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MARCHing into a New Contest

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Coming in March will be yet another contest for our members to participate in. This time, we are asking you to come up with a very cat-related name for the TCS Newsletter.

We already have MeowMews in play for our sister site Meowhoo. So if you would, start making suggestions soon and toward the 15th of March we will put the suggestions up in poll and have a vote. The most popular name will win.

The prize this time, is a grab bag of Cat-Related gifts. We have J.Paul Cooper's new book "Fluffy's Tale":
J. Paul Cooper

We have a wonderful book called Kittens in the Sun:

Kittens in the Sun

And we have a delightful CD called I PURR- A Cat's Tale:


Anyone who competes must be a subscriber to the newsletter in order to win....

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Do we put the suggestions in the thread or in pm or what?
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Oops sorry, yes, put the suggestions here in this thread if you will- teach me to do more than one thing at once!
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I got one: 'Monthly Mews'

I cant think of anything great LOL
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"The Mewspaper"
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"The Nitty Gritty for Kitties (and their servants)" (too long)

Crud. Those could both be taken as litterbox references...

moving right along, lol.

Sorry, I'm tired.
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What's wrong with litterbox references?... we deal with 'em daily, after all...

But I got nothin'. Nothin'
I feel so dumb.
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Keep up trying people If you don't know our newsletter yet - have a look at the latest issue here:

And to subscribe - visit this little pagey -
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The Monthly Mewslitter

(I like litter references)
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i like that one LOL
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So do I, but keep them coming folks!
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Cats and Kits monthly
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The Purrfect Pages
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PURRfectly AMEWSing News

This is my favorite, it just popped into my head.
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LITTERally AMEWSing Literature
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Paws 4 thought
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The Mews Papurr
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Monthly Mewspapurr
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The Cat Site Mews


Mews from The Cat Site


What's Mew at TCS
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Cat's pages !
What's meow?!
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The Whiskers Weekly OR Monthly
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The Nitty Kitty -
LOL! ......Nitty gritty...ok maybe not...still thinking,
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The Scratchin' Post
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'The Mouseloving Monthly Mews'

'CATilicious Chats'

'The Mewsquirer' (competition to The Enquirer!)
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Originally posted by Shirrell
The Whiskers Weekly OR Monthly
Whiskers would be soooooo proud!
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This is really BAD.....

ROTFL! OK...OK...I'm sorry...it's been a long day. Only serious suggestions from here on out...I promise!

Ghyslaine - those are CUTE!
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Thanks Kim

Hissy..I just realized that being subscribed to MeowHoo.com and the Mewsletter are 2 different things....can I still play? I subscribed now! I am putting my thinking cap back on!
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