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Good Morning World :)

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Alright.... now that I'm awake (I can't shut out DHs snoring anymore and he's asleep on the sofa at the other end of the apartment) I figured I'd spend my morning with the bestest people

The sun is shining and the sky is blue - which makes a lovely change from the dark skies and rain we've been having since about.... well.... November - so I'm trying to figure out what it is I want to do today. I'm still really mad at DH. He came home at 6am, VERY drunk, singing VERY loudly and being VERY mean and obnoxious. Which turned me into this He had to have the last word on everything and couldn't even say goodnight without adding a snide remark on the end of it. I'm sorry to say that his last comment actually earned him a ringing slap across the face (which if I'm honest, surprised me just as much as it did him - it's not like me to lash out like that, but if he uses that language with me again I might just go and get the rolling pin) and alcohol is a poor excuse for treating someone badly.

So I decided that I would spend the day doing something for me and he can sit at home and wonder why I'm not there. I don't care to spend my day waiting for him to deign to wake up and decide whether or not he wants to spend time making up for being a jerk.

Anyway, you know what they say; don't get mad, get even.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Anything that you guys like to do that maybe I could try? I'd like to take advantage of the weather I think... so any ideas on that front will be wonderful!

What's on your agenda for today? I hope you guys all have a great day.
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go shopping!!! get the most expensive coffee you can get in town, get your favourite food, sit in the park and watch the birds fly by!

anyway the day is quite gloomy here!
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Apart from coming on this site I'll be doing a bit of washing, getting the ironing done, cooking dinner (probably have what was left yesterday and just cook for my brother)

The rest of the day will be my own (hopefully!)
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I have to work today 7:45-2. Not sure if I am going to do anything tonight or not.
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Morning All!

Tons of snow here this morning but at least it's no overly cold.

Heading off to work shortly, will only be in until about 3 then am going grocery shopping and to look for a birthday present for my brother.

Not sure what to I'll get him but will definitely be something to do with fishing that's always a hit.

Throw some soup fixings for pea soup in the crock pot so that is what will be for dinner with garlic bread.

Kitties are good this morning sitting in the window watching my neighbor snow blow his driveway.

Everyone have a good day
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we are going to buy a cat trolly today as we will need regular vet check ups in the upcoming months with all the vaccinations and stuff for the move. we are also going to buy some clothes and food for today
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Last Saturday we got a late start on getting the paint supplies (and some other stuff DH needed). So today we plan on painting the kitchen walls white (the remaining part that was never painted when we did the blue) and taping off the living room so that we can start the painting in there in a few weeks. We got the paint we will use in there. And we plan on making the walls look like leather
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I have to go to the Vet's and buy some dry food for Abby. She's very picky when it comes to food. Other than that, not too much. I need to do a load of laundry and also work on a webpage that I've been putting off. And this evening I plan on watching my "Eastern Promises" DVD.
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I'm going to the library to study. Why? because I want to. Yep, I miss school that much.
(I'm such a nerd )
Then I'll get some groceries and come back home for a quiet evening of snuggling with the cats and watching a movie.
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I'm leaving in a few to pick up a couple of things at Target, then dry food for the cats.

Once I get back, I plan on doing one load of laundry and finish the vacuuming I meant to last week. The vacuum and I had a slight disagreement
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Well I was going to get blood work done but I got next to no sleep. First I tossed for 2 hours. Then just as I was falling asleep, Benson leaped onto the bed and MEOWED loudly in my face. He wanted to play so I had to kick him out. Then 3 hours later DH woke up to feed the cats and Benson came in to cuddle with me which meant taking over my side of the bed. I was stuck between him and DH who was snoring loudly.

DH just told me his morning routine and I figured I had 4 hours of sleep.

So I don't really have anything planned right now. All I want is my bed.
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I am supposed to head to my sisters later..and she is out of town. I WAS going to do laundry, go to the gym, go to to Best Buy to return my mouse/keyboard and go to Chapters BEFORE I went over there..but my sister has just called me to say she will be here at 1:30 so that pretty much wrecks my plans of getting anything done..I feel annoyed now.

I hate not doing my own thing
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We need to get some washing done. We may potter around the shops. Nothing exciting planned.

I'll need some more sleep, I slept really badly last night, my chest kept aching.
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We're rushing around madly today trying to get everything done before we head off on holiday tomorrow. Lots of things to do!
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Just going to work. Then probably stay home and try to stay dry.
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it's my friend's birthday on Monday, & we're all going to the pub to celebrate tonight!
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My friend and I are going to the movies and going to dinner (maybe Cheddar's ). I am not sure what movie we are going to see-- maybe Sweeney Todd since it just arrived in our area. Before that, house cleaning. My apartment is filthy!
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Well I went shopping - just in time to hear the tannoy announce that the stores would be closing in five minutes oh well, I can always go during the week instead. I did figure out what I'd make for dinner tomorrow though, and do some laundry, so that's got to count for something, right?
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Still working on both The Kitchen From H*ll and The Armoire From H*ll!

DH just realized, while sanding the previous 2 coats of plaster, that he'll have to do another coat. As he'll be away next weekend, this means my kitchen will be messed up for a couple more weeks (we're eating in the family room now, plus I have the baker's rack sitting in there, blocking the whole room). On top of that, I'm planning on getting new cabinets and a countertop in the next few weeks. That should be fun.

The bright side: I've had a good excuse not to cook all week!

The ugly armoire from last week's post is nearly done--looks rather nice--just white gloss paint "frosting" the whole thing. I managed to remove the musty and smoke smells. I bought hardware today, and am awaiting 2 knobs from eBay I just bought (for the doors). I started putting my kitchen linens in it the other day, lining the drawers with some nice tan/white striped wallpaper I've had for years. The one wonky leg needs securing. Re-habbing this thing saved me at least $600 for a new, Amish-built one--which admittedly is larger, but still doesn't justify buying it. This was virtually free. I already had the paint; the knobs/hardware are less than $20.00! When I'm done, I may post pics, if anyone wants to see them, even just to see how dirty it once was! :-)

Another good thing: I counted up some change, and found I have about $200 more than I thought I had! (I'm scrounging for cash to buy my new cabinets from eBay.)
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Go to a coffee or tea shop and just sit and relax. I miss having the cafes around where you can just sit outside and watch people walk by as they shop. Take a book and read.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat View Post
I'm still really mad at DH. He came home at 6am, VERY drunk, singing VERY loudly and being VERY mean and obnoxious. .
Where on earth was he until 6.a.m?
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Where on earth was he until 6.a.m?
out on a works night out - it was "end of project" night. But 6am is a lot excessive in my mind.
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A few weeks ago i was trying to contact trav through his phone and he kept on hanging up on me, and immediately alarm bells went off because this was my ex's behaviour while hw as cheating on me.

then one of my collegues told me that he was at the christmas market completely drunk and trav had told the collegue he was about to go home, as i called and called with out success as the phone was off. I went home thinking he wasnt there and at that time i was right peed off! i saw him fully clothed, half dead laying face down in bed. He then had scratches all over him,as he got lost and was walking on the train tracks.

There has been many occasions where i have been so drunk and cant even tell the time. It flies by so quick! I hope you work it out with him though!
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Ah we worked it out alright - he knows why I get mad at him for this. And he is going to go out for dinner with me tonight. Not that he knows that yet teehee!
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