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[size=large]Do you have any pics of your kitties paws? I just found these ones (for those of you who remember ~ Roo's smell like cheesies!)[/size]

[size=large]Roo's paws and Tigger's paws[/size]

[size=large]It was a real fight to get a pic of Tigger's paws. She's so prissy and lady-like she can't willingly show her feet without putting up a fuss. Whereas Roo is almost begging to be pictured, although it doesn't look like it in the pic.[/size]:tounge2:
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Let me get back to you on this. I was thinking of creating the same thread a few weeks ago, I've just been busy, lol.
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I'll have to post a pic of Nakita's paws later. Imagestation is currently unavailable!The site seems to go down quite a bit lately!

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Here's the mauve paws of Nakita!

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Kass - Did you force her to bare her feet to the world? Poor kitty!
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Yeah I'm pretty sick, aren't I?

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I am sure she loves all of the attention!
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KITTY PAWS!!! QUICK - Give 'm a smooch! :tounge2:

I had a thread up of Spooky's black paws - but I must have deleted it with the space crunch. I'll have to post them on Imagestation when I have time....

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GIVE 'EM TO ME! I'll post them until you get time to use imagestation...gimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme
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Ha Ha I showed my husband this thread and he started laughing saying that I had a foot fetish!

haha I have a feline foot fetish......let's not tell that to too many people, that sounds like a site
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Here's Boo's paws. I think they're absolutely adorable!!

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OMG Black pads on white feet? How very strange, and very very beautiful! Thank-you for showing me that. My roo has a freckle on one of his pads, but nothing like that
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Ok, here they are as I said they would be!

Asim's paws used to be all black, for some reason they are turning red on small parts RED a dark red, not a pink. Kinda odd.

Tage, who has the smallest paws.

Isha who has the biggest paws toe size wise, and cute little tuffs.

Asim & his mighty paws.

Asim again & Chantal wanted to show you her "paws."
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chantal has cute little 'paws' LOL
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She had her toes all crinkled up, she's still a monkey baby and thinks her feet/toes are an extra set of hands =p

She actually ripped out a whole toenail the other day, poor little buggar! She did really well about it, she just kept saying "I'm ok, yeah, I'm ok."
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I just LOVE kitty paws!!!! Beautiful paws, everyone, including Chantal!

This is the closest I have to a paw pic. Ophelia does not subscribe to foot fetish photos, so this honestly is about the only one I have of her cute, tiny, black and white paws. Trent has these huge, fuzzy black paws. I used to call him "Fuzzy Feet". LOL For those who don't know...they are now 3 years old, and this is STILL the only paw pic I have!

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I kitty paws!!! Pepper's paws are coming any minute now. . . waiting for them to upload so I can link!

Heidi, that is an adorable photo!!!
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Pepper wanted you all to see this pic of him looking very cool and collected (still with adorable paws!):

But I thought THIS was a much better pic:

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Well, camera and cat are both fairly new, so I don't have any paw pics... Willie has black pads with pink spots on white feet. He lets me massage his pads when he's relaxed. I did sniff his paws, and they smell of licorice... and then he blasted me with kibble breath!! Aaaggghhh!!

Chantal's not alone, I still pick up small objects with my toes instead of bending over. I can even pinch people if they're oblivious enough to sit still and not pay attention to what I'm doing.
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Pepper is such a handsome guy! How does he react to the fish? Hubby wants a fish tank, but I don't know... I told him as long as HE cleans it, he can have one

I did sniff his paws, and they smell of licorice... and then he blasted me with kibble breath!! Aaaggghhh!!
LOL licorice feet! That's sounds yummy! yummy yummy toesies.
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My Maya's paws are two-coloured ! Looks so sweet as her fur there is white !
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Ahum ... what parts of the kitty are we admiring here ?
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i want to eat them all!
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LOL!!! Sorry for the xxx photo of Pepper, I just had to share it though!!

Pepper likes the fish tank and will sit for a long time staring into it and sometimes trying to swat at the fish as they swim by, but overall we're not very into the tank. It's a major pain to keep clean, and while our current fish have survived quite a while, we went like 6+ months with no fish living more than a few weeks. We're torn between wanting a more impressive tank (thinking then maybe we'd be more inclined to want to clean it) or just getting rid of this little one!
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Big Kat: pffft, you should see the unedited photo I took of Asim for one of those pix
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