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Meet Sabrina and Salem

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I shall post a few of my favorites from my kitties...yes they were my christmas presents and I always wanted a black cat..I've had a persian cat when i was a kid..a grey cat...when I was a teenager..a couple of orange tabbys..and I dunno..something about a black cat...
anyway..they are sooo cute...
we shall start with Sabrina..she posed for this I think...isn't she pretty?

and this is one of the funnier ones of her...*must kill kleenex*

this is my little boy salem:

look at that face! who could say no?

and I caught him yawning! lol

Of course I have tons more ..but you'd be scrolling endlessly...

I do have a flickr set if anyone is interested in seeing theres some on my actual website.
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Gorgeous kitties!
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Oh their gorgeous!, and their coat is so glossy!

Is that a tattoo in Salems ear?
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Sabrina & Salem are such beautiful cats! Love how silky & shiny they are :
Love the *must kill kleenex* photo - how cute!
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yes both cats are tattooed and microchipped...

and they are so cute!
i'm biased of course...
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what cuties .. i love black kittys
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such cutie's hehe
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They are lovely babies. And never, never apologize for pics here. We are greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy when it comes to pics, so bring 'em on!
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How cute! And I like the tatoo idea. How much did it cost you and is it painful to the kitty?
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it didn't cost me a thing really. The humane society here, includes that in the adoption fee..
The cats are fixed, tattooed and microchipped before they leave the place and you get 6 weeks of free cat insurance.

here is what was included:

Adoption Fees Include
Health Exam by shelter veterinarian
First vaccine(s)
Two week Health Period
Ownership Handbook
Spay/Neuter for all dogs, cats, and rabbits
Ear Tattoo
Support System to help with any difficulties
6 weeks PetPlan Insurance (cats & dogs)
Iams food coupon for cats and dogs (actually they gave me 2--4 lbs bags of iams cat food. 1 for each cat)
$20 microchip at time of adoption

(paid 96.12 for 2 cats)
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