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Why is her nose white all of a sudden?

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I feel like I am asking a million questions about Mattie, but I was wondering if it's normal for a cat's nose to change color? Mattie's is usually pink and today both my SO and I noticed it was white. I was *just* at the vet and noticed it when I got home.

She's a white cat with grey patches on her head and tail, but her nose has always been pink.

Or maybe I am just imagining it? I don't know, we both noticed it...
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Is she anemic?? Thats the only thing that comes to mind right off!

What did the vet say? (I know she was in for something else, but thought Id ask how the vet thought she was doing!)
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Was she sick or anything. When Coco had a bad cold a few years ago her nose did that. Her nose was all black but has white in it now.
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I forgot to add Cocos nose never went back to all black. I would post a Pic but do not know how.
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Check the inside of her mouth. The gums and tongue should be a healthy pink. If they are not, you may be seeing a sign of anemia.
Antibiotics (both cephalosporins and penicillins) can cause anemia (among many other side effects).
If for any reason your kitty has been on medication for some time you need to make sure everything is okay by having a CBC done.
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And - just in case this applies. If you've been giving medication for several weeks or longer, as a safety precaution you should ask your vet to do a complete blood chemistry profile as well (in addition to the CBC).
Get a copy for yourself when the results are in so you can go over all the blood values yourself and keep that copy in a file for your own future reference. It will be valuable information when you have blood work done later at any time.
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If not sick it could mean she's very cold. I had that happen to my white rex, Spooky. We were showing in winter and it was so cold in the showhall that poor Spooky's ears and nose and pawpads were almost white! Normally they were all pink.
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