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How did your Cat(s) get there Name(s)?!!

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So I thought it would be nice to find out how Everyone came up with the names they have for there Kitty's... Ill start!

King: Hes a Big Cat and before he came to live with use a lil over 2 yrs ago he was staying with my brothers GF ((it was shared custody))... well she fixed him and he eventually sat around all day and gained 30lbs... when he came to live with us he was Huge!! I was scared to death of him and he didn't/doesn't Meow, He Roars!!! His name is actually Kitty but it only seemed right to call him King Tut as he was Alpha in the house.

Pinky: I have know clue who would name a Big Mean Orange Cat Pinky... but someone did! lol that was his name when we got him from the Shelter ((I just found the site of the Shelter where we got Pinky from today: www.KittyConnection.org )).

Jack: He actually belongs to my lil sister and she has this weird Obsession with Jack Sparrow... not Johny Depp... Just Jack Sparrow. Thus giving Jack the name Jack after Jack Sparrow!

So how'd your cat(s) get there names??!!!
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My roommate started naming all the animals in the house after booze. Hennessy was chosen after much deliberation.

If I'd gotten two they would have been Bombay and Sapphire.
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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
So how'd your cat(s) get there names??!!!
I just dropped the an off of Persian to get Persi.

Alley came from an alley (honestly)

Shelby races around so much (Shelby is a race car)
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Marcie already had her name when we adopted her and it just seemed like a good fit, so we kept it.

When we adopted Darcy, she was named Pretty. We didn't like this name for her. I wanted to name her Hannah or Zaphod Beeblebrox, but Hubby liked the idea of calling her Darcy.
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Brandy - My parents named him.

Shark - She bites your ankles when hungry.

Arwen - Her facial features and little elf like ears (my dad pointed out her facial features looking like the elf princesses..somehow the name stuck!)
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Sassy is short for Surasassy who is a character in one of my favorite books
Cabal by Clive Barker. Surasassy is a half human/half cat character.

Linus was named Baxter when I adopted him, the day I brought him home he hid in his carrier under a blanket, what else would I call him but Linus after the peanuts character.

Pixie was named Mica when I adopted her, it became apparent quite quickly she was a mischievous little imp, so her name was changed to Pixie.
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Inky: was a black in color and I wanted a name besides Blackey or Blackie.
Shadow: I got her when I had Inky. She was also black in color.
Cleo: This was short for Cleophas.
Felicia: I heard this name and thought is was so pretty. I said my next female cat would be named Felicia.
Beau: I heard the word beau and liked it.
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Chynna. She is about 15 years old and has owned me for over 14 years:
She is pure white and I didn't want a generic name like "snowy" or "snowball". I like "normal" sounding names. She reminded me of porcelin because of her white fur which is so fine and downy soft, but "Porcelin" sounded stupid. So I decided on "China", but that looked like the name of a country. So I varied the spelling to "Chynna". Now I get asked if I named her after some wrestler whom I'd never heard of, LOL

Abby. She is 9 years old and came to live with me when she was 4 months:
The girl I got her from named her "Abigail" or "Abby" for short. Since she had been called that since she was a wee itsy baby, I left it. She is my "red head" and looks like an "Abby".
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Miette - Because it is French for "sweet" and I thought Miette had the sweetest nature, and gives me such loving sweet looks. When she looks at me she looks right into my eyes and soul.

Samson- My son chose "Samson" from a list of names. It seemed to suit him.
He was almost called Pele' after the soccer player because Samson is a whizz at "kitten soccer", or "Dasher/Dash" because he is always dashing everywhere around the house. But we thought Samson needed a name to take him into adulthood

I think they have grown into their names and they seem to suit them.

KittyCoo xx
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Keli - Is a calico, and I just figured it was different than the usual Callie

Bandit is a seal point - hense the name

Jinx - b/c he is more my DH's cat and he just loves the cat from Meet the Parents. LOL< Jinxy-cat will come running if you sing to him like in the movie.

