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Did anyone start a Sunday DT?

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I didn't see one, so just merge this if I missed it somehow.

It is SNOWING! I mean really snowing. It was snowing at 7:30 when I woke up, and is still going. The roads are covered, it looks like we already got 5 or 6 inches. The forecasters are starting to use the b word, as in blizzard. We could get 2 feet by the time this is over tomorrow. Good thing I like snow. I just hope we don't lose electric.

My s/o is happy because if it keeps up, he won't have physics lab tomorrow, or his history exam. He is studying anyway, and I am running to the kitchen every few minutes, checking on my potatoes. I am making a roast chicken in the crock pot, with mashed potatoes.

Have a great day everyone!
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Bren - can I come over! I love roast chicken with mashed potatoes.

Its sleeting here, so I dont think we will have snow like up north.

Just a quiet day for me, taking Penka to her new mum, I have been spending so much time with her all morning, playing with her, cuddling her, I am going to miss her but I know she will be happy in her new home.

Hope everyone has a great day, im off to play at
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Its pretty warm, here. It rained, during the night but, we're heading for 70, today.

For the first time in years I did some yard work. Bill has been a bit lazy and I couldn't stand those HUGE piles, any longer. I must have raked and shoveled 20 lbs. of doggie-doo. I've got to quit feeding those two so well!

Instead of watching the race, Bill is fixing my car window. The motor, on the driver's side croaked and he's replacing it. It wasn't too much of a problem, except I couldn't use a drive-thru.

All of people, Back East, try to keep warm.
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It is doing nothing here right now,I don;t even know if we are going to get snow or not.I am very lazy today,also I don't feel very well,I think I am going down with a bad cold of worse.everytime I cough I get real bad pain in my ribs.So I try not to cough,which is not easy. And I have to go to work tommorrow.I even slept intill noon.In fact I think I will go back to bed.
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Sherral, me too! I'm spending a little more time here, then hopping in bed with hubby (who's still getting over pneumonia).

We did our shopping yesterday, so I don't care how much snow we get! I just don't want the pipes to freeze, and it's soooo cold.

Cindy - there you go, making me jealous of your weather again. STOP IT!

Kellye - I'm so glad to hear about Penka. Doesn't it feel great? And can I ask a stupid question - are you deaf? If you are, I didn't know. Not that it matters, but is that something you shared somewhere that I missed?

Brenda - I hope you don't loose your electric either. And I also hope Hubby gets his snow day tomorrow.

Have a great day, all! Hopefully I'll be napping soon! :tounge2:
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Oops! Sherral - forgot to say - hope you get better real soon. !!!!
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yea I am deaf, profoundly deaf, I have posted it several times.
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First of all, I hope everyone who will be affected by the storm stays warm and safe!!! Winter has lasted long enough and I'm soooo looking forward to spring!!! :flower: :flower: :flower:

Brenda: We seem to be thinking alike. We'll be having chicken and mashed potatoes for supper!

Sherral: I hope you're not coming down with pneumonia!! Stay in bed and rest and I hope you feel better soon!
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Guess what I'm having for supper? Chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing and baby carrots. There must be some 'chicken' in the air today.

I had prepared a long post for the DT earlier and was not able to send it. Since it's pretty much crunch time for me right now, I have to go but....I'll be back once the boys are fed, washed and tucked away for the night (hubby included! :LOL: )
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i am having chicken also - with potatoes au gratin, peas, and i think thats enough to fill us up - i smell it now, and it smells heavenly!
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Chicken here, too. I'm making the chicken Parmesan, that I didn't fix, Friday.:chicken:
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we're having tacos tonight, something we haven't had in a long time. and Mike's making me waffles for breakfast. (Yes, it's almost 3 pm and we're just now eating breakfast) Was a late night, again. Wish I could sleep before 5am. Not going to do much today, just sit around and do cross stitch until it's time to start dinner. I'm listening to the entire Wheel of Time audiobook series, and it's encouraged me to get all sorts of craft projects done! I finished my valentine for Mike last night too!

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Well, Myste, you were almost on time...hey, I've been working on my first quilt for 8 years.

LDG, don't feel bad for missing that Kiwideus is deaf, because now I know thanks to you asking. There has to be a better term that someone can come up with than "profoundly" deaf or blind or mute or whatever... makes it sound like a philosophical decision! Although, with the new technology, I hear it can be. What's your opinion on the new implants, Kiwideus?
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OMG Kiwi.....I had no idea! I thought you had a deaf cat but never once did it occur to me that you were also. I must have missed all the threads about that too. Care to repeat your history for me? I'd love to know more.
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I was born deaf, but I wasnt diagnosed until I was 2 - my mother knew something was wrong but every time she tried to tell someone, they told her she was being silly. But she pushed for me to get tested and they found out that I was deaf. So I went to years of speech therapy, which I hated but it pays off so I can communicate. My speech is not clear like a hearing persons is but a lot of people do say it is pretty clear. I can sign well but not that great in american sign language - my first signing language is NZSL, and I get so many misunderstandings with deaf people here but we laugh it off.

