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Just for fun

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Because you guys are really good at it from watching Nat's foster dogs breeds being guessed.

Can you guys guess what my RB girl was?

I know exactly what she was as her parents were both on the premises where we adopted her, she was from an oops litter.

The only hint you get to start out with is that she weighed 13 pounds soaking wet.

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were the parents each purebred>??
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One parent was purebred, one was a mix of two breeds and very ugly I might add
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chi/ skiperkee/cocker??
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Well, you got one right
The mixed parent had been someone's idea of a 'designer dog' back in the 80s, I certainly hope the mix never caught on.
The chi part is correct.
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chi/ pom /poodle
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Pretty good, poodle is correct, pom is not
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Maybe part Spitz??
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No Spitz, sorry
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Hmm Chihuahua/Poodle/Dachsund mix. I only guess Poodle/Doxie because my Grandma had a black/gray Poodle/Doxie mix that was the ugliest dog ever and was born in the late 70's early 80's.
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I have no clue, which is why I always ask what breeds my foster dogs are!
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I won't torture you all any longer.
Nilla's mother was a snow white toy poodle, a show dog, complete with froo-froo french show cut.
Her father was a black and white bicolor chihuahua/sheltie mix.

The woman we bought (adopted really, she was $20) her from owned her mother, and the lady's daughter bought the 'thing' from it's breeder and had no idea he was old enough to impregnate the poodle.

Even more unfortunate was that the litter contracted parvo, Nilla was the only survivor of the 4 pups.
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I was thinking sheltie but went nah it was too small
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