Shellbie- was rescued from a Shell gas station in CLeveland.

Bailey- Hmmm, seemed appropriate for a ginger boy. And it was better then "Satan's Spawn" as DH was calling him

Kailey - my stepson rescued her and wanted to call her Callie , but I nixed it. Too close to Keli! So that was his second choice!
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Orginially my cats were my sisters when we first got them so she named them.

Rocko - from the nick show Rocko's Modern Life.

Bear - Suppose to be named after her boyfriend, Berry. I still call him that sometimes.
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Murfie - as in murfie's law: anything that can go wrong will! She was originally called Blaise but I figured being a devon rex she was going to get into a lot of trouble!

Then there's my 3 dogs (i know its a thread for cat names but what the hell!)

HoneyChild, was called Cocoa when i got her and i didnt like that so i just started calling her honey child....i think watching the show "the simple life" got nicole richies dogs name stuck in my head subliminally!

Sir Winston McCall Sausage Pants Bratwurst the 3rd - i originally named him after the singer from my fav band then decided he was a "sir" so added that. Then as he is a daxie cross he needed something to do with sausges....as for the "3rd" part....well im just an idiot haha

Rockstar - i watched all the "Rocky" movies when he was born (Honey is his mother) but i didnt want to just call him rocky so added the star part :P
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Matilda - I picked this as a possible name because it's my favorite children's book (Matilda by Roald Dahl) and I love the character. When I adopted Matilda, I thought it fit her because I could use the nickname Mattie which went with her super long hair that could easily get matted. When I brought her home, my SO randomly suggested the name Matilda, half-joking. He didn't know I was thinking of naming her that. So that's how Matilda became Matilda.

Chloe - we just liked it. My SO really liked the name Zoe, and I really liked the name Sophie (Sophie would keep the Roald Dahl theme going). He didn't like Sophie for a cat, I didn't want Zoe, and somehow we ended up on Chloe. The name really fits her perfectly I think.
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Akasha- is the name of the vampire mother in Anne Rice's vampire books, also known as the Queen of the Damned. And when we first got her she had the damnedest way of hiding so we couldn't find her no materr how many times we moved the furniture at !:30am. It also means The Spirit. And she definitly has that.

Kahlan- another character in a book. This time from Terry Goodkind. She was the Mother Confessor and had the power to completely destroy a person with a single touch. She makes the person fall in love with her and think of nothing other than pleasing her. And well, Kahlan stole mine and DH's hearts the first time she looked at us.

Sal- (foster kitty)- came in at 3 weeks old, and the little girl that found him liked the name Sally, but we found out she is a he, so it was shortened to Sal since he already knew his name.
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General Tso's Kitten, Lieutenant Kittenpants - Kit - was originally named Eloise, as we thought (until I took him in to make an appointment to get him "spayed") he was a girl when we first brought him home at 7 weeks. We couldn't agree on what to change his name to once we found out he was a boy, and we'd been using General Tso's Kitten/Kittenpants/Kitten as a nickname, so it sort of stuck. Creative? Nah, but nothing else seems to suit him! (I do sometimes call him Casius, as in Casius Clay, because we "box" with him sometimes, haha... poor thing is probably terribly confused about his name! Although he does generally come when we call "Kitten!" or "come here, baby boy!")
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Nabu - my roommate in college named him

Stimpy - my husband got to name him as part of the agreement to adopt him. He picked the name because Stimpy looks like he's smiling like the cartoon character. I think we should have named him Ren instead....He's scarey smart.
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Hmm, where to begin:

"Melody" (aka Monster): not sure why I picked the name Melody, just liked it I guess, but she goes more by Monster or Monst as that is what she turns into when at the vets office, and since she only has one kidney she is there frequently.

