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Here' squishy

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What a cutie!!!
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Very cute kitty!
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What a sweetie!!
post #5 of 8 the name!
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What a distinguished looking kitty!
Love the markings. Looks a bit like a cat I used to live with.
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thank you all i will tell her how loved she is!!!! We named her squishy because when we got her she was tiny and was all a big squishy hairball so it kinda stuck and hence now the kitty!! lol although her markings are changing a little she has acquired a dirty spot on her chin that keeps moving on her. we thought it was a dirt spot and i kept trying to wipe it off for a day or two til i realized it was part of her markings. now it keeps getting bigger and moving a little.
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Awwh!! Totally squishable LOL, when my Keli was a kitten, I was forever trying to clean off her chin too, took me a while to figure out it was a patch of orange (she's a calico), it was just really diluted and honestly just looked dirty
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