tube in the stomach and feeding them small amounts that way. That means the cat has to keep an e-collar on but it is a way they can be fed and stay at home. I hope your cat gets better soon. I would check into pain medication that won't affect appetite. I knew a person that had chronic episodes of pancreatitis and it was painful. Cats simply don't show pain unless it becomes unbearable.
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Thankyou all for your help and vibes!
Dear Violet and Denise,
i know that pancreatitis is very hard to detect. What signs were there when you cat became sick?
How did you know when your cat has recovered from pancreatitis?
my vet does not have much experience with this disease.
it would be really helpful to know what kinds of specific mediactions you have used?
and what kinds of foods and medicines that will help support her pancreas?
these answers will be very useful!
Wishing the best for your cats!
please help with these questions! thankyou
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