"Ginger" (aka Jimmy): since she is siamese we decided to go with the oriental spices and Ginger seemed to fit. Jimmy Jam Pajamas is her nickname since she looks like she is wearing jammies.

"Gracie" (aka Squeezums): my husband named her, I assume because she is gray! If it were up to me I would have named her Victoria after Victoria Secret, because she has a white spot in the shape of a diamond on her neck, 2 triangles for a bra and 1 for panties. Squeezums came from the fact she loves to have her tummy squeezed.

"Dusty" (aka D): we rescued him from the eastern plains of CO. and when we got him her was nothing but a ball of dust and matts-hence the name Dusty, although I must say he has cleaned up beautifully!

"Squeeker" (aka Skeeks): was a hard one-he was originally rescued from a house fire and was all burnt, we tried to find a name that had something to do with fire ie: Ash, Pheonix etc, but none fit. We both love the movie the Incredibles, and the line where he rescues the little kitty and says" Officer, Maam, Squeeker" So we named him Squeeker, which fit because when he was a week old that was all he did anyway was Squeek!

"Alley" (aka Al Pal): was found in the eastern plains as well and was an alley cat-so the name stuck. She is my 6 mos. old daughters best friend and goes wherever the baby is so we nicknamed her Al Pal.

"Turbo" (aka Turby): ever since we got him he has always ran through the house at incredible amounts of speed as if he is Turbo charged-so Turbo it was!!! And let me tell you that little cat can move!!!!!

"Uno" (aka Dude): I named him Uno because of his uno eyeball, but since he was our first boy kitty, we always called him our little Dude, we have called him Dude more than Uno, but that was his given name.

"Patches O'Houlihan": is our newest addition, she has been with us for 3 weeks now and we have gone rounds over a name for her-I even posted a thread about it, but my husband loves the movie Dodgeball so she is named after the movie character-she is a tortie with the coolest markings I have ever seen-she has a perfect orange heart on her face.
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Tommy - cat my family had when I was little, my sister and I named him Tommy because he was a Tom Cat

Tiger - so named because when he was a kitten he liked to attack everything, like a tiger

Princess - so named because when she was a kitten she acted all dainty and above it all, like a little princess

Ripper - my sister's cat, so named for two reasons: when they first got her, she'd run quickly (i.e. rip) back and forth through the house, and because also at first, she hid under the bed and when my brother-in-law reached in for her, she ripped his hand to shreds

Sundance - also my sister's cat, she named him after The Sundance Kid
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Bella: Well... I wanted to name my first daughter "Arabella" and call her "Bella" for short, because in Italian it means "beautiful" and it's such a pretty, graceful name. When I adopted Bella, she was just so beautiful and tugged so hard at my heartstrings. She IS my daughter, so I named her Bella And beautiful is only one of the few great adjectives for her.

This was a great thread idea! I love hearing all the different names!
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Squishy got her name cause when we got her she was a teeny tiny ball of fur and when you picked her up she felt squishy from all the hair.
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cupid was named i guess at the shelter where we adopted her, and it stuck.

my grandma named callie, i dont know why but when i took her in the house for the first time she said, "awww how is miss callie doing". So that was that.

Boo was named by my sister, she was one of the three she found in the trash dumpster at work in a plastic bag, just before halloween. There was boo who was the smallest and shyest. A orange tom, she called pumpkin and a tortisshell she called spidey. She said they were halloween collors and it was halloween time so they all got halloween names.

Dixie before we got her was called Sydney, and i didnt like it and could never remember so i spent the first two days calling her dog. Her former owner said she didnt even know her own name and told us we should probably change it. So it took me a day and half trying every name i could think of and Dixie was the only one that seamed fitting. She started answering to it right away.

