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Interview update...

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It was for lack of better words wierd..I was interviewed by Steve...Steve asked me about 5 questions all of which I answered to the best of my ability...but the wierd thing was he never once made eye contact or even looked up from his paperwork. Then he handed me a 150 personality ? sheet and told me to fill it out and turn it into a staff member and he would grade it this evening and probably call back for a second interview. I answered all 150 ?'s which only had yes ? no for answers...One of the ?'s was "I think people should be allowed to walk down the street in their bathing suit if they want to" as I said it was wierd...anyways send me some good lucks and lots of prayers please!!! I need a job our first 605 house payment is due on 2/1/08!!!
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good luck,
but i have never ran into a quiz like that for job.
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good luck!
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Good luck! Both the interviewer and the questionnaire sound weird.
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for you have a good entreview!!
good luck my friend!
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Not making eye contact and a bathing suit ? in a personality test? What do they think an answer to that ? would make a good employee?
Good luck and keep looking!
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Good Luck with your job search!!
Keep us updated on whether you got the job or not
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I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!

PS, that is kinda a odd interview....
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Sending more {{{{get a good job soon prayers and vibes }}}} What a weird interview-- and to think that people make good money creating those tests
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That is just bizarre. It's hard to imagine what job you would need those skills for. (But my brother took a "state" job test, and had weird questions like that.)
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Very know, I think those tests that some companies make a person take before they hire them are rediculous!!
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I once worked for a woman that was literally unable to make eye contact. Every time she spoke to me she'd stare below my chin - I kept wanting to ask if I had something on my blouse! (And she was married with kids - it was not a sexual thing, just a low self-esteem thing on her part.)

The job was MISERABLE - I did a great job at it (was data entry,) so the next thing I know, I'm hearing through the grapevine that my supervisor is concerned that I'm going to try to take HER job.

She held back my raise on some stupid excuse, so I immediately started looking for a new job and got the heck out of there.

If an interviewer cannot make eye contact with you, then you know right off the bat there would be communication problems and you are probably best off NOT putting your eggs into that particular basket, unless you take a position there and keep job hunting while taking home a paycheck.

Be VERY wary of those that cannot look you in the eye!
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What they gave you was a psych exam on paper. These kinds of tests hardly get used anymore. What they are looking for is intolerance and prejudice. The questions can be odd, but they will reveal a close minded person pretty quickly. The eye contact on the part of the interviewer is another old tactic. It basically is his way of saying they are not desperate for help.

Good luck!
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Good luck! I've taken personality quizzes like that before. However they measure them it's just way to see if you're a "good fit"

I personally don't invest much money into those.
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That does sound weird... When I was in bootcamp, they made everyone take a personality quiz to determine one's mental state. They made me and a few others take it twice! I guess they thought I was too 'happy' with myself.
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Good luck! I've heard lots about those personality tests. I had a student once who said her company used them. They confuse me, but it's supposed to show honesty or something. I personally dont like them or think they are a fair judge of character at all!
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Thanks guys!! Im still looking Ive put in for jobs in the city and 3 of the surrounding counties! still hoping and praying I get job soon!!
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