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Feline Leukemia vaccination?

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Hello people,
I'm taking my cat to get vaccinated this week, and i'm just wondering how important the Feline Leukemia (felv) vaccination is.

Pooch is about 1 and a half years old now and she did receive this vaccination last year, should I continue with it?
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It's really a matter of what risk they are at. If you have an indoor cat that never comes into contact with unknown cats, then the chances are really slim. I personally don't recomend the vaccine if this is the case.
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From http://www.critterfixer.com

"There is no justification for annual vaccination of adult cats for Feline Leukemia. Cats over one year of age are immune to FeLV whether they are vaccinated or not. This is age related immunity."

The 'confusion' about FelV stems from its long incubation period. Cats may be exposed as kittens, but not exhibit symptoms for years.
Cats over 1 year, vaccinated as kittens or not, have proven immune.
Kitten vaccines are still recommended.
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Thankyou both very much for your replies
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I recently took my kitten in for his final set of initial shots and my vet asked me if I wanted to give him the leaukemia vaccination. I have never given any of my previous cats this shot and was wondering how everyone on the board feels about this? I heard from some people that this might be hard on them. Any suggestions?

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Sharper16, I merged your question with a previous post about the leukemia vaccine. I figured it would be easier than telling you where to find it
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A lot of vets don't update their ways or education. New vaccine protocols taught at the vet schools are still not being used at many vets. I went through several vets and several fights with vets over vaccines until I found the right one. Do your research and find a vet willing to think about your individual pet and new ideas. Good luck!

Also, you could print out new info on the vaccines? Maybe he hasn't seen it and would understand more then?
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Yes, you keep getting the feline Leukemia vaccination especially if your cat goes outside and there expose to alot of terrible dieases. We ask about the feline leukemia vaccination because my cat was exposed to one but they wouldn't give him on because he wasn't outside kitty. But it is good to get the vaccination, you wouldn't want your cat get the diease.
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I would like to know specifically where it is written that cats over the age of 1 are immune to FeLuk.

I have buried 11 cats who had feluk, some exposed as kittens, others as adults.

I have never heard that cats over 1 year have an immunity to this disease.
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I too would like to see some case studies or proof that cats are immune after one year of age. I am VERY hesitant to beleive that they are just "naturally" immune. If this is the case, why do we have so many cases of FELV in cats who test negative at 6 months old, and then show up positive after being outside?
I do think that after a series of vaccines over the first 2 or 3 years, the antibodies are there for more than a year, but to not vaccinate at all?
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