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My cats are tearing up my leather couch

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I just recently got a 12 week old siamese snowshoe female kitten. I already
have a 1 1/2 old male cat(neutered,before you ask ) He doesn't claw up anything BUT now that there
are two of them...they chase each other all over my leather couch and are
leaving claw marks. When I am home, I either spritz them with water or take them down and get them interested in something else(like a child),but what
can i do about when I am not home?? So,they are not clawing it like its a
scratching post,but by playing on it,they are leaving marks.....

Any suggestions would be great!!!

Oh, I've never had a siamese snowshoe before..anything I can expect that
other cats do or don't do??? I haven't heard the "siamese meow" yet, is that
normal? She does love water and likes her belly rubbed and to be carried like a kid. She's 3 months and 3 lbs,does that sound about right??

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Do you or not have a scratching post? As far as your sofa goes, there may not be a magic answer, but if you can cover it with a large throw of some kind, temporarily attached even by a couple of ties going underneath, that would help, at least til the cats grow up a bit and stop chasing each other. Microfiber is very good for cat-proof upholstery BTW, but I guess that won't help your present problem.
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I covered my leather couch with thick quilts, plastic table cloths, etc. I covered the whole back, the large arms each were covered and the seat. I tried sheets but their claws went through too easily. I then place large books, boxes, games, anything big and bulky on top of that so they couldn't go under the covering and run. With all the stuff on top, they couldn't go crazy running on the couch itself. They pretty much stayed off it except to get to the very top of the back to sleep. Of course we couldn't use it and it looked very junky. Luckily I don't get visitors.
I have slowly removed things a bit at a time and they don't seem to want to jump on it to play as much as when we first got them.
They didn't scratch on purpose, it was the running and their back claws would do it when they took off in full speed mode. Also they were so little then they couldn't jump up without latching on with all claws to climb up! Thankfully they can now just jump up without damage done.
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You could also buy Soft Claws
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You can trim the nails more often - at least once a week would help a lot.

We are thinking of leather couch up the road when we replace furniture - I like the blanket covering idea
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Even with trimmed nails it isn't helping! I may just have to throw some=
thing over the couch for when I"m not there to supervise.

Yes we have some scratching posts and a cat tree with sisal posts as
the base.
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