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I think my baby's finally growing up!

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Forrest is now 7.5 months old and is FINALLY starting to be less hyperactive, behaving himself and is less aggressive towards Lilly.

Every day I've noticed that his spurts of "tornado-like" activity are getting shorter and shorter. He listens and behaves when I tell him no and he seems calmer overall.

Lilly has been suffering with a HORRIBLE case of chin acne which resulted in her going on antibiotics and cream for her chin. He seemed to understand that she was not feeling well and since being on antibiotics has actually been nice to her. Instead of jumping on her wanting to play (usually ending up with chasing her under the bed) he now lays next to her and grooms her. I am so hopeful that they might actually become friends. (hmmm...I kinda now suspect that he has been aggressive because she has been ill)

He was wearing me out! Between the two of them it was like babysitting two toddlers. Lilly has a lot of "tortitude" and little Forrest has all that oriental energy. I've been very worried that Forrest was being too aggressive and Lilly was having too much of an attitude. Perhaps it will all work out well between the two of them.

In retrospect, if I had to do it all over again I probably would not adopt a kitten. Going through the early kitten stage was a LOT of work, but he is the sweetest little boy and now he's older he's becoming a nice young man. Thank God they grow up faster than our human boys do!
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Awww, I'm glad they are starting to be around each other better. It's sweet to see them getting along and
I hope Lily's antibiotics have her feeling better quickly.
I agree, kitties are alot of work and I have noticed things getting easier around here too (Zoe just turned 9 mos) and it's nice. I did want to start with her young though, so it has been worth it in a lot of ways.
for hoping yours continue to do well together and get to be friends!
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