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Our 21 year old kitty cat,,,,

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Hi, This is Missy, according to the vets records she turned 21 years old 12 days ago which would make her birthday right about new years day. She is starting to have problems with eating all the time and still loosing weight. Also her heart beat is on the fast side.

She just had a ton of blood work done on 1-10-08 and all the tests were great for a cat her age. The vet was thinking thyroid problem but the blood test don't show it. The vet now wants to do a couple Xrays on her to see if anything odd shows up. The vet is a little worried that she might have some kind of cancer or something going on. I sure hope not. I told the vet I had to talk to wife about it first. We decided to get the Xrays done but if it turns out she has cancer or something bad like that we will just keep her as comfortable as we can till she starts suffering to much. I hope that don't sound cruel.

She has out lived 2 dogs we have had and my kitty cat I had when I met my wife 10 years ago. She had 2 batches of kittens when she was young and has been hit by a car 2 times. She has a big lump in her side from one of the times a car bumped her. I have tried many times to get some good pictures of her but they never turn out, this is one of the better ones I got of her, I just took it this morning.

She still gets around just fine and still gets the "crazies" just like a young cat sometimes. She is real picky about what she eats and has to have water in a glass bowl or she will not drink enough water. She will dip her front paw into my glass of water I normally have on my dresser and lick the water off it before drinking from many of the water dishes I have around the house. So I have a small glass dish with water in it for her.

She has been here so long and has not had any major problems for years so she kinda gets taken for granted, but she has become real close to me the last few months and spends allot of time with me when I am in the house. She don't spend any time close to the other cats. during the night if its real cold outside she will paw at me till I wake up and let her under the blanket and she will sleep right next to me with her head resting on my arm. I am glad she trusts me enough to do that. I know chances are she won't be with us much longer because of her age so I do what I can to make life easier for her.

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Oh my goodness, she looks great for 21! My oldest cat lived to be 18. She's a beautiful kitty though.
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Missy is very pretty! Gorgeous colouring. I will send lots of vibes that her xrays come back ok and that she can have some more years with you
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Look at that face so beautiful.
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so beautiful
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Is she a colorpoint of some sort? She is very pretty and looks good for an elderly cat.
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She is gorgeous!
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Awwww She looks great for 21!
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Wow, Missy is GORGEOUS!
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Sending good vibes that Missy doesn't have Cancer..Shes so pretty.She looks alot like my Tortie Point Siamese..
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what a pretty girl
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Her records at the vet have her down as "Siamese" and color as "Seal Point". I don't know if its normal for a Siamese but she looks like she is cross eyed sometimes and if see looks right into the camera her eyes will be red.
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Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
Oh my goodness, she looks great for 21!
She does as well

She's gorgeous Tom, and a lovely colour
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She's a sweetie, Tom, and looks great for her age. My old lady Shasta lived to 21. Savour her twilight time -- it is precious.
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She looks fantastic - you must be taking very good care of her. I know what you mean - my Tigger is 18 and has a special place beside me wherever I sit or lie.
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What a beautiful girl she is lovely and looks so good for 21. I hope she is with you for a long time to come; enjoy all that precious time you have together
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What a beautiful old gal! I had my dear Fred until he was 18, and he was the sweetest kitty I ever had. I hope your Missy has many more good years snuggling right beside you.
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My Kiki was about 18 when we she had kidney failure and had to be pts. She used to sleep on the headboard of our old waterbed. Kiki was a feral kitty that I tamed. She was the best kitty ever
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What a Nice Cat. I hope mine gets that old. Mine is almost 16 and is half Siames too but is Black and White. I sure hope your cat dosent have Cancer.
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Oh my gosh, she is soooo beautiful!
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I forgot to say Missy's voice sounds like she smoked cigarettes for the last 20 years. When I take her to the vet and if there are other people there waiting they all have to look in the carrier to see what is making the strange sounds. She is very vocal when she is upset or wants something. Maybe I can get her on a short video when she is "talking" to me.
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She is just precious. Savour this time. Take pics and yes, get some video!
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Tom - she is a lovely old girl. And yes, savor the time with her. Siamese are known to have unusual voices, so that doesn't surprise me and yes, sometimes they get cross-eyed.

My boyfriends RB cat, Cato, lived to be almost 21 before he succumbed to the ravages of kidney failure. He was PTS a year ago February. My BF still talks about him as if he were alive. Sigh....
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awwwww she's lovely
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I had a male himalayan that lived to be 20. Tom, your cat is absolutely beautiful!!! Here's wishing her healing vibes and lots of love.
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What a sweetie!! I hope you have many more years with her, Tom.
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What a beautiful old girl! The cat that I've had since a little girl will be 16 very soon, and she has certainly got more loving and gentle as she's aged. Enjoy this time with your sweetheart, and I hope that you have many more years with her!
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She looks like my Torti-point Colorpoint Shorthair Jasmine Colorpoint shorthairs are the "cousins" of siamese -they're pointed kitties with siamese ancestry, only they come in more colors (flame point, cream lynx, chocolate-torti, torti point (like ours) etc... ). Siamese come in the standard seal, chocolate, blue and lilac pointed coats. Colorpoint shorthairs just have a bit more color variety than Siamese do. I'm not sure about other countries but in the US they seperate them into two different breeds (colorpoint shorthair and siamese depending on the coat).

Your little girl is just beautiful!!!
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Hi, If Missy does have something bad going on with her she sure has not been showing it lately. She has been acting like she is 2 years old not 21 lately, she gets crazy and tears around all over the place just like the young cats do at times. and she has been playing with cat toys which I never seen her do before. She is also much friendlier to the other cats than ever before.
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What a gorgeous girl Missy is, she looks great.
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