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Question for the ladies

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This may seem like a weird thing to ask about, but I thought that maybe some women here would be able to answer some questions for me.

Here's the thing...I've decided to get breast implants, and I've read up on a lot of stuff, but there are still a few questions that I have.

Has anyone had implants? What should I expect? And has anyone breastfed after getting implants? Any advice or information that anyone has--can you PLEASE share it?

I'm excited about getting this done, but also nervous at the same time, if ya know what I mean. This is something that I've been wanting for about 4 years and now I finally have the opportunity to get it done since I am between jobs. Hubby supports me 100%, which I am glad for.

I knew that you girls would probably have some experiences or knew someone that has implants. Anything and everything that you can share would be helpful! :flower:
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I cannot give you any advice or anything, I've never had it done, nor do I know anyone who has.

But I did want to say that I read somewhere when I was pregnant with one of my kids, that if done properly, usually you can still breastfeed. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I would be sure to ask your doc to give you every bit of info he can on this before you make your final decision. Thats not something you want to find out later, when its irreversible.
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I don't know anyone who has ever had this done, either. I wish I could help, sorry. Not to be nosey....but isn't it really expensive? I assume it is. I have always thought mine could be alot better...but my hubby told me once that since he liked them just the way they are and didn't see anything wrong with them and noone else would be seeing them anyway, that it would be a waste of money. (wasn't that sweet of him) Plus I would worry about the health risks. (although I imagine by now they have all that under control)

Anyway...good luck with this....let us know how it goes!
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I will never get that done after I saw the show about how some women (not sure how many out of the total this happens to, but they had 5-6 women on the show), would have the implants for a while, and then start feeling sick all the time... when they finally had the implants checked out, they were molded and growing some noxious bacteria!That was about a year ago. The chances of that happening are probably low, but I would be collecting all the data that I could...after all, no matter what your reasons for doing it (and I don't approve or disapprove, that's one of those "none of my business" things), you are inserting foreign objects into your body.

If ya do get them, tell us how they are working out for ya!
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I've seen a lot of bad horror stories about it on TV, but obviously they're are successful ones as well. I don't personally know anyone, but I have seen them on many people. They are not to hard to identify at any rate.

I also remember reading a bit about how moms with breast implants should still breast feed.

I've been afraid to get it done myself mostly because of them leaving a scar. That and most men don't like fake boobs, sure their nice to look at, but most men can't stand the way they feel. I hope your husband gets a chance to feel a couple of them before you go ahead with it. And I also hope you dont mind critism is anyone finds out. (I'm not saying this will happen, it's just a possability).
I personally think if you want to do it then ok, it's your body, makes you happy, I really don't want to say either way.

I just hope that it all goes well for you.
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my mother in law has implants, and while we dont get along with her, my father in law said that he noticed a big change in her personality after she got them and he suspects she has some kind of poisoning. im not sure if thats true - they hate each others guts so...who knows?
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Are large breasts really all that inportant? My mom is built like my brothers. She and my dad have been married for over 33 years. HE knows that there's more to a woman, than a couple of pounds of fatty tissue.

I know that Bill would love me, with or without them.
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actually i wish mine were smaller!
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Kiwi: I'll take some of yours off your hands! hahaah
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
actually i wish mine were smaller!
Yeah, I'll take some too!!


I also do not know anyone who has had this procedure. But with any, please make sure you know all the complications that could occur!! I'm sure there is a high success rate, but you have to be aware that something might go wrong and be able to handle that consequence also. Don't you also need follow up surgery so many years down the road - I think it's every 10 years?

I've never had an urge to get transplants. I'm one of those people who thinks: If you don't like me naturally, move on!

All joking aside, I hope all goes well with your surgery.
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I have 2 friends that have implants. Neither has had any problems, they both look great. One of them breastfed her baby with no trouble at all. It didn't even affect the way they look.
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I have thought about getting them done, but dont think I would. I have small boobies yet, I can fit into a "B", go figure. I have heard it hurts to get them done, and worse to have them taken out. I guess I would not get them done because of all the stories that you read, but then again, I think it also depends on if you get a really good dr.

Debby: Dont quote me, but I believe it can cost $2000 or more depending on the doctor.

Spooky: When are you getting them done?
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Just remember: with cosmetic surgery, you get what you pay for. Its not something to get at a bargain basement price. The doctor, that my mom consulted, wanted $2000 - EACH. She decided to stick with padded bras.
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