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Vacuum cleaner issues

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Ok, does anyone else have this problem?? Any time I get out the vacuum to attempt to clean our house, Ares comes racing from where ever he is, and either:
A - follows me around with the cleaner, often standing/rolling into its path. (Maybe he testing my ability to stop the cleaner from running him over )
B - Actually sits on top of the vacuum cleaner!!! Let me tell you, adding 9 lbs to a vacuum cleaner does NOT make pushing easier
We don't have alot of carpet, but man it takes FOREVER to clean. But, at least its better than the broom. Both cats chase it, roll in the piles of swept dust, chewing on the fibers, etc.
Or, maybe they are just trying to tell me they love a stinky house?
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Zoey and the kittens avoid the vacuum cleaners. One is a wall vaccum and one is an upright vaccum cleaner.

The dogs, however, will attack them. I think my husband created this problem by teasing the dogs with the attachments. There are teethmarks on both of them.
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Nope none of them but I do have an issue where they all decide to sleep so cuddley when I want to vacuum.
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Originally Posted by Iluvdevons View Post
Ok, does anyone else have this problem?? Any time I get out the vacuum to attempt to clean our house, Ares comes racing from where ever he is
Yep! I sure do! Chynna absolutely loves the vacuum. She lets me vacuum her all of the time. I recently got a new Dyson Animal vacuum that has one of those turbine furniture tools. Check out this thread I made, LOL
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None of mine are fond of the Vacuum Cleaner. When they hear the cord being pulled out to be plugged in they make themselves scarce.
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my cat's run off LOL
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Yeah, mine are scared too. I usually warn them before I take it out. They know the sound of the vacuum rolling, so I make sure they've heard it before I start vacuuming. Also, I think Tiny's smart enough to know what I mean when I say something like, "Hey, big guy, I'm gonna vacuum in a minute. You might want to find another place to sit." Maybe he's figured out what "vacuum" means?
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Well, maybe Ares is just a little oddball He is attracted to noise. This summer, he would get really excited when the neighbors had their lawn mowed by a company who used big mowers. (Couldn't get him out of the window.) And he will climb up on your shoulder when you get out the electric toothbrush
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I have mixed reactions to the dreaded vacuum.

My RB cat Sphinx was unimpressed and would just sleep through the noise. Kuce used to be afraid of it, but now she will either sleep through it or just watch. Both Luvbug and Lil' Jag will run off and hide to parts unknown.
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My cats and kids go running at the sound of the vaccuum to never be found again until it is off! Its funny to watch though!
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Oh my goodness that is too funny!!!! My cats run AWAY from the sound of the vacuum!!!!

However, sweeping is a different story. Leya just LOVES the broom.....
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Maybe if you hire a maid the vacuum obsession will be history.
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When I vacuum, Wesley bolts upstairs like something is chasing him and is going to kill him and Sox will watch from a distance, she does not like to get too close but she is very interested to see what I am doing. It is almost impossible to sweep though because she comes over and gets wherever I am trying to sweep and frantically attacks the broom. So while attacking the broom she is flinging all the dirt around that I just swept up! So, yes, it also takes me forever to clean! Sox just loves to be wherever I am and of course she likes to swat at anything that moves!
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Just got my new computer desk stand (yeah!) and had to vacuum behind it. Turned the vacuum on and Butzie couldn't run away fast enough.
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Haha - I totally envy you
Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Just got my new computer desk stand (yeah!) and had to vacuum behind it. Turned the vacuum on and Butzie couldn't run away fast enough.
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Yup, mine run faster than you can say scatter!! They hate that thing... I think my hubby might have something to do with that though... They are always attacking him!!
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Mine follow me around and pounce on the cleaning head as I move it back and forth.
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as if Ares wasnt cute enough he has to go and pull something like that!!
how is Hypnos fitting in...are they playing together yet? email me some more pics if u get a chance

im so jealous murfie doesnt have her full coat yet, your boys are stunning
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Lucy Belle got really spooked the first time she encountered the giant cleaning machine. I vacum almost daily since the whole living space is carpeted so she got used to it pretty fast. I wouldn't say she absolutely loves it but she is a very curious little girl. She'll move alongside me wherever I vacum and just stare. Perhaps she loves the attention of me asking her to MOVE girl, MOVE!
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All of mine are scared to death of the vacuum. We even have to make sure that one of the cats are put into the bathroom before the vacuum is started, otherwise she will pee where ever she is at. At least when she is in the bathroom, she pees in the bathtub. Thats a lot easier to clean then the carpet...
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Holden runs and hides. Sometimes he climbs the screen on the sliding doors and tries to get out the top of them! It was cute when he was a tiny kitten, but he is getting big now and I am afraid he is going to tear the screen off one of these days!
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i have 2 that sit on top of the tv or the couch and watch every move of the vaccum. the other 7 run into hiding
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haha thats too cute! my little Teddy runs away from vaccuums, mowers, cars..even remote control cars lol..but he loves the stairs, he cant get enough. He would run up and down them all day if he could and he likes playing in the stair railings
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Brandy and Shark quite happily sleep through the noise of the vacuum, Arwen runs off as though it's gonna suck her tail up or something
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my two will bolt as soon as its turned on. They really are wimps
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Both Tailer and Forest are terrified of the vacuum. I have to make sure that Forest isn't sleeping in the same room I'm vacuuming because if I switch it on without warning him he'll panic and go careening into walls and furniture and doors in his attempt to flee the evil vacuum. He's even got our cleaning ladies trained to warn him first.
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Angel with follow the vacumm with caution but Tiger will run under the bed or anywhere 'safe'. When it's off though, they both go and sniff it.
My big problem is Tiger's hair. I have to clean out the filter every time because he sheds so much!
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All but one of my cats have been afraid of a vaccum cleaner.
RB Inky was afraid until he "attacked" one that was not running.
After that Inky was not afraid and I could even lightly vaccum him.
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