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Sarah is one of those who thinks she's a lot better than she is. Her job that they kept flashing was "Assistant to Mortgage Broker". She's a Secretary for crying out loud! Obviously, there's nothing wrong with being a secretary, but come on. Reality check honey! You can't make so much money as a secretary that Evan is beneath you. She seems like one of those who will try to sleep with the boss of a big company just to make sure she is financially set.
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Did anyone else notice how they treated Paul? Zora was warm and asked "how are you?" like she actually cared, and Sarah treated him like the help. Something tells me she's going to lose a lot of friends after they see how she acted on national tv.
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Originally posted by WillieWZ
she did seem to be 'simulating a certain act', but dear lord, I hope not! GAG!

I hope he watched this show and now knows that even if Zora isn't Mrs. Right, he's sooooo lucky not to have picked that, that.... ohhh

Before, I thought she was shallow and uh, easy. Now..evil! Evil!
while i agree that Sarah is definitely not the poster girl for ethics, i think it might be going too far to bransish her with the scarlett letter. Evil? give me a break. she's only a human being. wouldn't that make Evan evil as well? Sarah was not my favourite candidate, but getting that upset over what may or may not have been a private sexual act is quite strange.

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Well, I agree that she is not evil, but it was not exactly a private sexual act. It was being filmed for national tv broadcast. And neither are the bondage / fetish videos private. I think that she has an odd sense of what is appropriate.
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i have to go with sammie here, by going into the woods with evan, they were leaving themselves open to speculation and so.....
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NO, NO, that's NOT why I said she was evil!!! It was the whole "Evan bashing session" after she was all over him like white on rice the whole series! She goes from "He's mine!" to "What a loser" in a matter of hours just because he's not rich? I have a particular disgust for golddiggers, and if she isn't one, who is?
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exactly, as soon as she finds out he has no money, hes a loser. and then jeanie points out she comes from a coal mining town - what happened to make her superior to evan? i think contruction work is actually a noble profession - if it isnt for those people, we would have no shelter.
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To clarify... if you wanna be an exhibitionist and have "intimate relations" on tv, whatever that may be, I have a remote and can change the channel. However, if you reveal yourself to be stupid or greedy... I watch in the hope you go down in flames. And that, I think, sums up how I feel about Sarah.
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The whole thing for me about whatever did or didn't happen in the woods and under the blanket....it was so blatently obvious that she was using sex to manipulate him. I'm sure it's worked for her before with other men. I couldn't believe she actually asked him "Did you think that really mattered to me?" when he told her he didn't have the money. I wanted so bad for Evan to say "Duh! Of course it mattered to you - you made that perfectly clear!" LOL

Lola, you do bring up a good point with how they treated Paul. I've heard it said that you can tell a lot about a person on a first date by how they treat the waiter or waitress, and it was certainly true with these women and how they treated the butler.
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i didn't say anything about her being a gold digger or not, i think she certainly was a gold digger.

the point is, it's unfair to pass such judgment on someone you don't even know, or to get so upset over the things she did on t.v., or things she did in the past.

we don't even know what really happened in the woods, it's pure speculation how far things went.

personally, i could care less about Sarah or her past or what she did on Joe Millionare, but it irks me when i see comments like yours.

anyway, i don't care enough about Sarah, Joe Millionare or this topic to continue talking about it.

it just seemed to me that you were passing moral judgment on a girl you don't know for acts she may or may not have performed. i mean, who are you to judge? and who really cares what happened between them?
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Sorry I offended you Blue! I really don't even want to know what actually happened out in the woods... I just mean that the type of woman who would expend an incredible amount of energy trying to capture a guy (and being captured can be fun! Not disliking that part of the equation) and then turn around and rip him as a "loser" for not having enough money for her? That's tacky, and even toxic. That kind of behavior does offend me. I may not like Evan that much, but at least he seemed like a nice guy, and undeserving of that kind of treatment for that reason.
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Not that I watched 2 seconds of this show, but everyone is bashing some of these girls. Seems to me that the main idiot here is Evan...who bought in to deceiving a bunch of women for his 15 minutes of fame.
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Not that he's a great guy for lying, but it did seem to bother him (he got up at 3 AM and was talking to the producer about it). He also doesn't seem too bright, and according to him he did really badly and was hurting for money after Sept. 11th. Going to France and being surrounded by lovely women must have sounded like a real hardship.

Ok, so it was a time waster, but at least it's the only reality show I've watched in the past 2 years. That's a little bit redeeming, isn't it?
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Well, Lola, we'll just have to convert you to a "Survivor" addict! See you there Thursday night!

