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New member here

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Hi Everyone,

I guess is polite of me to introduce myself to the forum. I found this site couple of days ago and I'm so glad I found it. I'm very impressed as well a lot of good ideas and good useful information!

To start I have 3 kitties all boys. I have 2 that I adopted from an adoption center over a year ago. Some people say we choose our pets but I believe they choose us. There names are Carnie (Maine Coon) and Connor (American Short hair). My husband and I got Einstein last October and he's a Scottish Fold.

Connor is the most loving and the most mellow of the 3. He's definately mama's baby boy. From the very first time I saw him he rolled on his back and let me rub his belly. That's when I was hooked. Connor is spoiled for sure he has his own spot on the bed and knows how to get attention he flirts! He's the lap cat out of the 3. Every now and then he'll jump on my back and hold on for a piggy back ride. If you're super nice to him he'll let you rub his belly. My husband and I think he was raised by dogs. Every time I call on him he'll literally wag his tail and his butt will moving from side to side just like a dog would. And I know this is hard to believe but I swear I heard him bark! LOL Just one small 'meow/woof' combo sound if that makes any sense. LOL

Carnie is the boss of them all, and the most gentle as well. Carnie looks and acts tough but he's just a mush underneath the hair. He's also the most shy. You would think, him being a tough kitty, he wouldn't run and hide underneath the bed when he hears the doorbell. If you call him pretty boy (which he is) he will smile at you. (YES he does smile) I caught him admiring himself in the mirror a couple of days ago. He's always been gentle when it comes to playing with Einstein. He also loves to play 'fetch the mouse.' He's more active then Connor.

Einstein is the baby of the house. He's only 8 months old and his a hyper one. Einstein and Carnie are best of buds from what I can see. Einstein tends to be in the middle when it comes to personality. He can be sweet/loving as Connor and as toughplayful as Carnie. Einstein is a sneaky little guy though. Since he's a kitten still I feed him kitten food. He has come to the conclusion that his brother's food is better tasting then his. So, one day I was watching him, he knows he's not suppose to eat from the other bowls. As I was watching him closely he started to play with a toy and he kept pushing that toy closer and closer to the other bowls. And what do you know! the sneaky bugger grabbed a kibble and ran!

I wasn't a cat person before but I am now! It was my husband's idea to get a cat who knew we would end up with 3! I have to admit I can't see the house without them now. They bring so much joy and laughter into this house. Not a day goes by that they do something that totally makes me laugh and smile. That's all for now

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Now I can formally welcome you and your three boys to the site! They are so much fun, aren't they? I'm the same as you - I was a dog person but hubby kept saying that we needed a kitty. We only have 2 since we are still living in an apartment, but I can't imagine life without them. I swear I can't go to sleep without one or both of them on me at night.

We would love to see pics of your babies (we shamelessly beg for pictures!). I would especially love to see Carnie smiling. It sounds so cute. So does Connor wagging his tail, but you just can't capture that in one photo.

Come and join us in the Cat Lounge where we brag about our kitties, show off pictures, and discuss everything under the sun!
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Hi Heidi,

I would love to share pix with everyone however, I'm a bit confused on how to attach pictures. I have couple of albums on webshots, however, they are all private for friends and fam.

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Have you looked at the sticky at the top of this forum "How to Post Pictures"? The easiest way is to attach them from your computer. Just make sure the pics are less than 400x400 pixels and less than 32Kb, then hit Browse button at the bottom of the posting page by Attach File and open your picture like you would any other file.

Hope this helps!
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heee bare with me here but I don't see a sticky that says "how to post pictures".

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Here's a direct link: How to Post Pictures
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LOL that sticky. I thought you meant a button or something LOL hehe gotcha
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welcome aboard!
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