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Does anyone have any tips for getting car rust proofing paint off my Teddy's fur? He was running around crazy outside while my bf was doing his car stuff and he got this paint on himself!! I got home from work and was horrified to find most of the hair on his tail cut off and some patches on the side!!! He is light ginger and fluffy,now with a nearly bald tail and uneven chunks of hair cut on him. I nearly died!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh Teddy, that's not a good look!

If a bath won't shift it, then try a little vegetable or sunflower oil on the worst bits - don't use too much, just get a little on your fingers and rub the paint between your fingers. The best way about this method is that of course cooking oil is completely non toxic and won't dry out his skin. The trick is to not drench him in oil and end up with a greasy cat - just use your fingertips. Then give him a bath (don't get his head wet) using a little mild unscented dish detergent (not laundry detergent, only use mild dish soap) - this will break down the oil and in theory remove the paint along with it. Make sure to rinse well as the detergent could cause itching if any residue is left in his coat.

I hope that helps
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You could buy a can of Goop handcleaner and try that. Make sure it is the original (white) formula and not the orange stuff. The original cleaner is safe to use on cats (many of us use it all the time to degrease and condition our cats coats). Rub it in the coat good and in this case, I'd try to leave it on as long as possible. Keep rubbing the paint spots frequently to loosen them up. Then rinse well. You may want to follow up with a stronger distilled vinegar rinse. Say 1/4 c to gallon of water.
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I have no first-hand experience with this --- luckily --- but I have heard that petroleum jelly works, in addition to the ideas already given. And I would imagine that it's safe, since people often administer it for hairball treatment.

I've also heard that mineral oil is recommended but I'm honestly not sure how safe that is.

Worst case scenario, hopefully a groomer would be able to handle it.

In any event, please do not use paint thinner, turpentine or similar products.
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