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Cali and phantom heat?

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I took Cali into the vets Friday because she was listless and meowing at nothing.
I being the worried meowmy I am I wanted to make sure she was ok.
Fast forward to Friday morning at the vets, I get there and I know it's going to be bad when the older vet comes in and looks at Cali with obviously NO clue about her, and starts feeling her abdomen taking her temp and listening to her heart. He starts by calling her old girl (she's 14 months old) because he sees her teeth are gone, when I tell him she's only 14 months old, he questions me about who told me this. SO I explain to him that his SON (the other vet I normally see) did and he just went, "oh, well since her teeth were gone I ASSUMED she was an older cat." Um excuse me, you have over 30 years of experience and you can't tell a young cat from an older one!? Are you kidding me? I told him that his son said she lost her teeth due to malnutrition. Again he says" well that could be possible too." Um hello? do you know ANYTHING about my cats? Ok, now I"m slightly irritated but I am remaining calm, then he says " She's healthy from what I see, so I am going to give her something to stop her from meowing." Uh What? I"m sorry you're giving her what exactly? He says "something to stop her from going into heat." Again I say, Your son said she was spayed, how is this possible?
He said that it's possible for animals to go into heat even though they've been spayed. But I tell him that my males aren't acting like she's in heat (they are neutered) and he says well that makes no difference, some males won't react to those things. I wanted to flatten his nose about now, but again I remain fairly calm telling him that I will under NO circumstances give an otherwise healthy cat meds just because she is "meowing". Are you crazy?
He didn't like my insights and told me that I could do what I wanted so I proceeded to let tell him that I was going to NOT give her any meds unless she was sick and I was not going to take his advice because he had no clue what he was talking about. He walked out after that and I did too( I was livid then daring him to say anything more) he plops down a blue paper by the receptionist telling her to "make sure you put EVERYTHING on her chart" I just wanted to say, yeah and add that the vet is a quack, but I didn't.
So now I am at a loss. I've changed vets due to incompetent people and went to this one, now I need to find another one. I will not have my cats under go surgeries at that hospital worrying that that old fool is giving them meds they don't need, or putting them through surgeries they didn't need in the first place. I have three options and have exhausted two and hubby won't even consider the third. So now I'm looking for an alternative. My hope is I find one In Camanche or Dewitt. I guess this is all I can do unless I take them to the one in Davenport, 45 minutes away.
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What a terrible Vet. I had one to before. They told me Coco had Lung Cancer or tumors and said her heart was tilted. I got a 2nd opinion at the vet I go to now and it was Asthma and her heart was fine. I only went to the other vet once because we had just moved here at the time and Coco had a Bad Cold and couldnt breathe. My old vet thought it might be Bronchitis and gave her meds everytime she got that way. The Vet I use now was booked and so so were all the others we called then. The bad Vet was shut down a year ago by the State of Califonia. You should file a complaint to the Vet Board in your State.
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I think I'd report all this to your state's veterinary board! This is totally unprofessional - the vet needs to have his license revoked!
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Female cats can go into heat after they've been spayed, because of a fairly common condition called "ectopic ovarian tissue" (also can be researched using "feline ovarian remenant syndrome". The old vet wasn't as crazy as you might think he is. During a spay surgery, an incision 1/2 inch long (and sometimes smaller, if the kitten is very small) is made. Spaying is an “ovariohysterectomy,” which means that both the ovaries and the uterus are removed. The cervix is tied off, leaving the vagina to end in a blind sac. It is difficult to explore the entire abdomen of a cat through such a tiny incision. Sometimes a small amount of ovarian tissue is left behind after the ovariohysterectomy. This tissue will be stimulated, just like regular ovaries, to produce heat symptoms. Of course, with the uterus removed, pregnancy will not occur. Special testing, or exploratory laparotomy (exploratory abdominal surgery) to locate and remove the ectopic ovarian tissue may need to be done.

Here are some links that explain the condition:

This article is incredibly technical, but I found it fascinating. I says that it is more common in DSH/DLH than purebred, more common in overweight animals, and more common if spayed younger than 4 months.

From the Merck Veterinary Manual:
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Thanks for the replies.
I don't know how old Cali was when she was spayed. They just think she is because there is a scar where the spay should've been. I'm at a loss. She was fine the next day. I guess she is just a restless little kitten without enough stimulation.
I am not sure I will be going back to that vet however. I need to know that they are capable of taking care of my animals without giving them meds they don't need and knowing how old they are. UGH! I am so stressed about this, on top of the stress at work is not making me a pretty person.....
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