The kitty cafe cats get their names by whatever pops in my head when i see them, usually they dont get named until they are frequent visitors. There is smokey, porkie, Screach, PepsiJoe "pj" (named by the kid down the street that rescued him from a tree), Jade, Ivory, Amber, Queen, princess, dutchess(who were king, prince and duke until i got close enough to see that they were females), Booger, Killer(a simply terrifying tom cat that is enormous and tries to eat anyone who gets within 10 feet of him and has long points of fur on the tops of his ears like i have never seen before), Skittles(a beautiful callico that i have an adoptive home for if i can ever trap her again, last time she attacked me and because i was bleeding i let her go), Dot(who has major bad luck with the neighborhood dogs and has almost been killed twice now), KitKat, Roscoe, Enis, Lovebug, brother, and mr. ghost(a beautiful white tom cat that used to belong to the funeral director until he passed a couple months ago, now his son takes care of him) and probably a couple i am forgetting or dont have names.
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Delilah: She's named after the song Hey There Delilah which I first heard right after meeting her; plus it's a beautiful song.
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Givi - his 'official' name is Holiday, but i dont like it. so my hubby and i started picking a new name for kim. first I was thinking about Kiwi, but later we decided to change it to Givi, which is a georgian name. Dont know what that means though...
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Teddy is called Teddy cos he looks like a little fluffy teddybear. As soon as we saw him at the in-laws place we straight away decided on Teddy
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My Finacee called our cats Ping and Callie after golf clubs (ping and calloway)
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Past cats
Tibby, my very 1st cat was a tabby.
Fluffy, was a 1/2 persian & fluffy, Smokey, was a pure persian & silver coloured.
Present cats
Coco - now my mum's cat, is a torty.
Blossom - has a brightly coloured face reminding me of a flower.
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mine are all named after computer-related things. Pixel [& Mouse], Cable, Java, Chip & Firefox. Firefox's nickname is even computer-related... it's 'Puter Bug.
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Leo - It was the first name I thought of when I was naming him.

Tabitha - John wanted to call her "Tabby" because she is a red/white tabby but I insisted she needed a full name so he called her Tabitha.

Spike - It took us forever to name him and finally I made a list and told John to pick one and that's the one he picked.

Spooky Bear - He got his name for several reasons. The Spooky was because he was so scared when we found him and also because he is a black cat and it was just a few days before Halloween when we found him. The Bear was because I collect teddy bears and he looked like a little black bear cub.

Lilly - It was the first name John thought of.

Grabat - John's dad named her that because when she was little she kept running inside and he'd say "Grab 'at cat!"... it became her name when she was allowed to stay indoors.

Captain Squishy Fuzzypants A.K.A. Slingshot - John came up with it.

Garfield Hoppington IV - John also named him, said he looked like Garfield.

Lieutenant Bear - We originally called her Lilly Bear ("Bear" for the same reasons as Spooky Bear), but one day we were at a flea market and saw a license plate that said "Lt. Bear", it was perfect and we dropped the "Lilly" from it shortly after.

Roxy - John named her.

Sofia - I've always loved the name.

Taco - John named him before he was born, he said we needed a kitten named "ChiChi Rodriguez A.K.A. Taco Salad"... the "Taco" part stuck.

Woody Jr. - Named after my beloved cat Woody who passed away in 2004.

Hope I didn't forget anyone!! LOL
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Tailer is the only one of mine I can take credit for, because he was the only one that we actually got to name. When he was a kitten he had two outstanding features: a disproportionately long tail and unbelievably bad breath. He came really close to being named "Lavoris".

Forest was named by the vet who rescued him after Forrest Gump because of his obvious challenges. The techs at the vet's office even taught him to come running when you say "Run, Forest, run!"

Harvey, my recently RB cat, was named after the invisible rabbit in the old Jimmy Stewart movie. He was so shy that nobody but the family ever saw him.
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Pepper got her name from my cousin. We got Pepper on Christmas Eve Eve - the day my family has it's Christmas. My husband and I were't able to be there this year. When we brought her home, I called my family and had them all come up with cat names for a girl who was all black. Pepper won the vote!
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