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Awww...Joe Millionaire!

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What do you think?

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I never watched a single episode of it...but I am curious what the big surprise was at the end. Could ya share it with me...please?
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he picked Zora, she accepted it and she said that she was actually put off by the fact that she thought he was a millionaire and then they were surprised with a million dollar check, and the cute part was zora actually asked to kiss evan - thru the whole thing she has kept to herself, real ladylike but i liked her.

it was a great episode and im satisfied!
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Wasn't it wonderful!!!! Now she can get her heat turned back on . Gave me the warm fuzzies, that did. Even H was all tingly with "hallmark feelings" when Zora said that she wanted to continue seeing Evan!
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Does anybody know if they are still seeing each other? (the show was probably filmed a year ago!) Let me know if you've heard anything on those celebrity gossip shows ... I'm really curious!
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The final was taped around last Thanksgiving... I don't know if they're still "together", but I do know that they were not supposed to see each other in person until after tonight, so they wouldn't be spotted and give away the ending.
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At least it ended the right way. I still can't believe how catty (no offense to cats ) Sarah and Melissa were. I bet he was watching this whole series patting himself on the back for not choosing those wenches. I thought it was really cool how it at least appeared that they wouldn't have given them the money at the end unless it was real between them.

Did anyone else think Sarah was *ahem* telling Melissa that something more than kissing was going on in the woods?????? Maybe I just have a gutter-mind, but I thought.........
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she did seem to be 'simulating a certain act', but dear lord, I hope not! GAG!

I hope he watched this show and now knows that even if Zora isn't Mrs. Right, he's sooooo lucky not to have picked that, that.... ohhh

Before, I thought she was shallow and uh, easy. Now..evil! Evil!
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So my question is: why would Zora want to be with him after she sees his intimate behavior with Sara and the other girls? That would be tough to watch!
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Harrythecat I totally agree! I mean the girls, well, Sarah, didn't exactly admit what happened on their dates, especially the intimate details. So as far as Zora knows Evan kissed Sarah and that's about it. She has no idea how much he kissed her, and the little woods and other episodes. I am really curious to find out if they're still together. . .

but I was happy with the ending. For a silly reality show, they at least let the ending be "sincere" and simple, without too much hoopla.
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I thought it was wonderful and I was so glad he did not pick Sarah. And excuse me but didn't Melissa say earlier in the program that she didn't care if Evan was rich or poor because they "connected?" Then when she got together with Sarah she was all aghast that Evan didn't have any money? LOL Talk about shallow...

And although it is highly possible Sarah did the deed with Evan- it is also possible that she is playing mind games with Zora knowing full well that Zora will watch the whole show sometime with Evan and she wants to cause trouble, because that is the type of person she is???

I thought it was cool that they gave them the money- and I wish them luck as a couple and hope they have a long life together....
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When Evan and Sarah went off in the woods, I think the subtitles said it all. AHHHHHH, UMMMMMM, SLURP, SLURP, GULP. Maybe I just have a dirty mind.
I was glad he picked Zora. I am sure Sarah was all in it for the money.
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Hubby & I figured out that Sara did "please" Evan in the woods.... When Sara & Melissa were talking to each other, hubby was able to read her lips when she was whispering.

I was glad to see he picked Zora. I am anxious to see next week if they are still together or not.
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Originally posted by hissy
And although it is highly possible Sarah did the deed with Evan- it is also possible that she is playing mind games with Zora knowing full well that Zora will watch the whole show sometime with Evan and she wants to cause trouble, because that is the type of person she is???
I agree with you Hissy - why else simulate that certain act - because she knows the cameras are on her. But I think all the other girls knew about it because they had things to say about it....so....
I cant wait til next week to find out the aftermath! Perhaps Evan decided he didnt want sarah because shes too 'easy' etc etc.

I dont normally watch reality shows, but this one had me hooked - it even had hubby hooked, I was shocked - hes not a romantic, and he was all for zora all the way!
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Hey, I'm just glad that they gave Zora some $$ so that she won't have to go without heat again! She seems SO deserving... after all, the time she could have used to work a second job, she used volunteering with the elderly!
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I was really pleased with the ending. And I hope they end up together, they seem so sweet together.
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Ugh..... was it me or did Evan drive you nuts!!!

Yes, he was cute... but gheeze keep your mouth closed, dont' speak, just sit there and look cute!!

I taped the show (went to the Ducks vs. Islanders hockey game) and fast forwarded to the last 10 mins... that's all I needed to see!!!
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So you're a Ducks fan, Lizza? I'm a Hurricanes fan... well, I'm not watching the games now because it's so depressing. How could we have gone to the cup finals last season and lose more than we win this season? Hopefully, the trade we just made will put some juice back in the team... it's too bad things aren't going well, they're a great group of guys, very involved in fund-raising and other local events. Oops, now I'm started talking hockey...:tounge2:
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Originally posted by WillieWZ
So you're a Ducks fan, Lizza? Oops, now I'm started talking hockey...:tounge2:
No.... I'm not a Ducks fan... Nick is!

