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He needs his rabies booster

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I'm nervous about getting Jordan his rabies booster. He's been doing so well that he's 100% himself, he has even gone back to knocking the garbage can over every night. I talked to the vet about this & he said that due to Jordan's poor attitude when he is there he recommends that he have the booster. He said that if Jordan bites someone (a real possibility when he goes to the vet) and he is not up to date he would be put on a 30 day hold at my expense or he would be put down. Well I don't want either of these things so I know he has to go and I guess while he's doing well he should go, but I'm nervous this will set him back, especially given his feline herpes. Any ideas for what I can do to make this easier on his system?
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I don't have the experience that most have, but I can share what I have gone through with my feral rescues and orphan kittens.

My orphans have feline herpes and are 12 weeks old. Their vet put them on L-Lysine daily. He has his 15 y/o cat and a kitten on it as well. May be something to ask your vet about.

I have used the feliway spray on a towel then cover carrier with the towel. Some of the flower essence drops in the water bowl for a few days before might be of help.

With our old and sick dog we get a sedative from the vet to give before a trip to the vet. This was a last resort from the vet.

These are some things that I have tried. Others will come along with more experience.
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