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New pics of my lot

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Photobucket is finally working, so here are some pics!!

First off Molly, as she is my only permanent cat. She is still playing with her favourite toy, which is a 50p toy Sar bought for her last year!! You wouldn't believe she is 15, would you?

Then we have Zia, who is 17, and a long term foster, although I might adopt her this year!! She is currently curled up against my leg, bless her.

Then we have Rolo, a 10yo foster who I am hoping to find a wonderful home for this year, would love to keep him, but not fair on my neighbours cats or Zia. He didn't like Mr and Mrs Smith as much as I did!!

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What lovely pics! You are such an angel for taking on the older fosters, Desley.
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aww, thanks - someone has to take in the oldies, I just hope I can find a home for Rolo.
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Beautiful kitties!
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They all look fantastic for their age!

Zia is sooo cute!
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They look soo good for their age, they must be very happy!
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look at Molly getting frisky!! she's so lovely, her black hasn't seemed to fade a bit! And Zia has such striking markings Is Rolo picking on Zia nd the neighbor's cat? bad boy! hope you can find a home for him!
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Thanks everyone, they are gorgeous cats. I hope they are all happy, they seem it.
Molly's fur hasn't faded, she has a few more white hairs on her chest though. Zi does have lovely markings, she reminds me so much of PEbbles it is scary. Rolo is fine with zia, althoguh he has tried to play with her a couple of times last night and this morning and she doesn't appreciate it. It is the neighbours cats he isn't good with.
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I still can't see the pictures from photobucket. I wonder if they went down due to something like.... the trojans and malware I got on my computer last weekend from their site! Thank good ness it was an easy fix.
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those picture's are so sweet, bless!
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They all look great for their age and so happy! I just love Rolo, he looks like a little sweetheart. I sure hope he finds a wonderful forever home soon.
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Thanks, I think they look good for their ages too, and thanks for wishes for Rolo, we will know more after his vet visit this afternoon.
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