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I lost my Minnie this morning

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I lost my beloved Minnie cat of 19.5 years today due to kidney failure. I loved her more than anything and she was best friend and confidont. The last of my pure white cats I had lost her Mother, Momma Cat two years ago at 17 and her sister, Dotty a couple years prior due to skin cancer.

Minnie was the most wonderful, loyal kitty who meant the world to me. I am twenty five now but it feels like she has always been with me. It so selfish of me but I can't picture life without her. I never really had any close friend but she was the best friend I could ever ask for.

3:00am on boxing day Minnie went outside she not well and week and didn't come back inside. I was distraught and thought that she had gone off to die. I Cryied all day on while calling her. I could comprend losing her and not being able to lay her to rest with her mother and sister where all my our past pets were burried. 8:00pm on boxing day she had come home and could barely stand would fall over. She must have heard me calling and balling my eyes out and crawled her way home. She was covered in mud I've seen her like that before. I pretty much bathed her, cranked up the heat and craddled her dry telling her how much I love her, and combed her fur. I then cleaned my bedroom spottles for her she has always chossen to mainly live in my bedroom. I cleaned my self up and took some photo's of us. They are adorable but I don't no how to post them though. Minnie purred a bit. This was around 11PM. She slept with me peacefully. Then got weeker the next day and died around 11PM today. Now she is burried on our property in one of her favorate hidding spots, but I miss her so much!

Minnie was always there for me and I could not have had a better best friend and I will love her forever! She was my living angle. I hope that she rests in peace and reunites with Momma & Dotty and I hope that we can reunite in heaven one day!

Thankyou for being the best ever my beloved Minnie Kitty you are the best ever! Please rest in happiness I cherish your memories forever

The best to you Minnie

Love you forever

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. RIP Minnie.
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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Minnie! Enjoy running free in the RB.
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She sounds like she was a wonderful kitty for you. I know you are in so much pain right now, but look back on the long years you had together and hopefully those beautiful memories will help you heal.

May Minnie Rest In Peace.

If you go to and open a free account, you can upload pics of her there. Then copy the code for message boards and paste that code in the yellow box in the "reply" window.
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My heart aches for you Kayla.

Until you are together again...
Rest in peace beloved Minnie.
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So sorry about your Cat
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I know how it feels...recently I lost one of my cats. Just seeing him motionless and knowing he wasn't going to get up was terrible. It the pain lessens with time, though. Don't try to stop missing Minnie, just let the memory of her soothe you. My condolences!
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RIP Minnie.
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Losing a lifetime friend has to be so hard. She is now with her momma and sister and happily playing over the Bridge
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My Heart goes out to you I just lost one also about 2 months ago who was 19, RIP Sweet Minnie and look for a beautiful boy Named Mickey
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My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your dearest Minnie.

She is now at peace with her mother and sister as well as all the other beloved pets in heaven. She will never be far from your thoughts, she will be there.

My boy Sphinx (he was 18 years old) will be there to help her settle in until you meet with her again.
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What a dear friend to have for almost 20 years. She knew an unconditional love that some poor kittys never know. That is so wonderful for her, and she will wait lovingly for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I miss my beautiful Minnie so much. I feel so lonely without her she was always there for me and would sleep near me and when she was hungry or needed more water in the middle of the night Minnie would purr and lick my ear I would always get up. I am a light sleeper and wake up alot and she would cuddle and purr and kiss. I am so attached. I am glad that she would be in any failing health now just feel so lost without her she would always comfort me when I was sad.
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oh... this is so hard, losing a pet you are close to.

My prayers are with you, be strong for Minnie is waiting patiently for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Minnie has passed!

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Im so sorry! Having a friend like that and having them go across the bridge at almost 20! You had her since you were 5, almost you whole life... I can't even imagine the pain you must feel right now!! I am soooo sorry about your loss!!

RIP Minnie~ Please look for an Orange/White kitty named Glitch, he will show you around!
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I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, but to get her to that age shows how much love and care you gave her. RIP little one.
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I'm so sorry about your Minnie. I know it's really, really difficult but try to remember the good times that you had with her and focus on the fact that she was well loved and cared for to have lived to be 19 yrs old.
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I'm so sorry that you lost your beautiful Minnie, it must feel so horrible without her right now. She will never leave you, you will carry her inside your heart always. She knew almost 20 years of the most incredible love and companionship and gave that back to you as well. What a wonderful lifetime she had.

I know that it is so hard to come here and read what people have written, but strangely comforting too - it's also a wonderful place to tell us those lovely things that you remember, like being woken up in the middle of the night. We are always here to listen
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I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Minnie.
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I just lost my white kitty Snow (aka Twinkers) this morning also.
I did the same thing and took a couple of photo's last night as I kept her next to me in bed.
He has her favorite toys and ninnie with her and I am preparing the grave in my yard right now after taking a break from digging.

My sincere thoughts and you are not alone in your sad moments.
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Aww sweet Minnie. I've very sorry for your loss. You obviously cared very deeply for her and I'm sure she knew it.

RIP Minnie.
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I'm so sorry, what a precious little angel Minnie sounds

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So sorry that it was time for your precious Minnie to leave your side.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is losing your best friend. Rest in Peace Minnie.
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Minnie sounded like a wonderful companion - I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Minnie
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Your post had me in tears! She sounds like such a sweet girl, and a wonderful friend. RIP Minnie!
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I am so sorry.
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