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Black Cat turning White???

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So Jack is ALLLLLL Black... except for 3-4 hairs on his tummy. No white hairs on his back or anything... except!... when we got him he had a cut on his front right Paw and his Left Ear. Well That part of his Paw and Ear are Bald now ((and always will be)) and the remaining part that you would think would be bald are growing White Hairs!!!!
So on top of that a couple hairs on his Back Right Paw are turning white and there were not injuries on that paw!!. Im confused! Hes still a baby so we still gatta wait and see if by the age of 6 months he turns white but ive never had this happen with a black cat... Is it possible he could be turning white?? Can injuries lead to White hair on a cat??
Hes a very special cat if he is!!

[[Ill see if I can get some clear pics of the White spots soon.]]
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Spooky Bear is mostly black with some white on his chin, chest and paws. He's a little over a year old. I've noticed lately that he's got random white hairs popping up in places that used to be solid black. I don't think it's a cause for concern, it's just him growing up I guess!
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Well im not Concerned really... just Puzzled. Now King has lil Single White hairs all over his back and a White "Smiley Face" on his tummy but hes had both of those since he was a kitten... But Jack has white popping up like Spots.. not Single Hairs but Spots.

Ok pics... [[sorry if the pics rnt perfectly clear, my camera wouldnt come in any clearer for some reason]]
Heres his Ear:

And his front paw:

And his back paw:

And a full body view with his ear:
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I think it's adorable! Benson has a few white furs on his right side...I think they are multipling too.
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Aw, he looks so much like my Sam. He is solid black, but has white hair underneath his black hair. It is really strange, and the vet said it was rare, but she had seen it before. It makes him look really neat, though!
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Forrest has a large scar/bald patch on his back leg from some unknown injury when he was a feral. Many of the hairs around this scar are now coming in white. He also has smaller scars on his front leg, chin and face that have little white hairs around them also. Perhaps some of the hair folicles lose their pigment due to scarring.

He also has a few more white hairs coming in here and there in his fur. He's 7 months old now and I think he will get many more white hairs when he is older.
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I once knew a person who had a half gray eyebrow. She said that when she was little, she had had a laceration that required stitches there and the reason part of her eyebrow was gray was that the hair follicle was damaged after the incident. Sounds similar to your situation.
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I figured the White on his Paw and Ear were because of damaged Hair Follicles... But then his back paw doesn't/didn't have any injuries so thats kinda Odd.
I just wanted to know your guys Thoughts and Ideas about it.

Would an All Black cat with a lil White on his Tummy and Back be considered B&W or just Black??
And what Color would I say Jack is??
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I have a pure black female who is getting a few more white hairs now than before, but as it is a sprinkling of hairs, she is still pure black, to be black and white, they have to have patches of white fur.
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A few white hairs on a black cat would not make him a black & white cat. In show terms it would be a "locket". Some breeds it would be a fault, some not.

Injury or a scar would create white hairs. Since hes' mixed it really doesn't matter. He may get the black hairs back next time he sheds his coat.
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Whitey is a black cat, but last summer we had his shaved, so when his fur grew back, it was gray/white at the tips.

His undercoat is the gray/white color...perhaps that's just some of that leaking through from his maybe licking that paw too much?
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Well I know my cats are mixed... its just when people ask "What Colors your Cat?" its very difficult to explain all Black with White on the tummy and sprinkles of single White Hairs on his back.... lol

Hehe... Whitey must have looked funny shaved!!! Jack sorta has 3 Patches of White Hair now though.
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He is a pure black, a few white hairs doesn't make him black and white.
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