WillieWZ - there are different levels of deafness, the most deaf you can be is profoundly - it ranges from mild, moderate, severe, profound. I am at the end of the scale. My brother is also deaf and I have a deaf cousin but hers is attributed to waandenbergs syndrome - you can identify that by a white streak in the hair, different coloured eyes.

As for cochlear implants, I was born deaf, I am quite happy to stay that way, and with those implants, they are not reversible, and suppose there was a new and better implant that is smaller and harder to notice, you cannot remove the cochlear - its a magnet thingy that sticks to the side of the head. A lot of deaf people I know are very against them, because they are so into deaf culture. Myself, I just blend in.

I am quite happy to answer any questions, im not shy about it.
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I had a great weekend. Rob finally came home from his business trip. We just finished having our Valentine's dinner, since he got home too late on Friday from his flight.

We took a trip to a pet store called Petcetera, and bought Nakita a new 'feather on a stick' type toy. I'll post pics later, but she absolutely went baserk!! I also found the Pump N'Run toy that LDG posted about earlier in the week. So if I found it here in Ontario, it must be in most pet stores.

The best part of the weekend was picking up a free optical keyboard and mouse. I won this in a contest back in January and FedEx just delivered it! This is the best thing, since my old mouse was dying and not working correctly.

I love this optical keyboard, no more cords and I can type directly from my lap!

Have a good evening all you chicken eaters!

:chicken: :tounge2:
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Well, that makes a lot of sense... I only have a computer that CAN be replaced, and I can feel it becoming obsolete as I type (or maybe that's Willie's cold nose).

I did know about the levels of deafness thing... I just think that whoever decided to use the term "profound" might have tried to think of other terms. I suppose it still beats "deaf as a post"... I wanted to learn sign language when I was younger, but I'm "profoundly" uncoordinated , and my fingers just don't cooperate. I am possibly the slowest touch-typist I know, and I have to back up and correct something every sentence.
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Oh, and congrats on the optical keyboard, RB. That must be really nice, typing from your lap... I have one of those $40 Wal-Mart desks, and the roll-out keyboard board occasionally falls off! So far, I've managed to catch it every time, but my feet are just waiting for the day it catches me off-guard.
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Willie - i noticed you are based in nc - which part of nc are you in?
Im in the mountains, near asheville.
you can call me deaf as a post, because thats what i am!
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LOL, Kiwideus, I'm in Raleigh. I love the mountains, though, the views are amazing!! Nothing but green as far as you can see! Not to mention that some of the most delicious apples I've ever had were grown there.
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oh yeah, the county that i am in is famous for the apple festival. apple farms everywhere. father in law used to own one of them but not anymore.
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Wow, Kellye, guess I am just not reading enough in the Lounge these days. I have tried to learn a little bit of ASL, as there are a couple of students at school whose parents are deaf. Let's just say that I am glad they can lip read.

Myste: The Valentine project looks great. I haven't stitched in I-don't-know-how-long. I just picked up a cross stitch magazine at the checkout in the grocery store the other night. It had a couple of cool projects on the cover.

Today I splurged on a new toy: combo printer, scanner, copier. Wal-Mart had them for $128. Couldn't pass it up. I have been wanting a scanner for soooo long. The first pic I scanned looked pretty good (one of the cats, of course). Guess I'll be bombarding Anne with Caption This photos.
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actually theres a website that shows pretty clearly signs - i learned from there! ASL web
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So far we have about a foot of snow, with the worst yet to come. The weather channel actual said Blizzard on the forecast for tomorrow. The entire county where I live in under a snow emergency.

My s/o works at a nearby hospital (2 blocks away) and he heard they might bring out the National Guard to pick up hospital employees who couldn't make it to work. He walked today, it's nice to live so close to work!

It is so bad that even Wal-Mart closed! That's a first. I will have some serious shoveling to do once this is all over. We could get as much as 30 inches, so my car will be in pretty deep. It's a good thing I can walk to work, I might have to wait for the spring thaw.
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LDG, I had pneumoina 3 years ago,so I had the shot at that time,can you get it again?I hope thats not what I have,I don't have any sick days built up.I slept from 3:oo PM last night to 3: 30 AM this moring. Haven't stopped coughing yet.Ribs still hurt.
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