My teams are the Red Wings and The Flames
I just love going to hockey games and the Pond is the closes hockey arena around!!!

The Ducks might actually make the playoffs this year, it will be nice to see a play-off game at home!
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Red Wings... boo-hisss!! Ok, they won fair and square, but their fans were down-right nasty! Here in NC, we know the meaning of supporting the team by putting down the other one, but the fans were just not fun! We had loads of fun with the Canadiens... their radio and tv stations and ours made bets, and the fans who came down teased us about being "rednecks", but left saying that we were hospitable to them. Our fans went up there and teased them about eating our Krispy Kreme donuts (a shop had recently opened in Montreal), but left saying what a nice place it was.

The radio and tv stations in Detroit wouldn't even take our calls. The fans were rude and insulting instead of teasing.

Do they just act like that in Detroit?!?
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I really don't relate....

Here in California, we really don't have "die-hard" hockey fans!
Which stinks when your trying to buy a hat at the local sports shop...

I've never had the pleasure of going to a hockey game in Detroit....
I've been to San Jose (sharks), Colorado (avalanche), and Los Angeles (kings)

We here in California think Kings fans are rude.... (Kinda like Raider fans!!!)
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Yeah, we only have a handful of die-hard fans, so trying to find Hurricanes shwag anywhere but the official stores is tough. I'm a fan, but not enough to go out of town just to see a game!
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Sure, you two just hijack a thread and make it into a hockey thread....I see how you are. And I almost missed the whole thing!!

I'm a big Avalanche fan, so Red Wings Suck (It's a slogan and a state of mind out here)! Red Wings fans are just plain nasty, and Kings fans aren't much better although I do like the Kings as a team. I HATE it that the Kings fans STILL boo every time Rob Blake touches the puck at their games. Come on, it's been like 3 years since the trade and you guys got some good players too - Deadmarsh and Miller. It's not like Blake ASKED to be traded.

I'm lucky as far as sports swag is concerned. Denver and all of Colorado are BIG into sports, all of the sports. I can find stuff from almost any team in the nation, at least from the big sports - NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR.
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Joe Millionaire: I am glad he picked Zora. She seems like such a nice person, and deserving of some happiness. I am also happy they gave them each money. I bet a lot of those other girls are really upset now! Melissa did say that she liked him and thought they had a connection, until she found out he didn't really have money.

Hockey: Yes, people in Detroit are just rude. I lived in the Metro-Detroit area for 2 1/2 years. One of the reasons I left was because a lot of the people are mean and inconsiderate. I hate the Red Wings as a result, and I don't really like hockey either. Living near "Hockeytown" kind of spoiled it for me.
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Huge hockey fan here! Unfortunately the Sharks haven't been giving us good games to watch, I don't know what their problem is! My boyfriend plays hockey and we're both from the east coast where hockey is actually considered a sport. So it's been a change to be out here, but we're getting used to it. He's a Capitals fan, and I'm a Bruins fan, if we go by where our loyalties are!
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Wait a minute! Hold the hockey a second. I found out something surprising last night! Sarah, the sexy, sophisticated debutante is from Hunker, PA. So, what's the big deal? Well, Hunker is about 13 miles from here. It is one of the many little coal mining communities around Pittsburgh, complete with slag dumps. (Most of the mines are closed now.) I'm not sure if it has more than one red light. That's no disgrace, of course. My brother-in-law was a coal miner, and lived in a company house until he married my sister and built a new home. He was very intelligent, well informed, and a good provider, but never claimed sophistication.

My question-- Is a girl from an old mining town superior to a construction worker? I assume her parents sent her to a good college, but the likelihood is that they were hard working, respectable people, not wealthy sophisticates. How awful that Evan was not what he appeared to be...
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So she comes from a coal mining town and yet he's a "loser" because he isn't (well, wasn't) rich? I think I know who the big FAKE loser really is here!

Yes, he's unsophisticated and dumb, but he didn't talk smack about the girls he booted, and got up in the middle of the night because the lie was bothering him (If you believe what you see on tv, anyway).

I like Paul!! I think I'd marry him instead!
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Sarah's working class roots may not be scandalous, but her past exploits making bondage videos may be a bit of a contrast with her facade. Sexy, some people may think so; sophisticated, I doubt. And unless debutantes are much more worldly than in my day (not that I ever was one) this means that she has as much to hide as "Joe".
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Back to hockey... Big Kat said something about her and BF's loyalties...of the 3 games I actually got to go to, one time we were in the arena store, and saw a family. Mommy was a Hurricanes fan, but Pop was sporting a Bruins jersey. Anyone care to guess what jr. was wearing? GO CANES!! (And Mom!)
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