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Prayers needed for a friend

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Please say a little prayer or send postive thoughts for a very good friend of mine who's mother passed away last night. She had been in the nursing home for awhile and was very ill. In one way it is a blessing that she is not in any pain now, and has gone on to a better place, but also it is hard for my friend and her family...she has a 12 year old daughter who was VERY close to her Grandma.

I just went to see her at the nursing home a few weeks ago and took Amber with me so she could see her. She was so thrilled to see her. I am glad I got to do that.
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Oh Debby, it's been especially rough for you lately!

Sending prayers their way. I'm glad she got to meet Amber - that must have been wonderful for her. Especial (I know, it's not a word!) hugs for her young granddaugher.
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my prayers and loving thoughts on their way debby - you are a wonderful person to do that for her!
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Prayers to the family.
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It's hard to lose a loved one, no matter how long you see it coming. Sending positive energy to your friend and her family.
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deb - wow. big hugs to you. i am sorry to hear about all you are going through right now. prayers to your friend's family and to you for strength!
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awwww....prayers heading out That is so sweet that both you and Amber got to see her. I'm sure you'll treasure that visit for a long time.
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Good thoughts and prayers for your friend's family. And special hugs for you and Amber.

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I'm sorry to hear about your friends Mother! Prayers for you, your friend and her family.
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Thoughts and prayers are on the way!
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One order of prayers for family with side of good vibes, coming up! (((Debby)))
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My prayers going out to your friend's family Debby!
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Thank you all! The funeral is Friday...I haven't had much time to be online this week but I will try to pop in sometime Friday night if I can. Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers.
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