Seriously, when people are in the public eye, they will be criticized and discussed. It happens even to the volunteer church choir and organist. It hurts when it gets back to those people, but it happens all the time. Still, thank goodness, there are people willing to get up in front of us and perform.
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Well, Jeanie, I hope the church choir and organist aren't going out and ripping on people for being broke! I try to ignore rumors, and understand that people are human, but I still think that there's a difference between an error in judgement and a pattern of behavior that has continued into the present. If someone I know reveals that in they past they...fill in the blank, then I would hope that I wouldn't care. But I try to stay away from people who are toxic or refuse to remove themselves from toxic situations.

I watched Survivor once... was bored out of my skull. Well, except for the part where they ate insects... then I was grossed out. I think I'll stick to my true crime shows.

No wait, that's not true! "Emergency Vets" is a reality show! I LOVE "EV"!! Did anyone see the ep where they worked on the newborn kitten for 10 minutes and actually got it to breathe on it's own? There are so many moments in that show that make me cry!
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Lola, I was agreeing with you. When Sarah and Evan signed up for that show they were subjecting themselves to criticism! If it happens to the volunteers in a church choir, it's going to happen to people who appear on TV. I don't think having an opinion is judgmental. By the way, I was a choir director, an organist, and a professional singer. I had to read evaluations from the congregation and the critics. But, like it or not, that's the price you pay for any kind of performance, paid or volunteer!

We all have our own opinions, and to call that judging suggests that we don't have the right to hold opinions or express them. Unless we break the libel laws, we can have an opinion on a TV show! I think she was a deceiving gold digger. That's my opinion. I'll leave judgment to God, the courts, etc.
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Originally posted by WillieWZ
Ok, so it was a time waster, but at least it's the only reality show I've watched in the past 2 years. That's a little bit redeeming, isn't it?
Yay! I knew there was a reason I was glad you joined this site! Now there are 2 of us that don't watch reality tv.
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I'm 009... and I have a license to criticize!

Oh, I hate reviewing other people. I go really gently on them, because I don't want to hurt their feelings!
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All right...I admit it. I'm a Survivor and Big Brother addict, but this is my first experience with this type of show. Deb, don't trust yourself to just glance at reality t.v. It's habit forming.
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Deb, this is the first reality show I have watched (start to finish) EVER! I don't count American Idol because that's like a talent show, with better talent than what's on MTV most of the time.

I agree Jeanie. To sign up for that show, or any reality TV show, game show, talent competition, etc. is opening yourself up to criticism. No, we shouldn't pass judgement on people we don't know, but we DO know some about these people BECAUSE they signed up to be on national TV and apparently didn't care what impression they gave. The only one on that show who came off as a truly decent person that I would like to know personally was Zora. Say what you will about Evan, but there's a million guys who would have loved to have been in his shoes and many of those wouldn't have felt guilty at all about lying.
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She said that she was put off by his being a millionaire, and she was very closed and seemed uncomfortable opening up at all during the show. I liked her best of anyone, but she didn't seem to be a exhibitionist like most people who sign up for these reality shows. So, I've been trying to figure out how in the world she ended up on Joe Millionaire.
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If she hesitated, I'll bet her friends pointed out the travel, the excitement, and the possibility of finding her Prince Charming. They were probably egging her on. She didn't seem very enthusiastic from the very beginning. It would be the experience of a lifetime for almost any girl who wasn't blase' and worldy wise, don't you think?
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Also, while you can safely assume that the men picked by a reality show of this type have some $$$ tucked away, the girls were not told that he was supposedly "fabulously wealthy" until the first show. They were told in the beginning that it was basically "The Batchelor" set in France.

An expenses paid vacation in France doesn't sound too shabby, does it?
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Originally posted by WillieWZ
the girls were not told that he was supposedly "fabulously wealthy" until the first show. They were told in the beginning that it was basically "The Batchelor" set in France.
Oh! I didn't know that. It all makes more sense to me now!
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So is there a follow-up show next week?? A few people have said something about that, but I can't remember seeing anything about it on FOX or anything. . . I would really love to see if Evan and Zora even made it through the past 2 months together. . . .

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Next week, they're putting on a follow up. I think it's supposed to be interviews with Evan and Zora.

Deb, I don't watch reality show, either. I watched this one, but during some of the episodes I wasn't really paying attention.
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Same time, same station..."Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath"

Actually, he and Zora have been kept apart since the final episode was taped last November, so they haven't had a chance to date on the outside world. ET did a thing on that last night and said that Evan and Zora were spotted together on Monday night, but no other word so far.
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i hope they stayed together.
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If I remember correctly, Zora did it for an adventure....

I, too, hope that Evan & Zora are together! I think they made a good couple together
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Well, he makes a nice accessory, but...
I'm just glad she got the $$$$. It's so rare to see that happen to someone who deserves it!
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